Let me just start off by saying; I don't know how to cook. And let it be known that I made my protest against cooking that night, but did they listen? Oh, why should they? I mean they are parents; parents know best right? Wrong. If it wasn't for them making me cook for my younger siblings none of this would have happened.

I wouldn't be standing outside right now with my little sister, Reese, and my little brother, Aiden. I wouldn't be looking at a house that is half way standing—oh, wait…Uh, not standing anymore. See! This is there fault!

Sirens started blaring in the distance and I knew that this was only going to be the beginning. The fire trucks got there and immediately started spraying the house down. Aiden loved it, while Reese wasn't exactly jumping for joy. No, she was on the verge of tears. Hey, I got them out didn't I? What more could I possibly do!

"Callie, look!" Aiden said to me and started pointed to the big latter that sat on top of the fire truck. "Can I climb it?" He asked now looking up at me.

Before I could answer my parents showed up. "Oh…My…God." My mother ladies and gentlemen.

"What happened?" My dad's voice startled me while he picked up Reese.

"Oh, we were just about to have a bonfire. I'm so glad you got here in time to join us!" I said with fake enthusiasm.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to speak to us like that?" My mom said. Leave it to her to still try and lay down the law with no house. Notice I said "try".

"What are you going to do? Ground me?" My dad shot me look that made me tone it down just a bit.

"Wow, Callie, I mean you really did burn down your house." Dun dun duuuuuun. Mr. Jackass himself. "I mean I was just joking when I said that earlier. You didn't have to prove anything to me." He said with that smug face.

"Jason, don't tease her. I'm sure she's really upset." His mother said.

I actually like his mom, way better than mine. At least his mom listens to him.

"Don't worry about it, Mike," Jason's dad, Kevin, said to my dad. "You can stay at our place till you get it re-built." My head immediately snapped to their conversation.

"No, we don't want to impose." My dad said and I just wanted to give him a nice big bear hug.

"Nonsense, our house is big enough; your family won't be in the way at all. Besides we've been best friends since high school I can't just leave you and your family like this. We insist." He said once his wife was standing right next to him.

I started praying. Yes, I did and I know I'm not a regular church going person, but I did. I didn't know what else to do. So, I prayed and a lot of good that did me.

"What do you think honey?" My dad asked my mom and I prayed harder. She nodded her head and my dad said, "Well I guess you have house guests now."

"What!" I practically yelled and noticed that I wasn't the only one that said it the exact same way. I turned my head to the right and glared daggers at Jason hopping that they would somehow shoot out of my eyes and pierce his whole body, but to no avail, of course.