Chapter One: Can You Guess

Chapter One: Can You Guess?

The question on every selected senior's lips at Starlight High School was: 'why me?' as we received our letters. These letters informed us that we were going to have to put up with Wisconsin exchange students in our respective homes for a whole month at the very least. There was even talk about extending the length of these students' stay.

I sighed. "Maybe it won't be so bad," my best friend Hazel Parki offered. She knew why I didn't want my home life invaded. I had my reasons. Trust me. An apple pie slammed into my face before I had time to respond and I fell into the trashcan backwards.

"If today gets any better for you, Charity, you'll have to go home and cry yourself to sleep," my other best friend Javed Summerton remarked as he looked down at my tortured form.

So far today I had gotten a door slammed in my face, leaving a red mark on my forehead which took ages to fade away, had an allergic reaction to something, a bee sting me, a girl dumped her hot coffee all over me, and a guy drooled on my shirt. And it wasn't even first period yet! See Jav's point?

I was attempting to get out of the trashcan when the very visiting students strutted themselves through the door. I can tell you right now with the pie slopped over my hair (I haven't figured out where it came from) and being buried in trash I looked nothing like the girl who had won prom queen for the past three years. Not that I didn't mind it. Personally I never wanted to be popular. I know people would die to be me, the most popular girl in our whole school, but I would rather be the tomboyish bookworm I started off as. Ah, you can sense a story about how I became so popular, can't you? Wait and see.

All the students of good old Starlight were looking at me expectantly because as student council president I was supposed to greet our newbies. Greet new people with spinach in my hair? Someone has to be kidding me. Unfortunately, no Ashton Kutcher jumped out to inform me I was punk'd.

I rose from the trashcan as their teenaged leader of pretty boy blue eyes and sandy brown hair stepped forward with a smirk on his face. I had to admit he was pretty good looking. Okay, okay, he was a teenaged girl's dream, but you didn't hear that from me.

Fantastic! Charity Logan has resorted to talking to people who aren't really there. Don't let her enemies know. They already want to take her apart and set her on fire.

I met his eyes with as much self-dignity I could muster. My chin had a tilt to it as I offered him my hand. "Charity Logan, student council president of Starlight High. I would like to welcome you to Starlight," I greeted. It was my duty as the president or so the principal said.

"Welcome, hmmm? You can welcome me. Alright," he remarked. He caught my chin and . . . er, kissed me!

I jerked away after his lips made their unexpected and uninvited contact with mine. "Why did you do that?" I asked. My head hurt.

"Come on as student council president you have to give me a better welcome than that," the guy whose name I didn't know remarked as he lifted me out of the can. Then he winked at me!

"Charity! What is going on?" Principal Redder asked as he ran up. Of course, he had come to the little meet-and-greet late. He always had me do his dirty work for him.

"I was—" I started. Then everything went black.


'Did a Mac truck finally come and finish me off?' was my first thought when I came back to consciousness. I opened my gray wolf eyes to see Smirk Face, Principal Redder, Nurse Jane Lens, Hazel, and Jav standing over me. Smirk's face was pale like he saw a ghost.

Gawk! Did I look that bad? Oh, why do I even bother to act like I care about my looks? Duh, Logan, because it's expected.

"I guess the Mac truck didn't come," I muttered to myself disappointedly.

"Charity!" Jav exclaimed.

"Are you alright, Miss Logan?" the school nurse asked. She was so ditzy. It was pointless to go for her to medical advice. She didn't know how to do anything but hand out condoms. The only reason she got the job was because she was dating Principal Redder.

"Sure," I answered. I stood up and Jav caught my arm before I toppled over. I was not known for having grace. That word was not part of my physical capabilities.

"Mr. Redder, I'll drive Charity home," Jav offered.

"But she needs to stay here for the prep assembly," The slim, balding principal stated. Yeah, I need to stay for the assembly so I can do your speech for you and you can go be with the nurse in your office. I contemplated saying.

Jav gave him this look of disgust. My 6"1' blue eyed BFF could be a bit of overprotective of me.

"Miss Logan says she's fine. She'll be okay if she stays," the nurse offered her opinion.

"Charity, if you would show them to the auditorium and get the assembly started," Mr. Redder said.

"Fine," I agreed to do stuff Mr. Redder asked because I knew if I didn't do it he would probably expel me and if I didn't do it our school would suck even more. He and Nurse Lens unsubtly made their way to his office as I led the students to the auditorium.

"Are you really okay, Char?" Hazel asked while the students filed into the place of occasional painful assemblies.

"Yeah. I'll be grateful forever if you go tell Davy to strike a tune while I run to the bathroom." Davy Ado was the leader of the band Dimwits. Dimwits played for our school when I asked. The music would keep them preoccupied while I cleaned up.

"No problem," Hazel said.

"Thanks," I breathed. Then I turned to Jav, "Can I go home and cry yet?" I asked, referring to his earlier remark.

"Get Starlight through another day and we'll let you call it a day," He joked. I kissed him on the cheek for that one and went sprinting off to the bathroom.

I gave the dumb welcoming speech and other need to know stuff that I had decided I should. Then I read off the list. "Agana Land is staying with Hazel Parki . . . Kelpy Seaweed is staying with Davy Ado . . ." The list seemed to go on and on. "Oberon Bear is staying with Jav Summerton . . ." I paused when I got to my name. I had two people. Why? Oh, why did my mother have to say we could take two people when Principal Redder called her to ask? Why did I have such bad karma? "Ramman and Dagda Remis are staying with me. Now that this assembly is over everyone who has exchange students you can take them home to settle them in. Yes, students that participate in the exchange program go home early! Everyone one else back to class." I stepped off the podium.

"Come on, Charity! Let us stay a bit longer!" several kids yelled out.

"Davy," I hinted towards the band as I usually did during incidents like this. They struck up a sorrowful melody and the kids started filing out. Most of us looked as if we were on marching to our death.

Ha! I had known it was a good idea to talk Redder into letting the exchange program participants have the day off to get the exchange students "settled in". We were excused from class. At least one thing was going good for me.

"I'M NOT STAYING WITH HER!" Agana Land, Hazel's cellmate—oophs, I mean exchange student, yelled while pointing at my black clad BFF. "She's a Goth!" She whined. Agana looked like the stereotypical preppy pink lover girl—poor Hazel's complete opposite.

One, Hazel is not Goth. Two, being Goth is not a bad thing. Three, this Agana girl had to have had plastic surgery to have such an ahem enhanced figure. She was a blue eyed, blonde Barbie. She should have just been plastic.

"Hazel is not Goth. I can do nothing about the arrangements. They were picked at random. You should not judge people on the basis of their clothes. I will not tolerate you being mean to Hazel. I suggest you apologize," I stated firmly in my no nonsense voice. She stared at me in stunned amazement. Obviously, she had been Queen at her school. Well, I am the High Priestess of mine so she'll have to deal. "Now."

"I'm sorry!" Agana exclaimed towards Hazel. Then she ran to the bathroom, probably to regroup so she could think of a way to avenge her self. Like I cared.

"I really am sorry that you got stuck with such a creature," I apologized to my friend, who was laughing.

"I second that one!" Davy added as he walked up. He was the only member of the band Dimwit taking part in the program.

"What? Didn't you think she was hawt?" I mocked.

"Never, babe. You know you're the only one for me," he countered. Then he placed a friendly kiss on my lips. Even though to an ordinary stranger it was an actual kiss it wasn't. Davy had a tendency to do that to me. We weren't dating. I had no romantic interest in the guy what so ever though he was very good looking with his shaggy red hair and green eyes.

Now Jav was laughing. "I think he's jealous," Davy remarked.

"No, Davy! The only reason she let you kiss her was because she needed to get the taste of the exchange student's lips off hers!" Jav remarked.

"An exchange student kissed you?"

"It was not welcomed. I almost gagged," I stated. "So, let's find our exchange students and get out of this place. Where are Ramman and Dagda Remis?" I asked loudly. I got two guys. Was that even fair? After all I would be practically be living with them alone considering all my parents' absences. Hopefully they would be nice and easy to deal with.

"Right behind you," A familiar voice called from behind me. I flipped around to find no other than Smirk Face and his slim, tan, and tall younger brother with shaggy dark hair that hung in his eyes. My hope went out the window. At least the brother was cute.

"Perfect," I murmured as I tried to keep from laughing. This was so funny and I was too exhausted to realize the dire situation I was in. Of course, I got stuck with the school player. "So which one of you is Ramman and which one is Dagda?"

"My name is Dagda, but I go by Dag," The younger brother offered. He had his navy black backpack slung over his shoulder. He wore scuffed up white tennis shoes, a black leather jacket, blue jeans, and a white t-shirt that read 'I'm bad with names. Can I just call you dumb ass?' He wasn't trying to impress anyone and he shopped at Hot Topic. I liked him.

"Nice to meet you, Dag," I greeted. Then I announced to everyone, "After you get settled in we can meet at my house for ice cream if we talk Jav into getting the ice cream." I smiled at Jav.

"I'll get it," Jav promised. Ah, ice cream would sooth away all my troubles. Not really, but I could pretend.


I brought Dag and Ramman to my house and showed them to their rooms. My house had a swimming pool, a hot tub, twenty bedrooms, three bathrooms, a den, a living room, and a kitchen. Then I ran upstairs and closed myself into my huge luxurious room. My underwear was all over the room. My stepfather had been through my room.

My stepfather Bob Myers was ex-military and extremely nosey when he was home. Most of the time him and my mother were off somewhere. Not that I mind. He went through my underwear drawer! How gross is that? This little inspection must have been because I refused to allow him to adopt me. I don't like Bob very much.

"What are with the two guys downstairs? Are you having an orgy without me? How dare you!" Enki Andrews said from my balcony window. How do I explain just who exactly who Enki is? He's Bob's godchild. He has been the bane of my existence since my mother and his wonderful godfather started dating each other. Enki attended college when he felt like it and showed up at my house more than often. He even had a room here.

"Of course, I was. Don't you know four is a crowd?" I bantered right back. Enki was 6"3', muscular, dark haired, hazel eyed, and had a dark construction worker tan. He did some construction work as a job. He could be ever intimidating. He didn't bother me that much.

"In that case, you and I can have our own party," he invited.

"Are you off your meds again, Andrews? You're having delusions again," I remarked. Enki didn't really take medication, but I generally accused him of it when he started teasing me.

"Come on, baby. I can make your every fantasy come true." He moved closer and pulled me to him.

"What is with guys and propositioning me today?" I asked.

"Hmmm." He was too busy thinking to notice what I was saying. He was staring off into space. Finally he looked back at me. Then the doorbell rang.

"Are you staying to hang around with a bunch of high school students?" I asked. I didn't show that I wanted him to leave, but he already knew I wanted him to leave so he wasn't going to. That was Enki for you.

"Sure," Enki stated as if I had invited him. Then he casually strolled down the stairs.

I sighed and followed him. It was a huge relief when Jav plopped a bowl of chocolate ice cream down in front of me. I could have kissed him. Speaking of kisses—I cast a look at Smirk, er, I mean Ramman. He was eyeing Enki.

I looked over at Kelpy Seaweed and Oberon Bear. Kelpy was a blue eyed, white hair albino. He was tall, gangly, and shy. Oberon was a big guy. He wasn't as tall as any of the other guys, but he had some muscles. He could easily make someone think he was a thug with his size and muscles. Both guys blushed as soon as I looked their way.

Hazel, Davy, and Jav had been my neighbors since we were in diapers. I was too busy savoring my ice cream to notice how quiet everyone was. "Redder is a donkey butt," Jav remarked. He tried to refrain from profanity as much as possible.

"Mmm . . .when did you come to that conclusion?" I asked sarcastically. I wasn't in a grateful mood. I was very cranky.

"Redder?" Enki repeated the name.

"Our jerk of a principal, darling," I answered. He shot me a look because of my use of darling. I just grinned at him. He turned back to combing over the bookshelf.

"I mean, what kind of idiocy is it not to send you home after you fainted?" Jav huffed.

"You fainted?" Enki repeated. He was now fully turned towards me. It was impossible to read his expression. I think he was more worried if he should be a good godson and report the incident back to Bob or he was really concerned.

"Yeah. It was no big deal."

"You didn't go to the hospital?" he asked. Oh, he was actually worried.

"No," I answered.

"You should have gone straight to the hospital." He was grabbing my jacket. He was not thinking he was going to take me to the hospital—oh yes, he was! I made a choking noise.

"No way am I going to a hospital. With the luck I'm having today I'll probably have someone barf up blood on me," I exclaimed.

"I'm doing my babysitting duties," he stated.

"Babysitter, huh?" I remarked snidely. At least I didn't smirk like Ramman, but I had more sarcasm than he could ever dream of.

"Yes. We're going," he stated firmly.

"There's no reason. I'm fine now," I stated.

"Please. You don't faint for any reason."

"I skipped lunch and with all the events of the day I got sick," I offered.

"Why would you do something as ridiculous as skip lunch?" he asked.

"You sound like a mother," I remarked my thoughts out loud. My mother never did the concern thing. She didn't care what I did.

Did I mention Enki was prone to mood swings? He was, major ones even. So I should have probably stepped back then, but I didn't. Instead I found myself being picked up and carried out of the room into the kitchen—to privacy.

"What?" I asked innocently. I really didn't get why he was freaking out so much. He just liked teasing me that was the extent of our relationship.

"Charity," he said in exasperation. "Don't take this personal because I really don't even like you. Bob just asked me to keep an eye on you. If you are anorexic or something I need to know."

"ANOREXIC!" I shouted the word at the top of my lungs. I grabbed the skillet and thumped his butt with it. It wasn't that hard. People called me fat all the time. I was so tired. I thought maybe Enki was at least my friend, my ally against Bob. But no, he was the spy for the stepfather. The spy part ticked me off the most.

"Oh, jeez." I heard Jav muttered.

"WHY DON'T YOU BASH MY HEAD IN WHILE YOU ARE AT IT?" Enki yelled at me. He was mad.

"Get a life, jerk. I don't need you spying for Bob," I whispered. I had actually thought Enki was someone I could count on to be there for me if I was ever in trouble. Don't ask what gave me that impression, but I had it.

His look turned into something else when I sat the skillet down. I couldn't comprehend what it was. So I turned and walked out of the room. I remembered a time when I actually faced my fears and my enemies. I used to never take crap from anyone, but that had changed. I had all changed because of the events called my life. If I could get over one event in particular I would be better off.

Oberon's POV

It was stupid of us to bet over Ramman kissing Charity Logan. We had seen the girl in the trashcan and figured she was an unpopular girl. We had thought Ramman kissing her would be the thrill of her life. Now I realize it had been insulting and I wouldn't blame her if she sued us for sexual harassment.

The weirdest part is Charity didn't seem effected by the Ramman charm. No female had ever resisted our school's golden boy. He had been known to get anything out of anyone of the opposite sex.

Kelpy and I exchanged looks once again. I liked Charity. She was nice to me. Most pretty girls like her barely give me a second glance. She was a knock out. Her petite, slender, and lithe figure wasn't a bother to look at—not at all. She had long, shiny reddish gold blonde hair and uniquely gray eyes that reminded me of a wolf.

Brunette Hazel had pretty green eyes and a nice smile. She rose just three inches over Charity. She was slender and graceful. It wasn't a task to look at her either. I'm sure both of them have boyfriends.

If I had a date with either one of them I would probably be so nervous I would faint. Or sweat so much they would be completely grossed out by me.

Charity's house is huge. The den has a large, fancy entertainment center with all the bells and whistles. My thoughts were interrupted by Charity walking back into the room. "So tell me, darling, did you bash his brains in?" Davy asked.

"Not yet," she said with a sigh.

"We wanted a show," Jav remarked.

"Since when did I start appeasing everyone?" she asked. She must have not felt very good because an expression of pain came over her face.

"Are you okay?" Jav asked. She relaxed back in the couch and nodded as if she was fine. They started up a conversation about Davy and his band. Of course, I was the only one would caught who Ramman's glaze was resting on.

Can you guess who it was on?


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