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Chapter Eleven

"Vince… I love you so much…"

"Please… Just let me… Unh… V-Vince!"

"…I… Please stay with me…"

"FUCK!" Vince screamed sitting up on his bed quickly. He slammed his alarm clock off rather harshly and swung off the covers on his bed. He stood up bare naked and looked around for a moment stretching his arms before beginning to go over to his dresser to pull out some fresh boxers. Rather than checking to see if his brother was around, the sounds of cooking in the kitchen clearly answered it. He was surprised by the sound of his brother cooking, but decided it was nothing, heading to the bathroom to take a long cold shower.

After his shower he quietly slipped into his boxers and head back into his room looking around for what he could wear for the day. Feeling the need to be different he grabbed a pair of skater jeans and a grey long-sleeved shirt putting them on. Before pulling out a black button-up shirt and throwing it on, not bothering to button it up. He smiled for a moment to himself before continuing to dress his self slipping on his old Converse™ sneakers and beginning to head out before his brother can call out his name.

"Hey little bro… Wow… You're dressed rather different today." Kenny muttered placing a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast in front of the boy.

"Uh, I guess." Vince said back grabbing the toast and examining it before taking a bite from it. Hoping and making sure there were no drugs of any sort placed onto his food.

"Well anyway, what are your plans for the day?" Kenny asked sitting down across from his brother with his own plate of food. Before remembering he forgot something and getting back up to head to the kitchen.

"Well…" Vince began starting to eat his eggs rather quickly. "I was thinking of hanging with-" He began before cutting himself off and continuing to eat. He could feel his brother's stiffness in the other room, before seeing him emit from the kitchen with two glasses of orange juice.

"Hang out? With who? You have friends now?" Kenny asked rather dully making Vince mentally slap himself mentally. What was he thinking? Almost admitting to his brother about Jamie? He kept a rather calm look on his face trying to act casual about the situation.

"Uh, sort of, not exactly… Well… She's a rather interesting person, and you know. I just think she's pretty, uh…" Vince begins trying to find the word for it.


"Yeah, that's the word." Vince replied and laughed nervously before finishing his food.

"So… When are you going to go and hang out with her?" Kenny questioned eating his food carelessly, not bothering to look at what he was doing.

"Oh… You know, we just kind of… Kick back and hang out…" Vince said nicely, watching his brother eat for a moment before beginning to drink his juice.

"Ah… Well… Why don't you bring her over to the house sometime… You know, for me to meet her…" Kenny said and smiled over at his brother.

Jamie walked around her house for a bit, looking for something to do for the day. She figured that Vince would probably call her to hang out, or if that didn't happen she could get driven to the hospital to see Cassie. Viewing her options, she decided that seeing Cassie at the moment wasn't a good idea, especially considering that Vince knew something about the girl that she didn't.

Moments after walking around bored, Jamie's phone finally began to ring. Not fazed by the ring, she picked up the phone quickly and began to answer it, not caring who was on the other line.

"Hello?" She began softly.




"What is it?"



"…I need to see you…"



"Alright then, well where exactly are you though?"

"Outside of your house."

Jamie hung up the phone immediately after he said then beginning to head to the front door. She opened it quietly and stepped out before looking over seeing him leaning on his car quietly. He smiled once he caught her looking at him, before getting off his car and beginning to walk up to her. Jamie stopped walking for a moment and stared at him confused. What was with his tone on the phone and then his actions now…?

"I've missed you."

"It's only been a day." Jamie muttered.

"Well… I can't miss someone I love?" Vince countered quickly.

"I don't know, can you?" Jamie asked seriously.


"Can you miss someone you love?" Jamie asked.

"Yes, I've missed you. What have you been up to?" He questioned looking over at her house before looking back down at her.

"Nothing, why? What are you doing for the day?"

"Uh, nothing. Want to hang out with me for a bit… But not exactly… You know… As friends…" Vince asked in a low tone looking into her eyes.

"A date?"

"Yeah… Are you up for it though? It'd be fun…" Vince added in the ending knowing that he had never exactly experienced dating before. Figuring that it couldn't be too hard for him to do with Jamie.

"I suppose. Where are we going to go?" Jamie asked nicely.

"…U-Uh, well… I was thinking of going for a drive and talking… Then going to the mall or movies…" He said quickly.

"Sounds fun. Hmm, I think going on a drive will be fun… But instead of going to an exactly location…" Jamie trailed off slowly, her eyes dulling in color for a moment.

"…To the beach maybe? Or park?" Vince suggested quickly not noticing the change in Jamie immediately until seeing her eyes brighten for a moment and go back to normal. Something he didn't exactly remember seeing before, smiling to himself.

"Sounds like fun. Alright then, well let's go while we still have fun daylight. Although it's not as if that would matter exactly anyways." She said calmly, letting him grab her hand and lead her to the car.

Vince looked around with Jamie at the park and smiled, a little excited as to what they could do together in these hours. Shaking his head from the darker thoughts he grabbed her hand and began to walk rather quickly, wanting to explore around with her for a bit, as if he'd never been to a place like a park before. Jamie however, was not annoyed by this behavior, finding it rather relaxing to see him so hyped and calm at the same time with her.

Nothing could ruin this moment for them. They both knew that as they spent hours looking around and talking. Making many jokes which Jamie didn't always do so openly with others, which astounded Vince with ever remark she made that was humorous. Finally they made it over to the swings and sat down on them, not saying anything for a while. Letting the cool air breeze past them, staying in their own worlds and thoughts for a while. Finally Vince decided that he should just take another chance with what he wanted to exactly talk or do with Jamie for this day.

"Jamie…" Vince began calmly, causing the girl to look over at him slowly for a moment. Her eyes glazed over but him not noticing it right away. Before the girl could even get the chance to think of a response he pressed his lips against her cold ones. Pulling the girl slightly closer to him but not taking much notice to what he was doing.

"…I…Please stay with me…"