I want to scream at you and tell you that I don't care.
I want to tell her to stop talking to you
and to move on with her life.
I want to grab the thing nearest to me
and just throw it across the room
or grind it to dust between my trembling hands.

But I don't.
I keep it in check.
I listen intently to the music pouring into the cramped space
and tap at my keyboard
wishing for something else to distract me.
But there's nothing.

It's hard to keep in.
The music is so loud
that it soothes me.
I want to find release
but it's so far away.

So I write a new poem.
But as I write,
I wonder if you'll read it,
and then what you'll think
and if you'll react
or just let it go.

I hope you let it go.
Because I don't have enough patience to tell you
what I really feel right now.