This should be happy. I should be happy when I read it. But I'm not. I feel sinking guilt and resentment, but I'm at peace because I remember a time when you were happy. Truly. Happy.

A time when you smiled just for the sake of smiling.
A time when you laughed hysterically at things just on the edge of funny.
A time when your worry clouded your eyes over, but then you'd always come back with a smile and a bright hope for the future.
A time when we got so close.
And now that time has come to an end.
And all that's left is your worry.
No smiles.
No laughs.

I knew it was gone because
you didn't want to run around the basement like an idiot with us.
I knew it was gone because
you have called him so many disgusting things.
I knew it was gone because
when he talks to me I don't just want to kill him now - now I want to torture his fucking sadistic mind and leave him to die of starvation.
I knew it was gone because
in the summary line you said "when I thought I loved him."

And I know it'll come back some day.
I just know it will.

I love you Pockets.


a/n: A review for

I wanted to post this as a poem because I like the way it flows.
I like what it means.
I like how it turned out.
I like how it doesn't really seem to begin
or end.
I just like this.
I know. It was a review. But we're best friends. And this is our thing.