this just in!
Honesty is out of Fashion:
let the Lying begin!
turn the volume down and replace with Smiles;
pop prescription pills
and Think with your hands
instead of your Heart.

this just in!
change is imminent:
so Level yourselves around
the Empty child you used to be.
rip your Minds out,
and fill it with plastic paraphrased
from the starving beggar's Mouth.

this just in!
there will be no turning inside out
to reveal the boiled Blood and Pain inside.
pick at your meals with such uncertainty
of how your Body feels
to have Substance inside,
putting money where your Throat is
instead of spare Time.

this just in!
Death is now in Style:
prepare that final Breath
for the runway to shelter your Corpse,
lain lonely and miserable,
from listening to the music notes
of what others had to Say.