Demons and Gods

The First Generation "Liqus"

In the beginning, well no, that is not right; for you see there is no beginning. Time is as a river that flows continuously never stopping but always changing. It also flows in a circle that is very important to know because most every thing works in a circle, life, death, and rebirth. Time is always changing no two moments are exactly the same just as two stories; one of defeat and the other of success are not the same. One would think that after defeat there could be no success. This is not true as there is a consequence for every action and each action causes the river of time to change to take us to a different future. Why start with defeat, will since it is a circle who is to say what is the beginning and what is the end. After all, after death there always is rebirth. I will tell you it my way for after all I was there and it started with a defeat.

There are many things to destroy and make a world. In most great tales it all starts with demons and gods as it does in this one. On the side of the demons there is Sithis, Inkou, Mactah, Vinnil, Prayses, Farios , and Dennith. It is the first six which are important at the moment. At this time all titles will be ignored for simplicity. On the side of the gods and people are Mothe, Hillios, Thero, Silily, Kumi. There is one person who needs naming he is not with either side and his title will be overlooked for now the name given is Corvenes. One still remains it is not known whether he is with demons, gods or above both. The shadowed one, the one with no name who quests, what he quests is not known. Now on to the story of our defeat.

We were living in our houses which were in our towns. Our towns which were in our regions. Each region was ruled by a High Council. There was no war, famine, drought, flood, or other disasters. And for a time it was good. No one was unkind there was no reason to be. Every harvest was bountiful, man and nature got along well. The Pandora's Box had not been opened yet. There was one place on this planet at the opening to hell; there lived a man, so evil he was said to be taken to hell and turned into Dennith the worst of the demons. On the other side of the world lived a boy his name was Jonde. He is to be the one we are to depend on. As you already know this is to be a story of our defeat but I'm not one to give away endings. Now that you know the important characters it is time.

Jonde lived alone, his father died when he was young and his mom left his father. His father died three years after his mother left. Some people said his father died of age. It was true his father was old but not old enough to die. Some said his father died because of a broken heart. Most people though said nothing at all about the matter and that was that. Jonde lived and worked on his own. He was very strong even though he didn't look it. He had a small build. His pure white hair and tan skin made him look a little older then he actually was. His pure blue eyes gave a sense of awe about him. He didn't mind such a quiet life, in fact he enjoyed it. Jonde was in love with martial arts he used his free time and quite life to train. He would not know how important that would be. Something a thousand times worse then Pandora's Box was coming it was Liqus, total destruction. How legend told it when Liqus came every thing that could go wrong would go wrong nothing would work. All the demons of hell would break lose and wreak the havoc upon the world and the gods would be powerless to stop it. All life as we know would cease to exist. In other words the Apocalypse.

That was how Jonde heard it from the old man. Ever since his father died the old man came by once and a while to check on Jonde. Jonde enjoyed the old man's company. Because solitude and only solitude is not very good. One thing that the old man told Jonde was life, love, cherish it all because you'll never know when it will be gone. From that he learned to cherish every moment and love every thing, this, unbeknown to him made him the ultimate warrior against evil. He trained for years and years, but boys turn into young men as he did like so many before him.

While he was walking through town one day doing some shopping he noticed a young and very beautiful girl. She had smooth and silky brown hair in which she wore a white flower. A small build and green eyes. He couldn't help but stare at her she seemed to be always near where he was. Her most alluring feature was her pure green eyes; they looked like they could pierce the soul. He decided he would talk to her after he finished his shopping. Right after the purchase of his last item he looked up but she was nowhere to be seen. He looked all around but did even see a trace of her. Oh well he thought, maybe she'll be at the next market day, and he returned home to make dinner. That night as he was eating he heard a knock on the door. Assuming it was the old man he said come in, when the door opened he saw standing there not the old man but the girl he had seen in the market place. He was so surprised he fell off his chair.

"I am searching for the warrior, the warrior of light." She said. And then disappeared.

He was quite surprised it took a few minutes to regain his senses. He thought it must be his mind playing tricks on him. When he looked back at the spot where she had been standing the flower that was in her hair was lying on the ground. Later that night the old man came by.

"Did you see a young girl at the market place. She had green eyes brown hair and wore a white flower in her hair." Asked Jonde.

"I am sorry son no I did not see her but she sounds like a real beauty." Said the old man grinning.

"The weird thing is when I was eating dinner she appeared at my door asking for the warrior of light might you know anything about that? Then she just disappeared." Asked Jonde.

"I don't know any warrior of light, but in the legend of Liqus the is a character named Hillios the King of Light." Replied the old man.

Jonde's sleep that night was troubled, because that girl kept coming back in his dreams asking for the warrior of light. That morning when he awoke he was drenched in sweat. This was haunting him he had to know who she was and who was the warrior of light. He went to the next market even though he had nothing to sell or buy, but he went to look for the girl. He did not see her he was disappointed. When he got home that night he got a big surprise the girl was standing in front of his door.

She said "I have chosen I have chosen the warrior of light."

"Who," Jonde asked as he grabbed her "who is the warrior of light?"

He was half surprised because she was really there. She was quite surprised too, but said nothing. He slowly released his grip on her arm still stunned, he invited her in to his house she said nothing but followed him in. They sat down at the table across from each other.

"Well uh what is your name?" Asked Jonde.

"My name is Konay." She said softly.

"Why are you looking for the warrior of light?" Asked Jonde.

"I am looking for the warrior of light to help me lead a war." She replied in the same soft shy tone.

"A war huh who against?" He asked.

"I don't know." She calmly replied.

"You said you have chosen the warrior of light who is it?" Asked Jonde.

"It is you Jonde it is you." She said.

"Okay let me get strait, I'm the warrior of light and you need me to help you find people to lead a war against an unknown enemy." Said Jonde skeptically.

The girl nodded, and the way she looked at Jonde made him feel like she thought it was a simple request. This was by no means a small or simple request, and little did Jonde know that the fate of the world was now resting upon him.

"Konay do you know who were supposed to find to lead this war?" He asked. Konay nodded.

"Who?" Asked Jonde.

"Mothe Queen of the Dark, and her army. Hillios King of Light and his army." She said.

Jonde froze was there really an Hillios King of Light, like the one in the legend of Liqus. He had to find out so he decided to help the girl.

"We will set out tomorrow, tonight lets try and get some sleep." Jonde said.

Little did he know this journey would lead him on the biggest adventure of his life, and reveal truth's he never thought possible. He let her sleep at his house that night. She said nothing and went into the bedroom and strait to sleep. Jonde didn't sleep at all that night, he just kept thinking about what had been said that night. That morning he got up and packed everything important to him in a small bag. After all he didn't own much being an orphan now and he and his father weren't rich to begin with. After he and the girl were out of the house he burned it down because he knew he would never return to that spot. He turned away from his burning house and walked because he didn't know where to start. After a minute he didn't hear footsteps behind him. He stopped turned around and saw the girl standing were she had been once he set the house ablaze. She simply stood there and pointed in the other direction. Jonde started walking back towards her and as he walked he started to sing.