Loner of Today

Little girl, dressed in black walks alone

With her blonde, boy-cut hair flowing in the winds' breeze

A spiked choker around her neck

And a Dark Magic bracelet strapped to her wrist

Blue eyes cold, full of pain and loss

She must've seen so many deaths it seems

But, how could that be?

Only at age fifteen, all alone in this world

No one dares to approach her

No one dares to cross her path

Or even greet her with a "hello"

In class, she sits all the way in the back row

Where the darkness and shadows consume her

Where no one can see her

When her name is called for roll-call, she answers, then doesn't speak again for the rest of the day

Sure, she's talented and smart

She can write books and poetry, usually dark though

She can draw realistic and cartooning

But, she won't tell anyone or show a single soul

She'd rather die, like her life has

Her parents, family and friends were murdered

Murdered by an albino, professional, female assassin

She doesn't know why, and she doesn't want to

It causes her pain to remember her loved ones

Their smiles and support

Being hopeful all the time

She wishes to forget

But a single rose reminds her of her friends

And a single lily reminds her of her family

After their deaths she moved to California

And here she is again

Still full of pain and sorrow

It freakin' sucks!

If she made any friends, she feared she would be risking their lives

And then she'd be in more pain than before

Maybe its fear that's holding her back

Maybe she should try to ……

No, she can't

She's a loner of today

No longer can she take the pain

Being an element of darkness and ice, she'll have to wait

Wait for that faithful day when an element of fire will return

Fire, her only friend

Yes, she'll wait for that day

Until then, she's a loner of today

Her name is Alex

And she is a loner of today