Break, break, break

Some of us can never keep it together; most of us are falling a p a r t.

but she,

she doesn't mind,

(covers herself in shards of gli.t.ter & glass, breaks your heart when she says " Sugar, some things are meant to be broken"

The girls tears apart her stitches, wears pins on the souls of her stilettos, painting her nails with downfalls & delirium.)

she comes wrapped in ribbons and your inadequacies,

she dressed herself in someone else's pain, (It's always easier when its not your own) lost kisses & the secrets pulled from your fingers

Leaving sugar sprinkled across your floor

And kisses on the collar's of one- too -many martinis

(She's sophisticated like that)

She picks up her glass, looks at you & smiles

thinking of her hands through your hair, grazing her fingers on your cheekbones, her lips on your edges

breaking a p a r t as she tries to breathe

You want to hold her, you try to hold her,

-But she tears in your hands.