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I did wrong, really wrong. Just like my friend Myst, I did wrong. Everyone does wrong, but did you almost kill half the human population with your friends help? I did. Please, I ask you not to be sympathetic. I don't want sympathy. I want to be left alone to die in this cruel world. But then again, I am doubtful I will be dying soon...

You see, there was war. I was young, very young. I don't remember much, but what I do remember I'll tell you. There are creatures that exist, ones that mortals such as yourself may not know about. I know I seem like a mortal to you, but I'll get to that later. Have you heard of demons, my friend? Yes, demons. I am a demon. And there are more, off all different types. It may sound cliché, but the ones that I started this story have no other name than the simple one. Dog demons. Yes, dog, such a common word for such a foul thing. They have the bodies of humans, but all sorts of different tails and ears. They can morph into the vile creatures, as well. It is a racial ability, as all races have them, including humans. They are an detestable race, quite smelly and very, very vicious.

They also hold a grudge against my race, the cat demons. We are a much higher race, we have villages and kingdoms. We have conformed more as we have evolved into more human like creatures. Dog demons are still found wandering the barrens of the underworld, though they are nowadays more organized in some odd cities. But back in the day, that's when they started to get organized. So organized for an attack on a small village, my small village. I remember the day quite well, it was how my life began...

"Mommy!" I screamed, hiding in a corner. The sound was horrible. It was a mix between a grunt and a sniff, and it was at our front door. Whatever it was wouldn't give up on trying to get in. I know I shouldn't have been watching the window, we had been told to stay down and be quiet. However, I couldn't help it, I wanted to know what my mother was so afraid of.

Except, it wanted to eat me now, and that was not exactly a good thing.

Feeling a tug on my arm, I looked up to find the face of my younger sister. I say younger, but she wasn't all that much younger than me. A few minutes, but those few minutes had made all the different in our world. She was tired looking, so frail and gentle. She had no more strength, her disease was a losing battle she'd been fighting for eight years now. Wiping away my tears, I went with her, moving quickly and quietly through the house, back to where she wanted me to come.

Huddling with her in the corner, I bit my lip. Our father had gone out there to help the other people in town, but where had our mother gone? She'd been in the house with us only a few moments before, telling me to hide and be quiet, not to even breathe too loud. She couldn't have left me, she couldn't have left us. Turning to face Talvaigo, I frowned. Her eyes were closed, and she was clutching onto my hand with such strength. All of her strength. She needed me now more than ever, but what was I to do? Yes, I was different. But I didn't know what was trying to get to us.

Hearing the door open behind me, I spun around, fully reading to attack whatever might be coming through it. But it was just our mother, carrying a couple of blankets. Sitting down on the floor, she pulled Talvaigo away from me, wrapping her up in one. I watched, quietly, intensely, wondering what she was doing. She'd spread my sister out on the floor, and she was wrapping her up. Like they did to the dead.

Stiffling a cry, I looked up, now more confused than ever. But my mother gave no reply. She shushed me and picked up my sister, beginning to carry her out of the room. Stopping, she turned to look at me with a sad smile, and a tear on her cheek.

"Mew, go. Get out of the village as fast as you can, take the back door. These creatures, they will harm you, even though you are only a child. You must find someone to help you, because you're special. You're a chosen one if I ever saw one. Do not regret anything that once made you smile, my child. Now, go quickly, and don't look back."

As the door closed, I stood up quickly. I knew not to disobey a direct order, especially not when the situation seemed so grave. Grabbing the only possession it made sense for me to take, I picked up Hippo, Talvaigo's stuffed animal. It wasn't one of those hippopotamus creatures that we'd seen in book, but a stuffed bunny. Opening the door, I paused only for a moment.

I shouldn't have, though, because in that moment I heard her. I heard her scream out my name. It was then that I knew that all hope was lost, my world was over, and that if I stood there I would be next.

So I ran.


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