Who am I?

Who am I, to you?
Am I the insecure girl,
who struggles with her weight,
her beauty, (or lack of,)
the girl who doesn't know what to say when she meets new people,
and gets nervous when she goes to new places?

Who am I, to you?
Am I the smart girl,
who aced her exams,
charmed her teachers,
and her adult colleagues,
the girl who offers up the analytical explanation for the situation,
and can change your perspective in a debate?

Who am I, to you?
Am I the talented girl,
who you think can sing,
the girl who can act In Her Depth when she's Out of it,
and can lie her way out of a delicate position?

Who am I, to you?
Am I the family girl,
who spoils her younger sister,
dotes on her niece and nephew,
the girl who wishes her older brother wasn't moving away,
and misses her father every day?

Who am I, to you?
Am I the slacker girl,
who turned down university,
took only dead-end jobs,
the girl who's scared to venture further out into the world,
and to chase her dreams?

Who am I, to you?
Am I the confused girl,
the conundrum,
a girl who can sing, but won't?
a smart girl who can learn, but doesn't?
a charming girl, who could dazzle people, if only she tried?
am I just…a mess?

Who am I, to you?
Should I even be asking that?
Is that the wrong question, 'Who Am I, to you?'
Should you really have any say in the matter?
Should it merely be 'Who I am?'
I think it should be.

Who am I?


I think I need more time.

Written 30/08/07