Author's Note: Thanks to everyone who is reading

Author's Note: Thanks to everyone who is reading. Particularly to Hoodwynk, Fleeting Moment, and DaydreamingAnimalLover for reviewing the last chapter.

All I can say is "I'm sorry".

--exchanging karma--

Chapter Eleven: Angry Wishes

Charity's POV

Hazel hadn't been at school. People asked me if she was okay. They missed her loud mouth. I did, too. I didn't know what was up with her. Of course I was worried. She was still one of my best friends. I loved her even though she currently hated my guts.

Everyone kept waiting for the world to end. Our town looked as if it had been through a war. People were clearing out. Strong winds knocked objects down and sent papers scattering. The sky was blood red. All the insects had jumped ship.

Most days any students that bothered to show up were left to fend for themselves. We couldn't get subs and most of the teachers didn't show up. I couldn't blame them.

Jav called a meeting. He claimed the reason we had our powers was to save the town. I laughed at this little announcement. I mean, honestly. I still didn't believe the power thing. Maybe I would wake up and realize I was in the middle of one those lame ass nightmares. It would make more sense.

None of us really believed any of this junk. Except, maybe, Jav. He seemed to be really passionate about it. He was researching every little detail that was magick-related.

My mom and her new boy toy had run out of town. My mom would be back, eventually. I didn't really care. I had Davy. If all else failed I would just go live at his house or Jav's house.

Davy and I attended dance out of town. The town was so peaceful and unlike ours. It was weird. It reminded me of the time before my bad karma came. I craved that the trouble would just end. I wanted my old life back. Heck, I would even take the exchange students back if it meant this magick crap would disappear. Having abilities I knew little to nothing about was just not as fun as it seemed in the movies. I hated it!

I went to the bathroom, leaving Davy alone for a few moments. I messed with my makeup and felt like sobbing because Haz was made at me. I missed my friend. I longed for my school of kids that basically got along and liked me. They respected me as their ruler. In return, I was a kind ruler.

Maybe I could just erase the whole magick like the sorcerer had done when he messed with me. It seemed like he just had waved his hand it was all over. After I had gotten angry he had just surrendered. If I became angry enough maybe it would all just stop. A girl had to wish.

I walked out of the bathroom to be assaulted by the most horrid image I could ever come across. Hazel was in a midriff-showing shirt while rubbing up against my boyfriend. My boyfriend just was standing there, frozen with his mouth wide open.

I marched over. I saw orange, instead of red. I didn't do a dramatic pause and slap her. I plowed right into her with the force of a linebacker. We both ended up on the ground. "What are you thinking? Haz, you're not yourself. You know me! I would never steal Jav away from you. I've been trying to get you two idiots together since we were in diapers," I growled.

She just stared at me. For a second, her eyes gazed over. "I don't know what was up with me, Char. I don't even know what I'm doing here. I'm so sorry. Oh, gosh. I can't believe this. Davy, I'm sorry. I know you would never steal Jav away. He was never mine to begin with. Both of us have decided we're better off being friends," she blabbered.

"What the hell just happened?" Davy asked.

"Yes, please. Someone explain it to me," I muttered as I helped Haz up.

"I don't know!" Hazel cried. "Please, forgive me."

"Of course you're forgiven. This whole magick deal has made us all a bit crazy," I remarked distractedly as I looked around.

"Magick? What are you talking about?" Davy and Hazel gazed at me like I was insane.

I laughed. Maybe I should just get mad like that more often if it made wishes come true.


I moved in with Davy after my mom sold the house. Rosalie, Davy, and I all had our moments. Some days we hated each other. Some days it was wonderful. Jav and Hazel are getting along and have decided friendship is the best option.

My favorite exchange students are going to the same college as me next year. Oh, yay! At least Davy, Haz, and Jav are going with me. It should be fun. I just hope it's not high school all over again. Of course high school wasn't all that horrible for me.

Our town seemed to get back into a new routine. Some returned and some just avoided it all together. One day when using Jav's computer I saw some of the magick sites he had used were bookmarked. I deleted them and never brought them up. Avoidance seemed like the best policy.

I decided to avoid getting mad, unless it was an emergency. You know, like when a nail broke or something.


The karma seems to have vanished. I have no good or bad. It's more like good or bad luck. I haven't decided which one will be more. I guess I'll find out eventually.

Maybe the next chapter of my life will be titled "Exchanging Luck".

--exchanging karma--

Author's Note: I'm not impressed with myself. I'll be honest. They're some points I like. Others I don't. I really don't hate anything. I guess this just wasn't the story for me. I hope it gave you some laughs at least. You don't have to review and tell me how bad it is. I already know. I'm sorry if you don't like it. This story just had nowhere else to go.

I hope you all enjoyed it or at least survived it.