I stand alone, with nobody by my side

No matter how hard I have tried

I see straight through you to the lies

All parts of a whole that I despise

I scream

Somewhere in my mind

I try to breathe

But I lose my grip on reality

I stand alone, I stand alone

No matter what, It's all I know

Everyone has to go

Nobody will stay, so I stand alone

I want to scream, to curse

Yell for all of the years I've spent hurt

I try to breathe

But I gasp, with no intake of air

You say that you'll stay

But in the end, you'll leave

And on that day, I'll forget how to breathe

I'll die inside, like I have

For everyone who has left me in the past

Before you go, I want you to know

There's a reason why I stand alone

I can't let anybody get close

I scream and curse the years of hurt

That have made me distance myself from your

Love, I can't let anybody in

And so I stand alone, I stand alone

Here I go

I stand alone