Chapter One

A girl with a reddish and black hair awoke quietly and went over to her dresser. She grabbed the clothes lying on the dresser, and began pulling them on quietly. She then, sat back onto her bed and waited around before hearing her father call her voice.

"Jamie! Are you awake?" Her father yelled up to her making, her sigh and look to her closed door.

"Yes!" She called back quickly.

"Alright, breakfast is ready!" He called back up to her. Jamie heard his footsteps head back into the kitchen, and she decided it would be best to finally get off her bed, to go eat. It would probably be the only meal she would be eating for the day. She quickly opened her door after many failed attempts to do so, and headed down the stairs quickly, heading into the kitchen.

"Hey sis…" Michael said with a smile, not receiving on back from his younger sibling.

"Greetings…" Jamie muttered back before getting hugged tightly by a small figure.

"JAMIE!!" The little voice called and looked up at the older girl, now showing her young feminine face as well.

"Why hello, little Ashley…" Jamie replied patting the girl softly on the head, receiving a big smile from the little one.

"How did you sleep sister?" Ashley asked happily; as she sat down to eat her breakfast. Jamie walked over and sat across from the girl, and looked down at her plate.

"I slept… fine…" Jamie muttered picking up her fork. On her plate sat pancakes, drenched in syrup, with two fried eggs, and sausages. She began working on eating the pancakes, and within a matter of time, she was finished. Her brother, who finished first, was sitting at the table having a vivid conversation with his youngest sister. Jamie took the time to drink her orange juice quickly, and slip away from the table before being asked any questions.

She began to head up to the bathroom, where she combed her hair down, and brushed her teeth. She looked at herself in the mirror before quickly turning away and starting to head back to her room to rest for the remaining time she had left, at her home.

"Michael! Jamie! Ashley! Come on! It's time to go to school now!" Their father called quickly. The children came out from their rooms and started to head out of the house, their father behind them, before getting into the car, and waiting to be dropped off. Michael and Jamie would be the first to get dropped off, since they were the ones in high school. Ashley on the other hand, was a young junior high student, and would be dropped off at a later time.

As they arrived to the school, Jamie got out of the car first and started heading towards the school.

"JAMIE!!" Ashley called to her sister, causing Jamie to turn and look at her.

"Make sure t-to have, a great first day of h-high school!" The child stuttered slightly before smiling.

"Mmm, alright. Make sure to enjoy junior high… It's the last break you'll get!" Jamie said back, making the girl stare at her confused. Michael walked past Jamie and continued onto the school. Jamie looked one last time, seeing her sister waving by, as her father went to drop her off at her school and sighed. Hopefully, today would be a day to enjoy. Since, she was a new student to the school anyways.

First period went by too quickly. All that was said was the basic rules of the classroom. Nothing Jamie hadn't heard before. So, when it was time for second period. She decided to just doodle around for a bit, making sure to put her messy signature at the bottom of every picture, in pen.

Before she knew it, it was finally time for third period which meant lunch was soon to come. Sadly after drawing about five pictures, Jamie started to become bored with hearing all the rules over and over again. So, before she started to make an anime comic strip, she decided to look over her schedule again, to check where the lunch room was. She hadn't messed up so far on her schedule, and was hoping she wouldn't:

Term One

Name: Jamie Manson
Grade: 9

Period One: Algebra 1
Period Two: English 1
Period Three: Biology
Period Four: History
Period Five: Japanese
Period Six: Physical Education
Period Seven: English 2
Period Eight: Algebra 2

Jamie observed her schedule and sighed. What was the point of two math classes and two English classes? Did they want you to learn faster than the older kids? Jamie looked and noticed that, the schedule she had read was only for today. Tomorrow however, heard schedule would change slightly. Instead of having P.E. or Physical Education, she would have Art. Jamie was slightly relieved that she was going to have a class she enjoyed for the year, instead of something boring like, Study Hall. Then again, she could always get that class for the second half of the school year.

After listening to her biology teacher, she realized it was now time for lunch. Grabbing her things, she began to make her way to find the lunch room. After much searching she saw a sign with the "LUNCH" written on it, with an arrow pointing right. Taking that route, she finally found herself in the lunch room, and began to make her away to a table, away from the rest.

"Oh my god… Look at that Goth girl over there…" A girl whispered to her friend, pointing over at Jamie.

"She's scary, she's sitting there by herself, writing in that notebook. What could she be writing?" The other girl asked.

"Probably some sort of Death List, or something… Or a suicide letter…" The girl at the head of the table replied, causing the rest of the table to burst into laughing. Jamie however, ignored their simple minded selves, and continued drawing in her notebook. No one dared to try and sit next to her, in fear she might actually hurt them in some way or form. Jamie, however was completely comfortable with the silent non-bothered lunch.

Finally after her next two periods were over, Jamie decided she might as well face up and go to her P.E. class. She rather hated this class. Only because, she thought it was for cocky athletes, and preferred something quieter like Art instead. After walking into the Gym, she was surprised, but not startled by the basketball thrown quickly in her direction. She sighed and glared, seeing two boys running over to get the ball, one crashing slightly into her, while the other got the ball back.

"Ha ha! Nice going Vince!" The other boys called, before laughing at the boy's demise.

"Ow… O-oh… Oh! Sorry…" Vince replied rather coldly, before getting up quickly and brushing off his black jeans.

"Sure…" Jamie replied back, colder than Vince had before starting to head towards the bleachers. However, Vince followed the girl quietly wondering if she was alright or not.

"My name's Vince…" He says carefully seeing her sit her things on the bleachers in the Gym before climbing onto the bleachers herself.

"Okay…" Jamie said back.

"Can I know your name?" He asked.

"Jamie…" She muttered coldly, before opening her notebook to a fresh new page.

"Jamie… I like that name…" He said quickly and smiled at her. Jamie however, stared at the boy with an emotionless stare, before going back to what she was doing. Vince was unaffected by her behavior, and looked at the girl's notebooks wondering what they were for.

"Do you draw?" He asked her.

"…Why?" Jamie asked, wondering how he would have guessed drawing first.

"Well… At first I supposed you did writing, but then thought… All of these notebooks can't be just for writing, so I assumed you draw as well." Vince answered.

"I see… Well you're correct 'Vince'. I do write and draw. But what I write and draw, shall not be recognized by you." Jamie replied hatefully, annoyed by Vince's presence.

"Hmm, we'll have to see about that…" Vince replied mischievously, and grinned.

"I guess we will…" Jamie answered. Vince stared at the girl as she began to draw, whatever it was she was drawing, and watched her in awe. She was truly a beautiful girl. Although her body was hidden creatively by the black baggy-chained pants and black Three Days Grace™ t-shirt to match. He was completely dumbfounded, pondering whether or not he would like this girl. New found friend, or maybe something more…

"What grade are you in?" He asked her.

"I'm a freshman…" She replied coldly, signing her drawing at the bottom quickly, and ripping it out of the book.

"Oh… You're pretty young… I'm a senior… But seniors and freshman have P.E. together so yeah…" He says folding his arms on the bleacher and looking at Jamie quietly.

"I see. So what? You're a seventeen year-old. Hanging around a freshman because?" Jamie started to ask.

"Because, I like you. You seem pretty neat… More like the people I hang out with…" He says with a grin. Those words caused Jamie to look up and stare over at Vince quietly. She didn't notice his sexy looks before, and realized he was dressed practically the same as she was. Only difference was his t-shirt, which had a plain skull on it. His hair was a jet black, with dark blue streaks going through it, as his hair hung nicely around to his neck. His left ear was pierced twice and his right was pierced once. Making her look back down slightly confused.

The bell rang signaling that the period was over causing Jamie to hop off the bleachers and grab her things. Before she was able to grab her last few notebooks however, Vince swept them up off the bleachers, and carried them for her.

"Guess I'll walk you to your next class…" Vince replied looking at the schedule that sat on top of the notebooks he was carrying.

"Alright." Jamie replied, causing a smile to appear on Vince's face. As they headed to her next class, they chatted about random things, such as where they lived, and their families. Vince had an older brother that takes care of him at home, since their parents died in a car accident two years ago. As they arrived to Jamie's class he handed her, the notebooks and she stopped and turned to look at him.

She stared at him for a few seconds before grabbing his hand, causing him to blush slightly as she handed him the drawing in which she had drawn earlier in P.E.

"T-Thanks…" He muttered as she nodded and walked into her class. Vince stared down at the picture, curiously, before looking back into her classroom, and starting to head to his class. The drawing was a simple drawing of a boy and girl, in which he later realized resembled both of them and smiled.

"I think I've found my girl…" He said to himself softly and grinned walking off.