A girl whose mother
Called her woman sat
With her legs underneath
Her body crisscrossed in
A natural pattern next to a
Boy wishing wanting to be
What a man is supposed to
Be lounged against the
Green bench paint chipping
Off telling a story with
Cracks and markers little
Hearts enclosing iloveyouforever

They sat in the park so
Alone except for that
Old couple holding hands
All wrinkled in the sun
Smiling with their lips
Slightly parted as if to
Drink in autumn's spicy
Kisses breezes licking
At their hair threatening
To blow the glass-boned
Lovers away from each other

Boy leans over girls
Shoulder lips nearly
Touching the curve of
Her ear and whispers the
Lines everyone wants to hear

I want to grow old with you

But she isn't everyone and
Just giggles at his ridiculousness
Reaches her arm around his
Ribs and smiles that smile he
Loves more than life and wonders
What he means because she won't
Live past today much less all
The tomorrows of aging all the way
To rocking chairs and remembering
Things she couldn't possibly recall

So she gazes into his heartbroken
Smile right into his eyes that don't
Look at hers but instead the leaves
Freefalling through the air like
It has some sort of density and
Her words are choked away with
The way his lips are meshed as
If to hold back all the things he
Wanted to tell her for the rest of her
Life and he's losing breath but
Can't open his mouth because that
Would open his heart and spread
Apart everything he'd been hiding
For so long

With her head against his
Heart like some absurd metaphor
That's really reality she tries
To push out what's inside of
Him that's supposed to be inside
Of her but they are already so
Entangled fully clothed in extreme
Misery enchanted into ecstasy so
She just washes away his tears with
Her own because boys aren't supposed
To cry over what girls cry over and
She opens her mouth to say all the things
That are impossible to synchronize with
The everythings of eternities he longs for

But nothing comes out but the
Dead things that were hiding inside
Her mouth underneath her tongue
Racing through her spine as if they
Were dragged out of her body into
His hands quickly pulled away fom
Her own his eyes wide and mouth
Agape trying to take back all the things
He gave to her the feelings he let her
Hear but instead he just gets up and
Walks away leaving half of himself and
Taking her with him two people not
Quite alive that must try to keep breathing
In their self consumed poison

With nothing but empty thoughts
Sinking into herself and the sounds
Of her dry teeth scraping against
Each other into her cheeks and
Into her lungs digging deep so
When she breathes she can
Remember just how much it hurts

And through the shock she
Watches the elder man's eyes
Closed swaying softly his
Fingers rubbing gently across
His brides until he removes the
Shields across his eyes and
Kisses her wrinkly cheek with
Tears staining his chin and tie
Because the love of ages couldn't
Keep his beloved alive for more
Than this humble lifetime