Hey everyone! I'm sorry to anyone that was in the mist of reading My Wonderful Life, Beside Me, or Of Stolen Kisses and Sweetened Lies. I received a PM earlier today about LJ (LiveJournal) community that had a list of all the FP authors that had been plagiarized. I was stunned that someone even bothered trying to steal my story MWL. The date that they had done so was a while ago, but I planned on posting up the re-written version of it but now I don't want to. MWL was my first (finished) story ever and I was/am proud it, no matter the list of mistakes it had. To find out something like that- it was very hard to look at. So, I've taken down my stories and left the prologues and first chapters.

On a happier note I made a LJ account and joined a community for those who had been plagiarized. (BTW those of you that do write should go here: .com/fpwatchers even if you don't think anyone would steal your work. You'd be surprised.) If any of you have an LJ account, or are willing to make one, you can add me. I've made the link my homepage link at the top. Just comment to be added and I may be adding my newest writing on there, or the community I joined with several other FP writers.