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His hands started to reach for the cold bottle of water, licking his lips in anticipation for the moisture. Chugging the bottle made the droplets run down his mouth towards the rim of his shirt as he quickly emptied the drink. Looking around, he saw three exhausted bodies hanging off their chairs all being pampered by their scurrying assistants. Their concert has finally subdued and the butterflies squirming inside their stomach turned into the anvils that are now hanging down their throats.

"Roman. Do you know what we're suppose to do next?" whined the pre-teen with bleached hair.

"Sssh! Disc, Shut up! I have a bloody headache right now!" yelled Roman who was massaging his own blond locks.

The man, finished with his water, sat next to his senior, the only one keeping busy. He watched as his friend continued to frantically write words down on a piece of paper while the rest of them were still trying to get their breaths back.

"Ky. What's up?" he said, staring at the scribbles.

Ky raised his head and looked at him with a serious expression, "Lyrics."

"Lyrics?" he scoffed, squinting his eyes for a clearer look. 'Looks like chicken-scratch to me.'

Ky, who seemed to have read Scythe's mind, answered with his stealthy cat gaze and then went back to his work.

"Scythe, leave the genius be," growled Roman who is still annoyed at his throbbing headache. He's been complaining excessively ever since the concert ended. His whiny voice is beginning to grate on his nerves.

"Ugh. Where's a Tylenol with you need one? That girl should've been back already. Where the hell is she?!"

A tinge of a smile curled on his upper lips making his sharp teeth peeking through, "Ro, you're gonna have to get used to it if you want to be in this band. Screaming girls. Loud guitar solos. It's a wonder how any musician can still have the ability to hear."

Roman gently took the ice pack from his temple and replied slowly, "Are you saying that I'm not cut out for this band?"

"Well, you are such a sensitive guy, you know," he emphasized, then murmured under his breath, "I mean, why join a band if you can't even handle the screaming fans?"

Roman tensed up clearly picking on the comment, "What you say?!"

"You heard me," the man replied eager for the fight in him to spark.

"Look. I didn't get this headache from the fans. It was all because of your stupid solo!" Roman retorted.

"You weren't so bad yourself, Mr. Perfect! I heard that mistake on verse two. You basically blanked out and Ky had to cover your butt!"

"Yeah, b-but at least I wasn't the one that tripped on-stage on the guitar cord. Who's the klutz now?"

"Nobody fucking saw that! It was your singing that ruined everybody's routine!"

"Well, if you weren't so busy listening in on everybody's mistakes, then you wouldn't have tripped in the first place."

"Yeah?! Well... you should be thankful that I'm even pointing out your mistakes. It's not like your mom is here to pick up after you!"

"Ju-just shut up!" Roman stuttered, unable to keep up the banter.

"Wha-? Run out of comebacks already?" the guy smirked, gloating the skills of his words.

Roman stormed from behind and kicked him off his chair. The man immediately crashed to the ground with a big thud that grabbed everybody's attention. Slowly, one by one, the hair dressers and assistants quickly exited the room before things got ugly.

"You should stay down there where you belong. You know, the only reason you're in this band is because the management is so desperate for a pretty boy to lure in the fans," growled Roman. He held his chin high taking advantage of the height.

"Scythe. If I were you, I'd quit before my face gets messed up."

"Pretty boy?" Scythe whispered, smearing the words up against his lips, thirsting for vengeance instead of water.

"Yeah. Pretty boy," Roman smirked and started to walk away.

Scythe has had enough. Still down on the floor, he juts out his foot, tripping the idiot on the cold hard cement. The moment he fell and collapsed on the floor like a turtle on his back, Scythe busted out laughing, enjoying his teammate's pain.

"How's the view down there, klutz?!" Scythe chuckled, clutching his stomach.

The youngest smiled nervously at the quarrel and tugged at the straps on his shirt. The pre-teen hated the constant arguments between the two and had the constant job as the mediator in the group.

"Scythe, why don't you back down?" Disc asked unconsciously tugging his bleached locks out of nervousness, "Can you guys just take a break. Even for a second?"

Scythe was about to reason with the poor boy when he felt his shirt grabbed roughly by the enemy.

"You think that's funny? I'll show you funny!"

"Okay, you guys! You've gone too far! Let's just-"

"Disc! Shut up!" yelled Scythe and Roman in unison.

Just as the first punch was about to get blown, the door opens unexpectedly. A young woman came in sweeping the place with the smell of authority. Her stare set icicles down each of their spines, observing the event. The tension in the air dissipates as the two opposing sides of the fight separate.

"I see another fight is about to take place," she states. Her cold tone prickling down their skin in guilt.

"Miss Yuzuru, it was-" Roman was cut off by her finger in the air.

"No excuses. Sit down all of you!" she ordered.

Everybody took their seats without hesitation. Disc could strangely feel the unearthing tension as each of his rivaling teammates sat besides him. Ky stopped writing and put on an even stare to satisfy their grim manager.

"It was a good job for an opening act and I am proud of all of you. I know each of you are anxious for your own concert but you're going to have to earn your fame. Even though you have participated in plenty of opening acts, I still see mistakes," she walked towards Disc who happened to be in the middle of Scythe and Roman.

"A band is a family. I expect each of you to treat each other like such. It will be a while until I decide when this band is going to split and that time is not now. Do you understand?"

"Yes, ma'am."


Disc grinned trying to cheer up the atmosphere, "Well Miss Yuzuru, I bet you'd be real sad if we split up, huh? You'd probably miss us."

Her eyes rested on the grinning teenager as she added, "On the contrary, I would probably be assigned to another band. Probably one with more discipline and talent."

"Aw! Come on! Don't tell me you'd throw us off like that? You won't even miss us… or me?" pouted Disc. A shimmer in his eyes imitated the illusion of tears.

Scythe elbowed him on the side leaving Disc to shrug his act and put on a playboy smile. Miss Yuzuru walked back to the middle and assumed her authority. She gently pulled out a notebook from her bag and proceeded to list their schedule for tomorrow. As usual the members tipped their heads back and went to sleep, snoozing off as she made her little speech. This act of disrespect doesn't seem to faze Ms. Yuzuru who seemed used to the boring routine. Ky is the only member who kept his usual attention, taking her words in bit-by-bit.

"That is the schedule," she finished, "I'll see you all bright and early at the airport."

She quickly made her exit, leaving the schedules on the table. When her hand reached for the knob, she slammed the door with a bang startling the sleeping young men awake.

Disc ruffled his hair in frustration, "Fucking bitch! God! She makes me so… ARgH!"

"Calm down," Scythe said, "I'm sure it'll pay off in the end."

"Yeah, right," said Disc sarcastically, "I don't get why we can't just get a guy manager. Why her of all people? Isn't there something about overworking your employees? All she fucking has to do is paperwork! She probably never had to stand in front of the stage and sing! She has no idea what it's like!"

"Ye!" agreed Roman, joining in on the rant, "That woman needs a good lay or that pencil out of her butt!"

Scythe felt his anger rise at Roman's comment. Their manager was viper at her job but she was still a lady which made his comment unnecessary, "Well, she might not know how to sing but at least she cares enough about attending every practice session we do."

"Wha-?" said Disc confused at the conversation, "B-but I go to practice everyday."

Roman, sensing who the comment was addressed to, retorted back, "I don't need to go to those practices every fucking time! I can memorize those lines in a minute! It's you mates that are slow!"

"Oh well we're all not like you, Mr. Perfect-Who-Thinks-I'm-The-Most-Fucking-Great-Asshole-On-The-Planet!"

"You're just jealous! We all know that the only reason you got picked is because of your looks. You're just going to be a pretty face in front of the covers while we're the real talent!"

"At least I look good on the camera! Look at your ugly mug!"

Roman touched his face, slightly irritated by the insult, "You know, I really don't get why you're in this band. I can't wait until you get replaced."

"Replaced? Don't you mean you? I doubt any fan would go crazy over that mug of yours. Now this," Scythe pointed to his beautiful facade but not before flashing him a million dollar smile, "This… would kill those girls in a heartbeat."

"Well, why don't I fix that for you?" he grabbed the nearest thing which happened to be the schedule book and started whacking the spirit out of him.

Disc stepped in between to break up the fight feeling the book hit him repeatedly, "Don't you guys- have anything better to do? Stop- this! You can- kill each other- at home!" He snatch the book away from Roman straightening his stance.

"There are still camera people outside! We might-"

"Stay out of this, kid!" Roman snapped, pushing him aside.

Scythe used the opportunity of the distraction to punch Roman in the mouth only to have the schedule pushed in his face by Ky.

"Did you guys read the schedule?" Ky asked in his usual serious tone.

Disc whined, "Ky?! I don't think this is the time for this! I don't even want to know how much work we're gonna have to do tomorrow."

"Look!" he said forcing the other three's heads in the picture, "What does that say to you?"

"Jaaaa-paaan," they said in unison only to yell out, "JAPAN?!"

Story finished: 12/18/2011

Edit: 8/10/2012