My Boyfriend the Billionaire

Fated meeting? Yeah right.


"Hey you," I cried standing in front of an oncoming car "Stop driving recklessly and give me a ride to the hospital!"

The car tyres screeched to a halt and the guy inside it let out some pretty colourful language. It was ok; I'll let him slide for that. He was driving a Porsche, and boy did that baby shine. Silver 911 turbo. Someone pinch me, I think I am dreaming.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!?" The guy shouted angrily at me, winding his window down.

"Hitchhiking, what do you think dumbass?!" I said with a roll of my eyes "Now let me in."

"What the?! Do you actually think I am going to give you a ride?!" he demanded incredulously.

"Of course you idiot," I spat with a roll of my eyes "My Mummies giving birth and as Dad is hopeless and doesn't know how to use his mobile I can't get onto him."

"Get out of the road man," he said threateningly "I won't hesitate to run you over."

I just laughed at that one, him, run over me? I don't think so.

"Try and make me get out of your way." I challenged hopping up onto his bonnet

"If you scratch that I swear..." he shook his head, scowling at me.

"You'll what?" I inquired stretching out a leg, mocking him.

"Ugh, get in." he relented leaning over to thrust open the car door.

Yes! Porsche Owner: 0 Me:1

"Where to?" he muttered as I jumped into the seat next to him.

"Gosh, forgetful aren't we? Hospital." I snorted with a roll of my eyes.

"Which one?!" he cried pounding on the wheel of his Porsche, causing it to hoot and scare a possum into falling out of a tree.

"Well, considering there is only one hospital here..." I drawled rolling my eyes at him.

"Christ, alright." He said putting the pedal to the metal and getting on with it "You're lucky I'm even taking you wench."

"I guess I'm lucky, after all I did leave a big mark on your bonnet with my heels."

"WHAT?!" he exclaimed nearly running his car into a telephone pole.

"Ever thought of anger management?" I inquired "Someone really needs to revoke your licence. I was just kidding, idiot."

"Haha, so funny I forgot to laugh." He muttered his scowl deepening.

"If you didn't laugh," I said coolly "why did I hear a 'haha'?"

"Because you're delusional." He told me.

"And I guess you're mentally challenged," I snorted "atleast my brain works."

He ignored me.

"Finally," he announced "at the hospital."

"I thought I would collapse from your stench, overuse of cologne much." I lied; his stench-I mean cologne-was really nice and not overpowering like how some guys apply it. Honestly, boys, leave it for the prostitutes.

"Uha," he muttered sardonically "same to you wench."

I jumped up from my seat and hopped out the car "And what-I mean who, do I owe this to?"

"Dale Roderick." He muttered "And you are?"

"Just your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman."

Then I slammed the door in his face and ran off to the hospital. I could hear my momma's screams from here. Serves her right for not stopping at 3 like normal people.

Porsche owner/Dale: 0 Me: 2


How do you like the first drabble? Don't worry, there shall be more to come. I swear. As quick as possible. SHOOM. Like that.