society repeats through action
what they find they want you to believe
silently they advertise bikinis
and only sell one pieces in sports' stores
they sneak cigarettes into good movies
with kids' idols playing the parts
they show movies about dating
where the couples are living together
never once making you believe
but just exposing it to you
everywhere you find the same trash
rewritten in different ways
and the silent repeating has turned to memorizing
memorizing to condoning
and no longer being able to tell what is right or wrong
they tell you that as long as you avoid issues,
it won't bother you
((it's almost like it's gone))
they tell you that it's okay to have sex
while you're still in school
just use a condom
hey say it's okay
what "they" don't know can't hurt them
they say that abortions are okay
so you can stay in school.
it's not like you should be punished for your l.i.t.t.l.e. mistake
((that's what they want you to believe))
sometimes it's not even through direct words
that they teach you
but simple actions
this generation is believing in false philosophies
burning their hopes in disappointment
washing their face with the television's lies
exposure can change your heart and your mind
are you gonna let it?