tiled floors, a tilted world,
i'm dancing under a bleached sky
twirling on the parched grass hills,
arms spread eagle w i d e
laughing, shouting,
a rosy tanned face that tells a story of
black eyes that hide a past of sorrow, blight.


when you left me that night
someone turned off the light
i'm missing you in the darkness
feeling so unbearably helpless.

i won't forget the day
when i heard you say
i love you so much
to another girl, to another girl
you shattered my world.
it's still so unreal

i didn't understand you before, i gave you too many chances when i should've just closed the door
i was too soft, too shy
to tell you no,
to see the lies that you hide every night
i was too sweet, too kind
to refuse you those times when deep inside
i thought you were out of your mind
when i thought,
no that's wrong,
(that's dumb)
just stop but yet i still dropped to the floor to
beg and ask for more

well, the blood has been spilt
the tears have been shed, the cards
shuffled and dealt

the masked fortune teller with too much perfume and mascara
looks down at the scattered printed paper splayed out so unruly
on the wooden table and,
with a straight face,
a solemn expression,and
laughing eyes that fail to hide their
amusement and mock, she tells me in her
sinister, high pitched, mysterious voice,

girl, go do a quick, painless,