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Now, where did I leave off? Oh yes, my village was under attack. I was very young at the time, only eight years of age. For a human that may seem like a lengthy amount of time...but it's not. Considering my age now, and that I'm still quite young for my race, eight is hardly anything to be proud of. At least, not for me. Talvaigo, she is, or was rather, my twin sister. She was born a few minutes after me, and to this day I regret this. A birth defect rendered her sickly, because as we were forming I took the nutrients she needed. It's a common effect in cat demons, so you do not find many healthy twins. There are a few, however, so don't get me wrong. We just weren't two of the lucky ones, she being more unlucky than me.

We had an older sister to, though contact was quickly lost with her after she left only a month before this incident. She had our parents to herself for almost ten years, and then Talvaigo needed constant attention. And so at the age of only seventeen she ran off. My parents were concerned, but they couldn't go chasing her down, not with Talvaigo getting weaker as the days went by. Not to mention her eighteenth birthday was only in a few days, so our father felt that she could do as she pleased.

I cannot say I miss my older sister, nor do I miss the rest of my family anymore. It has been a long time. But this is a story for another time, I believe. After all, there is so much more to describe why I am today.

Hiding under that rock, I felt scared. I don't know how I'd done it, but I'd managed to dig a whole underneath a large rock just outside the village, and had squirmed into it, pulling Hippo with me and holding it tight, using it's head to quiet my sobs. I knew nothing was ever going to be the same, and it was all over. Much too quickly, especially for Tally.

And dear mother, she was only six thousand years old, what a waste of a life. She had so much longer to live. And yet she had died without a sound, at least a sound that I could hear. But Tally had screamed, and it was my fault. I'd been born first, I was the strong child, I was the one who could escape. Tally had to lay there and wait to be eaten by these creatures. These demons.

Just like me. Because I am a demon. Only, not like them, because I could never kill someone. Never, that was such a horrible thing. Closing my eyes, I pulled Hippo as tight as I could to my chest, and waited.

It was morning when I awoke. I knew this because there was a bright sunlight shining down into my hole. Yes, even in the Underworld we have sun. It's not quite a lovely sun, but it's light. Giving a yawn, I stretched as best as I could without leaving the area, and daring to take a peak outside the hole I pushed the upper part of my body around, gazing around with my dark chocolate brown eyes.

The village...was gone. The gate that had once protected me was smashed, the houses burning. Corpses, rotting. There were flies all over them. But those dog demons were gone. I seemed to be alone, the only one who had survived this dreadful experience.

Hurrying out of the hole, I grabbed Hippo and darted into the village as quickly as I could, being very careful to avoid any bodies. There were small children, the elderly. And the ancients. They were the head demons, very old cat demons who we would go to for advice. They were very wise, but I didn't think even they could have seen this happening.

It took a while, but I was able to reach my house, or what was left of it. Peering inside, I couldn't cry, at least, I couldn't make a sound. I could feel the tears rolling down my cheeks, and with them left the dirt I'd collected from sleeping last night. Clutching the stuffed animal tighter to my chest, I collapsed near my mother's body. It was a horrifying sight, and I could hardly bear to look at her.

I must spare you the details of that gruesome scene, for there was so much death and destruction that it still terrorizes my mind sometimes as I sleep in this forsaken land. I will tell you this, things decay and rot very quickly in the Underworld, especially when they have been partly devoured by hungry dogs. I was able to grab my mother's wedding and engagement ring, along with my father's wedding ring. He was harder to find, as he had not been at home.

I didn't find Tally, however. Her body was completely missing, the only evidence of her was the bloody blanket that my mother had wiped her in. However, it hadn't been bloody when she'd done so, and that is why I assume the worst fate for my dear sister. Her necklace was still there though, kept in the secret drawer in which we'd hidden it. We had matching ones, and I wear them both now. Small golden chains with a half a heart on the end, and once you connect them they open up to reveal our baby picture. It's a lovely memory, and a sad one at that.

But there are more memories I must share.

I was dirty. I hadn't had a bath today, because I simply couldn't find a working sink or anything left in my village. My race, it seemed, was gone. I was covered in the dust from the ground, I had blood on my knees from kneeling down and inspecting people in the village. My clothes had been torn in my efforts to move quickly and quietly just in case the dog demons had decided to come back. All I had left of my family was a stuffed bunny, and two necklaces with rings strung onto them.

I had walked quite far from my city, and it was starting to get towards supper. I didn't actually know this, but seeing as I seemed to be getting hungry again it must have been about that time. Finding a rock on the side of my road, the one I was creating as I walked, I sat down on it, pulling out a sandwich I'd made earlier from the backpack I'd stolen from some other house in my village. I'd been able to find food, but this was the last of it. I know of other life down here in our world, but where to find it? As long as the next human like life-form I came across wasn't a dog demon, because I had no idea where they had come from or where they went.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to actually eat my sandwich. I would have, except before I could devour the tasty looking thing, a hand was in front of my face. Looking up, I was quite startled to see a young girl. She looked to be about my age, with short brown hair sticking up in a nice but interesting fashion. She was wearing a long skirt and an odd shirt with a hole in the elbow, and the sneer on her face made me believe that she wanted something.

Which I presumed was my tasty dinner I'd prepared earlier in the day. Wrinkling my nose, I had to take in her appearence once more, as I wasn't quite eager to share my food with this other sort of demon. Until, I noticed it. The ears, twitching with a slight annoyance and perched so carefully on top of her head. And the tail, swishing back and forth in a graceful fashion. Both of them dark as night, the same color as mine. Which was odd, as most cat demons had tan colored ears and tails. Black was considered special, especially if it was natural.

"'re like me."

The girl sighed, tapping her foot impatiently and wiggling her hand in front of my face some more. "Yes yes, I'm like you. Now would you mind sharing that? The nanny's are going to come find me soon and I'd like to eat something that seems halfway decent before that stuff they shove down my throat."

Tearing the sandwich in half, I handed it to her, and was again surprised as she sat down next to me on the rock, taking a bite before grinning madly at me. "I'm Mistress of All Worlds. Otherwise known as Myst. My daddy was a king. He was an ancient demon though, he died with the rest of his race in a battle. My mom was a cat demon and she died giving birth to me. But I'm going to be queen one day. Who are you?"

Needless to say, this loud and rather stuck up seeming girl was trying to be friendly, and I wasn't quite sure how to respond. She probably got this all from my blank stare, and she laughed, almost hysterically. "You're covered in dirt. And blood. What have you been doing, digging graves?"

"No, I can't dig a grave. But I covered them up with sheets, only my family though...I'm Darkmew. But my sister called me Mew."

The laughter quickly faded from her face at my response, "Was it your parents? And your sister? Was she older than you, younger? What happened?"

So I told her the story. Every little part of it. And all about Talvaigo, my dear Tally who I wasn't quite sure how to live without. Suddenly this snobby girl went from Myst, future Queen of the cat demon underworld to my best friend in a matter of seconds. After we'd finished eating, she took me back with her to her home, and I got a nice warm bath. My clothes were washed, my hair was brushed out, and Hippo got a nice bath too, which I was glad for.

It was that day I found her, and I found myself. My true self, or so it seemed. Myst became like my twin sister, we were incredibly close. Of course, she could never replace Tally, but she did a good job of trying. We were hardly separated, and we grew up causing all sorts of trouble. We were evil, after all, what part of demon means nice?

None. Demons are not nice, I will tell you this now. Yes, we are changing and evolving. But we are still something to be feared. I still fear myself.


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