The other day I met this girl
She looks like you
Except for the part about being hopelessly female
It wasn't like that

She had a lip ring
Just like the one I kind of didn't want
But really I envied her mouth
It wasn't like that

At first I thought you had been resurrected
Reborn from being alive
Newness rubbed across your face and chest
It wasn't like that

Then suddenly I realized it wasn't
That she probably didn't understand
The way that I was staring
In that way I shouldn't have been staring
Because she really wasn't you

Looking into her eyes was a pureness
A crystal clear torture inside of my bones
Almost wishing wanting again
I wanted to touch just to make sure
Though my eyes told me the truth
That she was just a girl

She gave off that same feeling
Invisible connections and déjà vu
Looking through her bloodstream
Anatomy of all her petty little dreams
Just like the ones you gave to me
Except there was much less you

Luckily my mouth was sewn
With past mistakes and fears
So I lost the inopportunity
It wasn't like that

Nothing is