i leave those film-worthy fingerprints on the windows

in your audi ('cause you pay just enough that i'm willing to

lift up my dress and let you play those little games).

i'll sleep in the parking lot with a new boy now that you've driven off

and i'll smoke and i'll cough and then when i wake up

i'll be surprised to see my dress on the floor and his face next to mine.

you'll call and you'll fall 'cause without me you've got no fix ;

but i've got mine, and it comes in so many different sizes,

different tastes. i leave film-worthy fingerprints on your windows,

on his lips, on half a million cigarettes ; and you've paid just enough

to see me strip, but never touch it ; and i've smoked just enough to

see the world twirl, but never feel it. i'm surprised to wake up

in late evening and i'm surprised to see him gone ;

i'm surprised i'm still alive ; and i'm surprised i can still feel it.

but i can remember it all when i see those fingerprints stained

with sex on your windows, and you kiss all my tears away.