My Boyfriend the Billionaire

Secret Diaries are best kept Secret


I stood there, watching my children frolic in the park playing a nice game of Frisbee, letting the summer breeze lift up my hair. There was my husband, ready at my beck and call just waiting for me to send him over to the nearest Safeway or IGA to get me some lemonade.

We lived in a nice place upon the beach where we could watch the tide come in from our sun room window. Ah, the life.


"Julia, how many times have I told you?" I said picking up the baton from the ground "Baton waving is lethal and it especially shouldn't be done near your pregnant MOTHER! See now, we have these things called mood swings and Mummy doesn't want to lose her temper and slap you into the next millennia-JAMES!"

James hid his hands behind his back "You just threw Mummy's heels over the fence now didn't you little brat? You know what Mummy has them for?"

He fidgeted, biting his lip and shrugged at me "To make your feet go all red and blister-ee?"

"Well, apart from that," I shrugged, can't help but agree to that, the kid had a point "But you know what else Mummy does with her heels?"

James shook his head and I shot him a wicked grin "Mummy uses them to beat little boys with the name James Lois Roderick!"

His eyes bug and he started to run, I chased after him of course but was cut short when I tripped over half of Francine's Barbie car "In the name of all that is holy-"

"Sweetheart," a voice said into my ear as I cursed violently in my head, thinking of ways to kill of my children "Have you taken your meds yet, stop threatening the children and you should know you aren't supposed to be chasing them. You're pregnant, woman."

"Ohoho!" I scoffed shaking my head at Dale "Whose fault is that?"

"Hey, you're the one who wanted a big family." He quirked an eyebrow at me "I'm just meeting your demands."

I tapped my chin thoughtfully "I know, let's gross out the children! That's non-violent punishment is it not?"

"Renaela," he smirked "You're going to scar them for life, you realise? The other children will think they're mentally disturbed."

"Good for them." I started kissing him and there was a chorus of ew's and an interested noise coming from Frankie who was always one for watching anything that moved, the whole of yesterday afternoon she watched this snail trailing across the ground.

Our house was rather big, nice and was very bright because of my insistence. Dale got his dream job, owning his own car brand or whatever they call it, you know like 'Porsche' and whatever? And seeing as I never really had a dream job except for that one of living in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory and helping out the oompa loompa's, I was the girl in charge of the workers at one of his car sales places.

Basically, I sat there and demanded they bring me lemonade, lollies and bowls of fruit loops. Oh yeah, and gave people advice about what the best car for them would be, I was pretty good at that.

"I love you," he told me "I love you, I love you, I love you...God, I really, really love you."

"Good job," I beamed shooting an excited look to where James and Julie-who were twins-were both making gagging noises "It's working."

"I'm serious Rae," he looked down at me, his smile as gentle as I had ever seen it since our wedding day "I couldn't live without you, I swear."

"What? Without me eating all the food in the fridge and demanding you order me some expensive chocolate from Switzerland because of my damn mood swings? I don't even do anything; I just sit here, procreate, watch TV, tell people what to do and eat lollies."

"That isn't true," he frowned at me "The people at work couldn't live without your advice, you may not notice Rae, but you have pretty good taste-"

"Only because one of my hobbies is looking up cars on the internet." I told him, quirking an eyebrow "It isn't that hard."

"For you it isn't, people ask me and I don't know what to suggest, you're the people person here, my love." He told me kissing my cheek gently.

I nearly laughed, me? A people person? That was just crazy talk and he knew it, I didn't help people, I scared them. I actually would have laughed if he didn't start kissing me some more, I heard groans in the background noise and made warrior victory cries in my head.

"Hey," Dale slipped away from me and looked over my shoulder "Hey, what's that on your hammock?"


I darted towards the hammock and flung myself at it, clutching the diary to my chest "Nothing, nothing."

"It certainly is not," he came over and sat on me to my disdain and grabbed the diary from my hands "Oh, what do we have here? A diary full of your biggest secrets?"

"Give it!" I whined and grabbed for it, he couldn't read that, no way could I let him read that. Layn wasn't the only one to own some sort of journal during high school.

I rolled onto my back and lunged for it but he just sprawled himself across me, using me like I was a lounge couch "Nice title, cute drawing on the front page."

Oh no, oh crud, this is going to be humiliating. I just know it.

That diary had some personal stuff in it, some very personal stuff, not stuff I even liked to admit in my thoughts but ones I let out during my diary entries, snapping the book shut as soon as I let it all out.

"Hey you, I cried standing in front of an oncoming car. Stop driving recklessly and give me a ride to the hospital." he read out a smile forming on his lips "The car tyres screeched to a halt and the guy inside it let out some pretty colourful language. It was ok; I'll let him slide for that."

He flicked through the pages "If I didn't get off anytime soon I'm going to do something to someone I won't regret."

He smirked down at me "Aaaaw, Rae wanted to jump me."

You want to know what the during at the front was? A picture of him kissing me.

And that was before he admitted his feelings or even before he kissed me that day Geelong won.

I was never going to live this down, ever.

The title of the diary?

My Boyfriend the Billionaire


See see! Rae loved him from the beginning; why else would she have a diary entirely devoted to him?

Hope you liked reading it; I sure as hell had fun writing it. But now, it is finished, time to move on to other things-such as Liar, Liar Pants on Fire 

I'll miss you Rae and Dale! Mwaaa! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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