Multi-thematic static

Anti-pragmatic panic

Violently manic pranic

With a strong sense of taste

Don't make things up

Don't make things up

It's just my luck

You'd give a fuck

It's not like I can't get through to me

I'm just content with mutiny

And I'm fond of being indiscrete

With my leanings

I want to turn out the lights

I want to throw a fist fight

I want to tear through the night

And cause a sick sight

It's what needs to be seen

Of what we think to be clean

That's the filth of another generation

And I'm in between

Love and controversy

Hate and destructive mercy

And I refuse to be cleaned

Of my mindset

And it's my advice that you do the same

'Cos no compromise will give you back what you gave

But no one should have to give any more

Don't clear my mind

It's an error