Sincerely, Yours

Dear passionate, and caring soul - I must thank you.
For your thought-out words and well-meant intentions.
They are a brightening to my gloomy, gloomy day.

But I tell you that such kindness can destroy a person.
Your innocent notions can tatter a person to shreds
It can break a person in halves, thirds and quarters.

Life in itself is not to be lived in such false manner.
You should be truthful to yourself and honest with others.
It is only human to detest, and dislike - hate things we are unaware of.

But to show such optimism equally, and unconditionally.
It can stir jealousy within hearts and bleak notions within minds.

I tell you, it is okay to be cruel and alright to judge others.
Hate away all you like and all you want - be bitter, if desired.
Treat people as how you wish to and how you see fit.

Because ultimately, it could save a person from misery.
It could shatter false hope and crush misguided expectations.

Please, be more honest and live not a lie.
Kindness out of charity will reap nothing but sorrow.
Until our next encounter, and sincerely yours.