I will be…

I will be an airplane.
Someday, among the clouds, I will soar.
Mommy says I'm strange.
My brother wanted to be a firefighter after all.
My sister even says I'm inhuman.
Funny, she's the one who paints her face green.

All I want to be is an airplane.
Not a supermodel, not a firefighter, not even an astronaut.
Who wants mars when they can have our pretty sky?
Who needs a heart when they could have an engine?
If I were an airplane than everyone would depend on me.
More than a firefighter and if it stormed
I'd prove my bravery and determination without all the fire.
I'd bring them home or to their vacation quite safely.
I'd let them sleep on me and show them the sky.
I'd let them experience just a smidgeon of what it is to really fly.

My daddy tells me that it's impossible to be an airplane.
He tells me I will never ever succeed, but
I just flash him a sad smile. I humor him and pity him, cause after all,
He's an adult and he doesn't know what it's like to dream.
Cause I will be an airplane someday, strong and a perfect white.
I'll find my home inside the blue days and the purple nights.
I will be the best airplane there ever was!

The world is mine.