Chapter One: Undercover

He deserved it.

Those three words didn't make it any easier for Iris Chandler and her friends to do what they were plotting. The plan echoed in her mind as she walked through the school that she had attended since she was in kindergarten. Nobody noticed her back then.

Now the students of Rollen High were regarding her with heated gazes. Iris found the whole ordeal amusing, being as socially challenged as she was.

Step 1: Act like the new student, the one who has the body and mind of a sex goddess.

In three inch red heels and a little white mini skirt, Iris would have never had the guts to wear as herself. In her new undercover persona, she could be whatever she pleased—as long as she completed her mission for everyone who had ever been wronged by Ryan Lawder, most notorious as the Rollen High player. Iris was smart enough to distance herself from the scene so that she wouldn't feel the overwhelming guilt that was starting to get at her.

It was hilarious to watch the boy that she had despised since the day she started Rollen High drool over her. Literally, he was drooling, along with his cohorts. Iris decided not to look his way, so he approached her. "Hello, honey. Where did you come from?" He asked as he came to stand right in front of her, causing her to stop.

"My mother," Iris drawled.

"So Saturday night at five?" He was so cocky, already asking her out on a date.

"No, thank you," she answered.

"Why?" The blonde hunk was taken by surprise.

"I would eat you for breakfast. I don't take it easy on guys like you," Iris answered. "I don't want you getting hurt."

"I would love to get hurt. Where are the whip and chains?"

Revolting! Iris wanted to make a smart remark, but she stopped herself from doing so. "Not in that way. Take your chance now. Run the other way," she advised him.

"Ah, playing hard to get. I'm into the challenge," he stated.

Iris waited until she stepped into the bathroom to roll her eyes. She couldn't resist making gagging noises. Iris never claimed to be mature. "Is there a nice guy at Rollen High?" She asked the mirror as if it would answer her.

"The mirror is on break." A girl dressed all black clothes remarked. "It put me in charge," the black haired girl informed her. She was incredibly thin. Iris bet the whole school labeled the girl as a 'Goth', but Iris knew better.

"So is there a nice guy at Rollen?" Iris asked Raven. Raven Black had been in class with Iris since the beginning of elementary school.

Raven scrutinized Iris for a second, seeming to almost recognize her.

"There is if you look in the shadows," Raven answered cryptically.

"Thanks. I'll have to watch those shadows," Iris said in a friendly way. Oops. That definitely didn't fit her sex goddess persona. She was supposed to look down on little commoners, not play nice. The real Iris was always the shy, plays-well-with-others type.

"Sure, Barbie," Raven said darkly. "Now get the hell out of my way!" She exclaimed as she shoved Iris out of the way rudely. Iris didn't have time to contemplate the mood swing because the bell rang.


"We don't need you screwing up things. So stay out of the way!" Raven said later in their science class where Iris, she, and a quiet boy named Raiden Silver were partnered. Iris shot her the dumbest, 'stupid-me' smile she could muster.

"As long as I don't have to break a nail to pass this class. I failed it, like, three times at my old school," Iris said in the preppy voice her friends had made her practice dozens of times last night.

Raiden kept his eyes on the experiment they were supposed to be working on. The shaggy-haired cutie wouldn't cast Iris a glance. He was cute in the shy, stay-behind-the-scenes way. He had taken his black leather jacket off to perform the instructed procedure. He pulled off his look with the ripped jeans and Hot Topic shirt well.

"Mr. Crock, I need to use the bathroom," Raven announced. She left the room. Iris doubted she went to go to the bathroom. Suddenly, the fire alarm went off. The occupants of the classroom scrambled to exit.

"Stay here," Raiden ordered as he grabbed her arm to keep her there.

Raven walked back into the room to find only Raiden and Iris. She didn't look surprised. "I cleared them all out. So now, Iris Chandler, you are going to tell us what exactly you are up to," she ordered.

"I honestly didn't mean to cheat on those exams!" Iris exclaimed in attempt to keep her cover.

"You aren't the new preppy, sex goddess of Rollen High. You are the old, former-wallflower Iris Chandler who has gone here since she was in kindergarten," Raven said.

What was one supposed to do when in the so-called 'hot seat'?

­­­­­­---punishing the tormentor of the starved---

Courage by Superchick

I told another lie today

And I got through this day

No one saw through my games

I know the right words to say

Like "I don't feel well," "I ate before I came"

Then someone tells me how good I look

And for a moment, for a moment I am happy

But when I'm alone, no one hears me cry

I need you to know

I'm not through the night

Some days I'm still fighting to walk towards the light

I need you to know

That we'll be okay

Together we can make it through another day

I don't know the first time I felt unbeautiful

The day I chose not to eat

What I do know is how I've changed my life forever

I know I should know better

There are days when I'm okay

And for a moment, for a moment I find hope

But there are days when I'm not okay

And I need your help

So I'm letting go

I need you to know

I'm not through the night

Some days I'm still fighting to walk towards the light

I need you to know

That we'll be okay

Together we can make it through another day

You should know you're not on your own

These secrets are walls that keep us alone

I don't know when but I know now

Together we'll make it through somehow

(Together we'll make it through somehow)

I need you to know

I'm not through the night

Some days I'm still fighting to walk towards the light

I need you to know

That we'll be okay

Together we can make it through another day

---punishing the tormentor of the starved---

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I do not own the italicized lyrics. The song is 'Courage' by Superchick, or so I assume because that is what the website says. The lyrics are a foreshadowing clue to why Iris and her friends what to take Ryan down. So I would suggest that you at least skim through them.

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