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---unusual dawn---

Chapter One: Death of a Lamborghini

It was the middle of the night when my best friends Anna and Jamie came into my apartment giggling like crazy. Before I knew it, they had me dragged out to the car and buckled me in. No, I'm not that slow. Let's just say I was taken by surprise. I wasn't expecting to get kidnapped.

"Where are we going?" I asked. Being kidnapped didn't sound too bad to me considering the day before I had found my darling boyfriend Clinton Dame in my bed with my sworn enemy Catherine Ball, but we are not going into that quite yet. I will tell you he did got some inanimate and living objects thrown at him. I had a temper and after growing up with two brothers, I did have decent aim after years of honed practice. So yes, I did hit him with those objects several times. Then my brothers found out and kicked his butt to the curb—literally. They can be quite overprotective. "And what have you two been up to?"

My emerald eyes narrowed because I was sure they had been up to something. "Hey, Rocks. Remember the song 'Before He Cheats' by Carrie Underwood?" Jamie asked innocently. He was a tall, gangly redhead with the palest skin.

My eyes widened. "You did not attack Clinton's Lamborghini with a baseball bat!"

"Oh, yes. We did." Anna stated. She flicked her highlighted blonde hair behind her shoulder. She was such a twig! And I was so jealous of her. I mean, she appeared to be a model even in blue jeans. Her face wasn't really in the right portions for modeling, but she wasn't bad looking by any means.

I sighed. "Well, we better be getting out of town." I remarked. Those two have gotten me into more trouble in my nineteen years of life than I could have ever imagined. I didn't mind. Most of the time I was cheering them on. Yes, I am secretly a bad girl! Shh. Don't tell my dad. So far I had only spent six nights of my life in a jail, but don't worry none of us have ever been convicted of anything. Mostly we did harmless pranks, except for the car thing. Lamborghini!

"We are, babe. We are. Guess where we're going?" Jamie asked.

"I don't know. Where?"

"Borsville." He answered.

Borsville is the place I grew up and somewhere I never ever want to return to for several reasons.

I screamed loudly. "I refuse to be taken back to that desolate town! I hate that place. We cannot go back! Please anywhere else. I'll pay you ransom. Just not Borsville." I offered. I would have probably offered my firstborn in return for never having to set foot in Borsville again.

"Ah, well, if you hate the idea that much," he paused for dramatic effect. "We're going!" Jamie said soullessly.

"We want to meet these people that were so mean to your family." Anna said. "And instill some revenge upon the town of Borsville."

"I'm not setting foot in that town!" I exclaimed.

This was a battle I did not win because five hours later I was dragged out of the car by my so-called best friends into a country club my family still had a membership to. At least they let me change into a dress first. The club was a high-class place, filled with all the people that had hated my family for being Hispanic and having a blue-collar background.

They pushed me in there. "Go find someone to lose your virginity to," Jamie ordered, forcing me inside.

Then they abandoned me. Some friends they were! Faces flashed in my direction and quickly looked away, as if looking at me would just give them some disease! The bartender gave me a welcoming smile so I sat down on the stool. He didn't card me. With my curves and height, I passed for twenty-one.

"Hello. I haven't seen you before. What's your poison?" He greeted kindly. I had to admit he was very good looking. He had thick, black hair that hung in his eyes and made me think he belonged in a band wearing a Hot Topic t-shirt rather than in a country club wearing a tuxedo. Not that he didn't look super hot in a tux because he most definitely did. Uh-oh. Am I drooling? I earmarked him for twenty-something. He was cute and non-prejudice. What morecould I ask for in Borsville?

"Margarita." I answered. "I'm Roxy. Do you live here?"

"I claim no relation to these people. My name is Ben." He answered.

"My family and I used to live here, but we moved out." I took a sip of the drink. I tended to get drunk really easily so I had to monitor my intake of the poison/medicine. We started chatting, and I finished off the drink. One drink equals a one drunk Roxanne Sanchez.

Are drunks' responsible for their actions?

---unusual dawn---

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