Author's Note: This is the awaited sequel to Hold on to Hope. People who haven't read HH can probably read this without reading the first part. This is pretty short. IMPORTANT: In HH, there were symbols indicating a scene change FP decided that it would take them out. So I am sorry for the confusion it caused. I didn't know. They were there when I wrote it and gone when I published it.

--finding hope--

Chapter One: Sweet Freedom

Hope Grace McCall

"YES!" I screamed when we reached the state line in Dritan's car. My three best friends Deirdre Miner, Dritan, and Gideon looked me like I was nuts. This was a common occurrence for me. When I'm around chaos seemed to be the norm. "We can't turn back now," I explained.

My father is an overprotective cowboy. I never thought I would escape from under his dictator and eagle eye ways. Finally he had released me from my prison sentence to go off to college at Harvard. The four of us were on a road trip to Cambridge, Connecticut.

I was thrilled out of my mind. I wanted to experience everything. Well, not everything. I didn't want to do drugs or illegal stuff. I had a 'good girl' rep to uphold. Did I mention this is the first time since I was a baby that I had been out of state? Yes, that overprotective. I breathed in the fresh air and tasted the freedom I had been craving since my first breath.

Yes, I had been locked up too long. And I do answer unasked questions. Don't make fun of me. Blame my dad. I do. It's always easier to blame the parents.

Gideon and I shared a look of understanding. Gideon was Deirdre and Dritan's lackey. The poor slave. He was actually very smart, but too nice of a guy to tell his two bossy best friends. Gideon was one to make people happy by doing whatever they wanted. I had the ability to cause fights or prevent them. Luckily, I generally stop them from taking place.

I had one of my random moments. "Can you believe it?" I asked happily. Gay Dritan eyed me in the mirror. He ran his fingers through his blonde hair. If I didn't know he was gay I would have thought he was a meterosexual because of his brilliant fashion sense and I would have a crush on him. He was gorgeous with his huge, bright smiles and pretty blue eyes.

Deirdre Miner, Queen of Attitude, rolled her dark blue eyes at me as per usual. Her black hair had awesome pink, purple, and green highlights. Her obsession with black clothing and heavy black eyeliner continued.

"Give the kid a break." Gideon Cullen of stunning green eyes and black hair as he rubbed my hair into a bigger mess than it already was. I smacked his hands away. "Ouch." He murmured teasingly while looking hurt. I caught his big hand and kissed it.

"Better?" I asked.

He laughed. "You are a weird child."

"Ha. I've been called that since before I made my escape from the womb." Being only sixteen and a half I was the most childish out of the group of eighteen year olds and me.

Gideon's stomach rumbled loudly. "Hey, when are we going to eat?" he asked. I started to laugh.

"Umm, hun, you ate a large order of fires, a milkshake, two apple pie slices, five of my mom's cookies, all four sandwiches she packed for us, and the kitchen sink before we left home!" I exclaimed. The only part I had exaggerated on was the kitchen sink though I did see him eyeing it.

"So I'm a growing boy I need food." He patted his six-pack. Stupid boy! He ate everything in sight and still stayed skinny. I couldn't call myself fat. Compared to most girls I was taller in height, but compared to the guys I hang out with I was petite. I didn't have a big stomach. It was flat due to all the kick boxing and dancing. To most people I was a sweet, innocent, and little girl, but I could kick butt when I wanted to. Matt Patent, my beautiful crush and old friend, had taught me. When my brothers or my father weren't present I caught males checking me out otherwise they cowered in fear of my family.

"Let's get the whiner food," Deirdre remarked.

We pulled off at some Pizza Hut. "Call Madeline and see if she's nearby," I ordered. Madeline used to be our stereotypical, mean, and popular worst enemy until I saved her from being burnt to a crisp. After that she tried to stop her replacement Lisa from breaking Deirdre and my bones so we would no longer be cheerleading or dance team competition for her. Madeline failed. Our ones were finally healed and I was happy to go back to kickboxing, which I missed dearly.

Back to Madeline, Gideon had a major crush on her. I was trying to set them up. Yes, I was playing matchmaker. It can be harder than it looks when Gideon would admit his feeling towards the lovely, intelligent Madeline no more than my darling brother Mav would admit his sexual orientation to our old fashioned father.

We raced to our table after the hostess pointed it out. I tripped over Dritan's leg. I was sent crashing into the table. My head banged against the hard surface. Dizzily I slid to the floor. At times like this I thought about how ironic it was that my middle name was Grace. I was anything but.

"Ha. Ha. I won," I remarked as my vision blurred. I blacked out not expecting my rescuer would be who he was.

--finding hope--

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