Hey guys! I've been meaning to post this for over a month now, but I've been so busy and I kept forgetting!

Anyway, this is a note to let you know a few things.

First: I have changed the ending of Because of You in the Kindle version, and made a new paperback version (available through Amazon) to reflect that change. (I also gave it an editing polish; I found a few more typos and a couple things that needed polishing.) That said, I still wanted people who were happy with the original book to be happy/able to have it in print if they wanted it, so the Lulu edition of Because of You still has the epilogue/original ending.

Which brings me to my second reason: I'm going to write a sequel to this story. It is completely optional. If you are happy with the story the way it is, that's completely fine, you don't have to read the sequel. The only change I made to the ending of the first book is that I removed the epilogue, but if you like it that way, then that's fine. The final scene in the official version with the new cover is now graduation. There isn't much info available on the page right now, but there is a Goodreads page for the sequel (titled After You) and there's a link to it on my profile page. I will say it takes place after college. :-)

I have written a few chapters of the sequel, but I'm also working on the sequel to my newest release at the same time, so I don't have a release date yet.

On that note, since I do have projects now that don't have fictionpress pages (but this is my only way to let you guys know what's going on) I decided to make a mailing list, that way if anyone is interested in staying up to date on my newer stuff, there's a way for me to tell you things. The link is on my profile, so if you want emails when I have book sales or new releases, then sign up and I'll send you a pretty newsletter when there's pertinent info.

Lastly, I have put virtually all of my links on my profile. My author pages, links to my books (ebook and paperback), and I even linked to my newest story (Irreparable Damage), in case anybody wants to check it out. It's a dark romance/unorthodox relationship (go figure!) so if you are interested, I do suggest downloading the sample first, just to make sure it's not too heavy. :) The warning in the book's synopsis isn't incredibly specific, because Amazon is ban-happy on indie authors lately.

Anyway, that's all! I know I'm not here much anymore, but I still read and love all of your reviews, so thank you for continuing to send them my way! :) You guys are awesome!