Chapter 25

Scythe went down the long elevator ride to Floor 23 to find some secret gift that Mary has in Room 101. He was glad to stretch his legs and get out of the scene after the awkward meeting again with Roman. He didn't know what possessed him to bring Paulo. Just remembering the look on Disc and Ky's faces was enough to signal how much of a jerk he really was especially after having that long talk with Ky. He cricked his neck, massaging the angry glares he withstood from Roman during the meeting. For all it's worth, he thought he was doing the right thing.

Roman came from a loving family and meeting them made him realize how selfish he was to deny Roman of a chance at making his own family. Roman's mother kindly reminisced to him how she held her first child in her arms and how she would want to hold her grandchild in the same way very soon. Roman has a responsibility to his family as the first child just like he did. He knew that even though his mother never complained, she wished to see him married with a child of his own. He couldn't deny Roman and his family of that. So subtly, he chose to let the relationship fall through their fights and carelessness. He convinced himself that Roman wasn't the only man out there even though his heart felt differently.

The first year of their break-up really got to him making him rage out to sleep with any available body that resembled Roman in the slightest detail. If he spoke British, he'd talk to him all day, wanting the guy to moan out profanities as he pounded him. If his hands were the same size, he'd grasp the flesh wanting them all over his body with the nails etching out a pattern on his back. If he had his eyes, he'd lock stares wanting to swim in the light echoes of blues as he'd caress his face through the flutters of his eyelashes. He had it bad, but he thought at least with time that he'd eventually forget and move on to another that inspired the love he has for Roman if not more.

That's when Paolo came to the picture. At first Scythe was bit put off by the man's arrogance and fake tan but there was no complaints once he jumped in bed with the guy. The experience felt thrilling and exhausting as he spent many a nights in the cramped Italian home fucking to the sounds of squealing pigs. He didn't know if it was Paolo or the calm country atmosphere of Italy, but he absorbed everything, melting into the pleasure of the moment. It wasn't until he got a call from his best friend that reality came crashing down on him. Mary's engagement signaled his meeting with Disc and the others. The others including him. The man that immediately came back haunting his every doorstep. It wasn't as easy to forget and he's fooling himself into thinking he can.

Scythe calmly looked at the room plainly with the door marked 101. Upon entering it, it looked no different from an office with at least four or so desks put on each corner with a huge window view of the city. He started looking through the desks wondering how small or big this surprise present was suppose to be. After finding nothing gift-wrapped or mildly expensive, he noticed a hidden door behind one of the chairs that missed his view. He walked over to open it seeing a slightly smaller room with only one desk and a few potted plants. From the simple arrangement of the room, he figured that a main authority figure would be stationed in this room with his remaining lackeys right outside. The room even had its own working toilet right next to the office. Obviously if a present was to be hidden, it should be here.

He cursed over the stupid potted plants he tripped over as he got in the desk compartments. As he was checking them one-by-one, a sound alerted him that someone just came through the door. Stopping his search at the moment, he walked over to see who was there.



Both of them looked at each other in utter shock unable to comprehend how the other got here.

"What are you doing here?!" they both said, glaring back. Seeing that Roman's going to be stubborn by not talking, Scythe made a reply.

"I'm here to find Mary's present for Disc."

"Really?" Roman said with a huff not believing him for one minute, "Well I'm here to find Disc's present for Mary!"

"Really?" Scythe asked now confused at the situation.

There was a moment of silence before each of them figured out the true intention of why both of them happened to be in the same place at the same time. Due to their slow thinking however, they failed to notice a lock click on the door making their escape impossible.

"Let us out!" Roman cried, "Disc! Ky! Whoever is fucking setting this up! This is not funny!"

"Forget it, we're stuck in here," Scythe sighed equally disappointed as he grabbed a chair to sit in. He scan Roman's stance, passing a worried glance, "Your nerves okay?"

Roman perked up at the mention of his condition only to shrug as he sluggishly sat on a residing chair across, "I'm drunk. I don't think my nerves have it in me to panic at the moment."

Scythe nodded noting the glazed look in his eyes and the loosened buttons and wrinkled tie that hung from his neck. If there was one thing he didn't need, it was a juicy looking bait that looked too appetizing to pass over. He swiveled the chair around to face the window instead of his dear ex in hopes that the outside would prove a more entertaining distraction.

As much denial and brainwashing he tried putting himself unto, there can be none of that when Roman was right there in front of eyes ready for the taking. He's always thought that their relationship together has been based on passion alone but the quiet nights spent in solitude made him realize how he missed his company. His constant complaints and friendly conversation spoiled him to the point where nobody seemed a likely candidate to replace him. It's increasingly becoming harder to admit he made a mistake in leaving him. Scythe silently cursed asking why Roman couldn't have done the same and brought a date like him. At least with a girl hanging around his arm, he can endure this bitter loneliness and guilt by himself as long as Roman was happy. At least he hoped, he was happy.

"Lights never turn off, do they?"

He looked quickly to his right to see Roman right next to him standing at the same window overlooking the buildings.

Gaining some composure, he replied, "Yup. It is New York City after all."

He felt Roman's gaze fall on him, "Are you happy, Scythe?"

Scythe never meet his gaze; too nervous that his eyes might give him away, "Of course! I got a couple of singles coming out. Some steady money coming in and a great boyfriend! Why wouldn't I be happy!?"

Roman nodded, turning his face away, "I'm glad one of us is."

Scythe felt a stab directly push painfully through his heart. This wasn't what he wanted. He wanted Roman to yell, attack, lie, or even gloat. Anything but admit defeat. The Roman he knew was stubborn up to a fault failing to give in even when he was the one losing. It was so unlike him making Scythe feel ever the more guilty for what he did.

"T-that's not true!" Scythe said trying to offer some condolence to the conversation, "I heard from Disc that you're designing a song for a famous artist although he won't tell me who and that you've been dating some hot chick I saw on the ads!"

"Who?" Roman grunted with a confused expression.

Scythe looked at him perplexed that he didn't even know the woman he was dating. Using his phone to navigate through the gossip threads, he opened the page displaying Roman making out with a blond in the back of a taxicab. There were even more snapshots of them getting out revealing the cute miniskirt the woman wore exposing her long legs and the low neck tank-top that pushed her endowment out. Roman snatched the phone right of Scythe hands, cursing the damn contraption and the pictures within it.

"Bullocks! I take the dame out for a walk and the minute she's all over me they snap the pictures?! Really?! They couldn't get the ones of me arguing with the chick over the bill?! Shit!" Roman cursed as he handed he phone back to Scythe, "She's a nobody! I don't know who she is. Just some random chick Disc forced on me."

Scythe looked flattered at having Roman hand over an excuse but he wouldn't let him, "Don't deny it man. You've dated and I've dated. It's no big secret. The point is we're both moving on with our lives and I'm happy to see that you are too."

"Whatever," Roman commented offhandedly trying to sit back down on the chair only to have it roll off him making him collapse on the floor. "Fuck!" he cursed.

"You okay?" Scythe came over lending a hand.

"I don't feel so good," he moaned, gagging a bit and putting a hand over his mouth quickly.

Scythe immediately pulled the man up to escort him to the bathroom he found inside. Once they got the toilet propped up, he waited for the orchestra of vomit to commence. After waiting for a considerable amount of time and hearing nothing inside, Scythe peeked in to see if the man accidentally drowned himself. Roman had his head over the toilet bowl still staring inside as if waiting for the inevitable to happen. Even after several minutes later, Scythe couldn't resist laughing out loud at the ridiculous position his friend remained in.

"What's so funny?" Roman grumbled angry.

"Y-you look so stupid!" Scythe spitted out holding his stomach.

Roman collapsed on the side of the bathroom away from the toilet, "Well, it could've came out so I just wanted to make sure it wouldn't."


After a bout of laughter, Scythe collapsed on the nice carpet flooring with his head leaning against the bathroom facing Roman. He smiled encouraging his friend to do the same.

"You know, I missed you," Roman said simply holding his congenial smile.

Scythe nodded, "Same here."

Emotion flashed across Roman's face revealing something deep. He started crawling on his hands and knees towards where Scythe sat, "No. I mean I really missed you."

Scythe alarmingly tried raising his hands towards Roman for him to keep his distance, but the man didn't listen. Instead, he tackled him forcing his lips to meet full contact against his. Scythe felt himself froze from the heated touch he so longed for after three years. Biting on his bottom lip serve to awake the passion hidden in his body. He didn't even wait for permission as Roman forced entry for his tongue in Scythe's mouth. He felt the roaming object caress the inside crevices of his mouth tasting the drunk liquor his friend consumed within just an hour ago. He tightly cringed his fingers around the carpet wanting it to be Roman's skin. Just as he thought the enticing torture had ended, Roman started sucking the inside of his mouth making his tongue react against the traction and his body give out several spasm of euphoria at the action. Scythe tried moaning for him to stop, but it seemed to give Roman more fuel as he moved his mouth further down kissing the lines on his neck to his collarbone.

"Ro-Roman. Stop." Scythe breathed out even though his body wanted the exact opposite, "I-I have a boyfriend."

With that last utterance, Roman did stop but only for a second, "You can't tell me that guy with the fake tan is your boyfriend! Never in a million years will I accept that! Never!"

Scythe cursed as felt Roman's hands graze the top of his chest wishing the tuxedo between them never existed. The smell of his aroma intoxicated Scythe into wanting more, breathing in the sweat and beer within his veins. It's proving more of an effort to logically control his instincts than to act on them. Gaining the last of his strength, he used his hands to stop Roman's actions before it went too far.

"I don't love you anymore, Roman!" Scythe yelled, "Stop it!"

And there it was the expression he'd never want to see staring back at him in shock and betrayal. Tears flew down his face unstopping but he never uttered a sound. Roman backed out, kicking Scythe out of the bathroom as he locked himself in not wanting to be seen. Scythe felt hopeless and weak groveling at the bottom of the door. He would want nothing more than to take it back, to apologize and make the hurt go away. But he didn't. He can't.

Scythe stared at the door knowing it's the best for both of them, "You'll find another. A girl who'll love you for who you are and will take care of you. Someone to share your life with as you form your own family and children! Someone that you're family will be proud of! You'll see."

"No I won't! I'll never find anybody!" Roman yelled behind the door, "There is nobody! Don't you see! Nobody!"

Scythe glared unable to accept the answer, "That's because you haven't looked hard enough you lazy bum! Maybe if you weren't always in your stupid music studio you'd be able to find a nice piece of ass instead of that blond bimbo you picked up!"

The door immediately opened slamming up against the wall with a notable thud echoing against the room. Roman stepped out with eyes red either from crying or anger. Either one only made the man more suitable to fight as he took the remaining steps between them to close the gap.

"You serious?! Me a lazy bum? Well then how about we talk about you? You fucking whore!" Roman spitted the derogatory right into his face, "You call sleeping around with every retard you see a chance in finding that special someone, do you?! Is that what you'd recommend, you fucking gigolo!"

The tenseness in his shoulders felt familiar as he readied himself for a grand fight, "Yeah, so what of it? It's not like I'm tied down to one man. I can very well fuck whomever I want; retard or not!"

"You asshole! Don't you even care how I feel?" the emotion flashing right through his eyes was enough for Scythe to turn away his gaze.

"Why should I? Like I said, it's not like we're together," Scythe bit his lip regretting the words and even before he had a chance to think upon them, he was met with a fist to the mouth.

Laying horizontally against the desk, he stared shock at the man who actually punched him. He positioned himself to sit up as he reached his hand to feel the pain right on the side of his bottom lip. He saw a red stain on his fingertips. There can be no doubt that by tomorrow there would be a huge bruise on the area.

"You punched me!" Scythe said directly pulling in as much hatred out of him as possible.

"You deserve it asshole!"

Indeed he deserved it, most heartily times a thousand more for what he did. He looked up to see Roman pacing about like a bull ready to stick his horns in on his next victim. Scythe awaited this anger, wanting to embrace the words or actions that would come upon him in order to eat up these unforgiving feelings.

"You know it's all you're fault! Up until this point, it is all your fucking fault!" Roman stressed, "I was stupid! Crazy to think about spending my life with you thinking that you wanted to do the same. Of course you don't! Why would you want to spend your life with me?! Some crazy ill-tempered British brute! Ha! I don't know how Disc puts up with me half the time! But you know what you are?! A crazy Asian whore who doesn't care for anyone! Anyone!"

Roman laughed mockingly as he continued, "And really it's your fault I can't sleep with anybody. Not one man or woman has been able to get me up as easily as you do it. I don't know how and I don't know why! So, thank you Mr. Shoji Masamune for ruining my fucking life! Thank you for ensuring I die a most lonesome horribly sexless life as a single bachelor for the rest of my whole existence! Thank you!"

Scythe slowly stood up, taking in the words one at a time as he stopped Roman's incessant pacing, "What. What did you just say? That you haven't slept with anybody for the last three years? Is that what you just said?"

"Yes! Mr. Asshole! Do you want a prize for that answer? Well, let's see if I have one here," Roman readied himself for the second punch of the night only Scythe caught his fist before it made contact with his face.

"Please say you're lying to me. Please!" Scythe begged and it was then that Roman finally saw the raw emotion lying on his face.

Stumbling a bit from speechlessness, Roman managed a response, "N-no. Why would I lie about that?"

Scythe's breathing was uneven and a flush of redness overtook the top part of his exposed chest from Roman's earlier pursuits. Once again, Scythe cornered Roman to a wall hungry with lust and passion of the wanting.

"Please," with Scythe's limit being reached, "Just, just say you hate me or something. Just say you have a girlfriend secretly tucked away. Anything... before. Before I do something."

He saw the ignorance pass once more through Roman's eyes as the man stared back at him unaware at the beast he's now in charge of. Roman straightened his stance so both their eyes would meet. Scythe quivered under the sky blue right before him.

"I love you and forever will," Roman said plainly as the light of day, "How about you?"

Scythe didn't answer but dove in for the kill, kissing the unforgettable lips forever immersed through his memory and dreams. He felt Roman return the gesture with equally the same passion. As the kiss went deeper and more violent, Scythe moaned at the pain due to his cut as Roman licked the wound.

"Sorry," Roman whispered.

"No. I'm sorry. I can't seem to forget you either," he said softly hearing the buttons from from his tux spill on the floor.

"You won't leave me?" Roman said, grazing his rough hands against Scythe's chest making him moan.

"But your family. They'll hate you once they find out," Scythe said almost loosing himself to ecstasy.

Roman made sure to taste his skin by teasing his nipples between his tongue and teeth to make him cry out in pleasure. Licking up the remaining saliva that dripped on the chest, he finally answered him, "No they won't. Even if they do, as long as I have you, I don't care."

"B-but don't you want to give your mom her first grandchild? Or or have a-a normal family?" Scythe gasped, trying to piece his sentences together before it turned to mush.

Roman stopped his teasing to look Scythe squarely in the eyes, "Look. Why don't you take some part of the responsibility for making me gay and marry me? Then we'll have that 'normal family' you want! It may not be blood but who cares?!"

Scythe looked at his friend surprised at the bluntness of his statement, "You would marry me after everything I put you through?!"

"Of course! After you promise not to do it again. And...," he pushed his crotch up against him making Scythe feel the heat transfer to every part of his body, "Remember I haven't had any for the past three years since you've been fooling around."

Scythe deliciously licked his lips, salivating at the chance, "Don't worry, I'll make sure to pay it back threefold!"

With both party's clothes scattered carelessly through every corner of the room, they banged their bodies against the desk ravaging each other's weaknesses trying to out-win the other. Roman moaned once he felt Scythe's mouth around his heated member tonguing the tip. His erection felt tortuously pleasant remembering the numerous times he masturbated to Scythe's pictures on his wall. He missed this feeling of passion just as much as Scythe has. Not wanting to disappoint, Scythe wetted his fingers inside Roman's mouth who welcomed the touch sucking on the tips like a newborn babe. He then slid a finger slowly up his hole one by one slowly building up the tension. Roman breathed heavily at the weird sensation of having his anus being caressed and his dick get sucked on at the same time. Unable to stand the increasing wave of sensations upon him, Roman came spraying his seed all over Scythe who was unprepared, causing him to choke and cough up some of the contents.

"G-give me a warning next time!" Scythe glared, wiping his mouth.

Roman blushed, "S-sorry..."

"Well, let's get this thing started," Scythe took out a couple of condoms and lubrication hiding at the front pocket of his tux making Roman frown in disgust.

"You were planning to fuck that Paulo fucker weren't you?!" Roman yelled only to get his mouth covered by Scythe's lips.

"I only fucked him 'cause he had hands like yours," Scythe admitted, running the condom through his dick as he got ready to play.

"A-and the others?" Roman accused, wanting to know more.

"Anyone that resembled you in any way whether it was your voice, your hair, your eyes, your face, your body, anything. I fucked them," Scythe snarled pushing the lube deep inside Roman's crevice.

"Oh-oh y-you are s-sick," Roman moaned enjoying the slippery sensation.

Scythe nodded, "Very sick. You ready?"

Roman stared back in those eyes filled with a hunger he saw numerous times before, "Before you go, I want you to tell me. Even after you slept with all those guys, why come back to me?"

Scythe kissed him softly knowing the answer, "Because compared to those guys, all I could think while sleeping with them is you. You and only you."

Giving a slight nod of pride and satisfaction, Scythe prodded the hole accordingly teasing it so it'll comfortably warm up to his size. It has been a long time since they've done this and both of them craved the attention. Roman tried stifling the curse from his mouth and Scythe only enjoyed wriggling himself deeper into the hole. The nails clawing on the carpet came at his back enjoying the painful sensation as the breaths from Roman's mouth whined deeper and deeper with each push he gave. With his member all the way inside, he groped for a kiss wanting to take in each moan of utterance from Roman's failing speech. The muscles inside Roman tightened and loosened at the abnormality inside him, yet at the same time, his heart and mouth melted anticipating the move his partner will make.

Roman was now lying with his back against the desk and Scythe deeply inside enjoying the tightening feeling. He smiled directly at Roman who could only blush at the awkward and embarrassing position he's been put in the first place. To make the position even more awkward, Scythe lifted up one of Roman's legs to toss it over his arm as he comfortably found a place to start moving. The first couple of moments felt painful but eventually, the pain became overwhelmed by the pleasure coming in wave after wave every time Scythe moved in. Roman's voice rang out of the room hoarsely echoing through the confines of Room 101. Scythe gained the needed momentum through Roman's screams as he quicken his speed with each squeeze. Sweat poured down through the curves of Scythe's body as it splashed down onto Roman like rain. Their breathing synchronized as each one felt their climax worming through for an escape. Through the murmurs of passion, they released a spray of white, thick liquid from their tremblings bodies. They both then fell on top of each other, exhausted from the exercise. Each breath brought back the shivers and tingles all over their bodies as they engorged from the feeling.

Scythe pried himself out from the embrace out of necessity even if he didn't want to as he threw the soiled condom in the garbage. He reached up offering a hand as Roman stood up still breathing hard from before. They exchanged a muted gaze as their soft kisses turned into sloppy ones making them roll around the carpet trying to suffocate one another. It wasn't until a jingle in the distance rang out that they stopped their sexual ploy.

Roman found his phone underneath the desk and reached down to grab it. Meanwhile Scythe only smirked at the sight in front of him, wanting to do nothing more than attack him once again.

"Who is it?" Scythe asked still sexually ready to go.

Roman tossed the phone his way as he saw the text message displayed from Disc.


You guys make-up yet? It's almost time to cut the cake! By the way, the spare key is on the front drawer of the other room with the bathroom. It's gold, you can't miss it.

Oh yeah! You guys owe me & the gang big time.

"Don't we ever!" Scythe exclaimed handing back the phone.

"Well, we better get back up there," Roman started gathering his clothes but Scythe put a stop to it by throwing them on the other side of the room.

"They can wait, we still have business to take care off."

Roman looked nervously at his partner, "Remember it's Disc & Mary's engagement party? We should be there since we're both their best friends."

"But I promised you I'd bring you pleasure three times and we've only just begun."

"Please remember I'm still a bit drunk from earlier. Maybe another time?" Roman offered but Scythe only closed the gap between them.

He shook his head left and right wrapping his arms around him, "I've lost you once before. I'm never letting you run away from me ever again."

"To be honest, as much as I've waited three years for you to say that, I don't know if I like your meaning behind it."

As the party continued as plan, the two missing guests fervently heated the window pane of Room 101 where nothing but shades of shadows can be seen. The band Syth was short lived and will serve as a pinprick in the time line of their life. For now, each of the band members will continue on the real journey to life with their significant partner by their side. With an army of fans supporting them from the back scenes and many more growing, their life continues to inspire gossip, love, and many more stories to come. For once the ending for the couples will end well with a mix of glamor and humbleness.

The End

Thank you all for reading this far and for your support! I hope you've enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it! This was actually inspired by my favorite band TVXQ! Even if they did break-up, I still support them faithfully. Coincidentally, I am writing another story if you want to check it out. It's not boy's love though. Just a regular romance so if that's to your liking please read on! Did I do alright writing about boy's love? I might write another one. I don't know... I'll think about it.