I want to know what people see

What they think when they look at me

I know what I am inside

But this appearance is a shell

A mask for my feelings, the things I hide

I want to know what I show

What do people see

You know how you can look in the mirror

And see the face of a person very near

It belongs to you, but it does't reflect

The person inside of you, it neglects

To inform others that what they're getting

Is a little bit more than their face-value prospecting

My face belongs to me assuredly

But it has troubles reflecting my maladies

My emotions, some are easily spread

Across my face, easily read

Anger and Joy, Happiness and Sadness

But people confuse my moods, confuse my silence

So they back away, they leave me alone

I want to know what people see

When they think they're looking at me

I want to be surrounded by friends

I need to have people on which I know I can depend

But they see something in my face, my actions

It makes them draw back as if frightened

Look into my eyes and you will see

The clearest, unclouded truth, my history

I have trouble opening up, you see

I wish people would find the time to invest in me

To get to know me for who I am inside

Cause I'm not just the little punk I appear to be

There is more than that, just shit I hide

Some would say that I'm very outgoing

But they'd be wrong because all that I'm showing

Is a front, it's not me, just the comic appearance

Of my lighter side, my retort for everything

Inside I'm a world of chaos

Ready to snap off at a moments notice

A person confused and most importantly

A person in need of caring