I'm searching for kind people, you know?

I read a tale about a guy who brought an apple to art class, in which everybody was supposed to draw fruit.

The rest of the class had brought fruit, but that guy's apple was so bright, beautiful, and glossy like an apple mirror, that he became a hero in the class.
But the teacher said, "This kind of apple is awful-tasting. It's the ones that are slightly marred that are the delicious ones."

So... aren't appearances everything? To be honest, I can't believe in beauty that comes from within.

The cigarette hangs limply from his lips as he watches the sunset
She tries to take his hand, but he moves away
Her eyes pause for a moment on him as he walks away, fading into the crowd
Tears fill her black eyes.

So I'm going to throw away the picture
from when we laughed at something funny.

A familiar sensation invades me, It was during spring the first time we met.

In my heart emotions were dancing without control.

is it nostalgia? I miss the sunlights in spring

or I just miss you? that's not a familiar sensation aymore.

I wanted to say something, but I shut my mouth. In reality, I have nothing to say... You know, I should say something even if there's not somebody who will listen to me.
I have a lot of words filling my mind. For example, I really got curious when he said, "In the thorn is
a thorn."
Yeah, I'm still trying to figure out the meaning.

She doesn't even try to stop him
Fear paralyzes her
Rain starts to pour heavier
She wishes to turn into a raindrop
and vanish bit by bit.

The first time I heard that song, it sounded so boring to me. I thought I would fall asleep before
the ending, but suddenly my eyes opened wide. There was a verse that moved something inside of me:
"Happiness won't return." I'm not sure... If your joy is my joy, does it make any sense? While I waited for an answer, I continued to stand, looking blankly at nothing in particular. So I was pretty surprised when arms were wrapped around me. I felt as if somebody was protecting me.

But when I turned around, looking back, there was nothing but a dark tunnel. Even if I rewrote my past, it would still be there. 'Cause I'm afraid to reach a future, I'd like to think that I can improve my present...