You beat like a machine
in my realm of broken dreams
holding me steady with a glowing stare.
i wished to be found in silence
but guilt flowed as soundwaves in frozen air.
Screaming through glasses and plastic,
i drank to the pride i never had
and found my retreat at the very bottom
as the secondary of the broken crowd.
The bottle reads of nevers and should-have-beens,
where Your limbs in mine are none allowed.
i scream in silence with my shrinking lungs
as a lover turned liar, turned smile, turned faker,
turned hollow echo of the yielding drum.
But my mind is a coffin for loneliness
that He resurrects with His smile;
yet neither knows the truth,
that these loves are illusions in different hearts,
been emptied out by my mind passing through.
Both bodies rent their space in this panting chest
while my embrace lives cold in a gentle wind.
An ode, a hymn, a second-to-last chance
and perhaps, i will be loved again.