This song is based on all real people who I have met and that have been overlooked.
Ladies, there are only a few good men in life, and they are right under your nose.

Nice Guys Finish Best

Verse 1
There's a guy who sits in the corner of the room
And he just waits for
A chance to talk to you
But you don't ever
Because you see someone who's better
And he's seems like the most attractive guy
He's got the spotlight
But then one day the dude is gone
And you wonder what went so wrong
Because you thought you hit it off so well
Then the quiet one he talks to you
And you realize that you've been rude
And you realize there may be more to him then what you saw

Ah- A- ooh
Don't always go
For the first guy that you see
don't always go
For the first guy that you meet
Don't always go
For the guy who has the spotlight
Ah-A-ooh because you know
That nice guys finish last
But…nice guys finish best.

Verse 2
There's a boy that opens up the doors
For all the ladies
But it's you that he adores
But you got your eyes on
That other guy who seems to be the bomb
He got the looks and attitude
And now all he need is you
But then you hear he got a girlfriend
That he'll go back to when this ends
And you wonder why you even cared at all\
And then the door, he holds it
And you realize that you've blown it
And you realize that he's the gentleman

(To chorus)

Verse 3
There's a man that has his eyes set on God
He's got a family
And he loves them all
All he wants is to be his best
And he'll trust God with the rest
But all the boys think he don't belong
And so the they try to get him gone,
Rumors spread of possible abuse
And to get away from it he has to move
And leave everything he worked so hard for behind
But he'll do anything for his family
So they pack their bags and leave
And all the people realize, he was the only good guy they had left

(To chorus)

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