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Jonah and I went to the living room couch to enjoy the up and coming show. Sean was already on the couch, playing video games when we came and crashed next to him. Danny seemed to be out.

"Curse you, Kevin from Illinois, age 8!"

I quickly learned that Sean was an online gamer. He shouted things like that a lot.

Trent opened the grungy front door to reveal his date, who wore heels that clacked on the tile flooring loud enough for a deaf man in Maine to hear, and that was the first thing I noticed about her.

The second thing I noticed was that Kelsey was everything one would expect in a girl Trent would like: long legs, flat stomach, big breasted, and carried a huge sign across her face that said: "Please nail me." She wore a tight jean miniskirt, a low cut salmon top, and large teal beads that matched her earrings. I noticed she flaunted around a tiny Louis Vuitton bag as well. Her eyes were blue and very round, and her skin looked like she had spent a little too much time baking in the oven. If I knew nothing more about her, that would be enough for me to not like her. But adding to the fact that she was dating Trent while I was still single and silently admiring him from afar, I absolutely hated her guts already.

"Hey, baby!" Kelsey kissed Trent long and hard, making him smile. I grit my teeth. "Who's the girl?"

I was overjoyed at the fact that she would be jealous of me.

"Oh, that's Jonnie," Trent replied passively. "She's just staying here for a while. And that's my roommate Jonah."

I was now reduced to a piece of furniture in Trent's eyes. How nice.

"Jonnie's a boy's name," Kelsey chuckled as she took a seat on the couch.

And she wins the obvious award.

"Really?" I said snottily. "I didn't know that. I'll have to get my parent's to change it right away."

Trent cast me a murderous look of warning.

"Can they do that?" Kelsey asked with wonder. Sean snickered at this.

"Oh, yeah," Jonah confirmed. "If you happen to be famous."

Kelsey gasped and looked at me with a new light.

"Are you famous?! Have you like, been in a movie? Did you play a boy or a girl?"

"Okay!" Trent stood up quickly from his seat. "Time to go, Kels."

And he slammed the door behind himself, and was gone for the remainder of the night. Jonah, Sean and I burst out laughing and didn't stop for a good twenty minutes.

"Wow, that was great fun," I said for the umpteenth time. "I hope we didn't sprain her brain with all that thinking."

"Me either," Jonah agreed. "Want some tea?"


Jonah had a thing about tea. He had bought a pot specifically to make tea in. He didn't simply put a cup of water with a tea bag and nuke it in the micro- no, he had to heat the water on the stove, and use scooped tea and natural cane sugar. Jonah was serious about his tea. Except when he went out and ordered it at Starbucks.

It suited me fine, since I was one of the rare and odd few that didn't like the taste of coffee. Not to drink, to eat, or anything in-between. If it had even a hint of coffee in it, I would taste it. I was quite sensitive to coffee. Jonah drank coffee, but like I said: when at home, he had a thing about tea.

"Which one you want?" Jonah said, opening his shelf full of little tins of various teas that he got from God knows where. From where he sat at his computer, Sean flipped his hand like a gay man on TV.

"Oh, surprise me, honey; you know what I like."

Jonah seemed to have gone deaf to that, and didn't even wince in his gaze at me, anxiously awaiting my answer.

"Name them off," I chuckled.

"English Breakfast, Green Chai, Apple Cinnamon, Lemon Ginseng, Raspberry Black-"

"I'll take Apple Cinnamon."

"Should have known," Jonah said agreeably. "In the morning it's English, at night it's Apple Cinnamon, and everything in-between is straight-up black."

"Am I that flavor predictable?"

Jonah shrugged apologetically.

"Either that or I'm just incredibly observant."

"Let's go with that one. You should be a detective, Mr. Raines."

"I think I will," he said with a smiling nod. "Up for a movie?"

"If you let me pick."

"Star Wars!" Sean exclaimed, but he was outvoted quickly.

The boys didn't keep their movies on a shelf. Only ten or so DVD's were kept on an organized little shelf, which I assumed were Jonah's. All the other movies were either in a big cardboard box or on the floor. It took forever to get through them all.

"I wanted to watch Tim Burton," Jonah said. I was easily persuaded, but hazy on specifics.

"Edward Scissorhands."

"Nightmare Before Christmas."

We smiled at one another knowingly.

"Batman," we both agreed.

I was never one to watch a flick without microwave popcorn—my favorite snack food of all time. In those moments while I was waiting for the pops to come fewer and more far-between, Ryder came out from his rabbit-hole and into the living room, shoving his hands in his pockets as he observed Jonah put in the DVD, and Sean close up shop on his computer.

"'Sup, Ryder," Jonah nodded to him.

"Hey," Ryder replied quietly, as if bored with the conversation before they had even started one. He helped himself to a spot on the couch. I wondered if he knew what movie we were watching, or if he even cared. He probably wanted a break from the isolation he put himself through in his room, is what I figured.

I examined Ryder slouching on the couch. Ryder's blonde hair was pin straight and just long enough to hang in his pale blue eyes. It reminded me of Draco Malfoy in those Harry Potter movies. He wore a loose black muscle shirt and gray jeans, and a pair of black Chucks that had seen better days. He had a few tattoos: a few words of scratchy gothic lettering on his shoulder, a few tribal bands around his biceps, and some symbols on his forearms I didn't recognize. Some silver earrings decorated the tops of his ears. He also sported a pair of sleeve extenders, but since he wore no sleeves, only served to give him the biker-gloved look. He was very handsome, but in a creepy, angry sort of way. But he seemed a little too badass to strike my fancy. Not to mention my dad would viciously MURDER me if I ever brought a man like Ryder into his house. Ryder's permanent expression of suspicion made me assume he was a man with baggage, some dark history, or maybe just liked to disobey rules. And I was a girl who was all about the rules. Rules were good.

"You coming, Jonnie?" Jonah called me as the theme music for Batman's menu screen played over again for the third time. I grabbed my bowl of popcorn and my favorite maroon cup that I had purchased from Starbucks for my father, but had liked so much I had kept it for myself. I took a seat in-between Jonah and Ryder, while Sean grabbed an armchair. Several hands jumped into my popcorn bowl at once. All except Ryder's, which sat upon his lap motionless. I noticed that his hands were calloused and scarred, with very long and bony fingers that had curious little black strings tied around each of them. As the credits sang out from the TV, and Batman's signal swept across the sky, my mouth asked Ryder about those strings before I could stop it.

"So, are you just extremely forgetful, or what?"

I pointed at the strings on Ryder's fingers just to be sure he knew what I was speaking of. He admired them for a moment with a stoic expression, fanning out his fingers to boast them.

"Kind of the opposite, actually," he muttered, in such a voice that made me wonder if I was even supposed to hear it. But either way, I did hear it, and it struck me as a deep thing to say. I envied him for thinking it up first.

Jonah hushed me as the exciting part of the movie began. He leaned his head on my shoulder and I slumped lower to accommodate his head. Jonah's hair smelled nice. He had softer hair than I ever could attain, even though he used generic conditioners. There had been a time when I was allowed to run my fingers through it. I wouldn't dare now. I didn't want him to get the wrong idea about me. Our relationship was still going through the early stages of close friendship without the hint of romance. It was hard for me, seeing as I still kind of thought of Jonah as perfect boyfriend material. I was still forcing myself to accept he didn't feel for me that way; that we were just friends. I think Jonah sensed my thoughts, because he lifted his head up off my shoulder after a minute or two, and acted like I wasn't looking right at him. That was a major thing with me, maybe the only thing I didn't like about him. He refused to look at me. I used to have a boyfriend that would stare at me for hours on end. It made me giddy inside. Jonah barely even looked at me when he was talking to me. It was like, no matter what I did, I didn't have his attention. It was true in more ways than one, I guess.

Sean was perfectly happy in his armchair, and then was perfectly happy migrating to the floor, hugging a pillow all the while. Sean seemed a cheerful but immature fellow, like a nine-year-old in a nineteen-year-old body. He was a bit heavy around the middle, and wore shirts that may have fit him once upon a time, with loose fitting jeans. His black, spiky hair looked untamable. He also had thick square glasses that I rarely saw him without. I glared at him for grabbing fistfuls of my golden popcorn while I enjoyed them one by one. I hated when people did that.

After the movie was over we all went to bed, each to their respective rooms. By then the redhead drama king known as Danny had gotten off work and made himself a sandwich in the kitchen, then stopped for a moment in the doorway to my room as I fitted the sheets on my mattress.

"Still here, huh?" Danny shot harshly, definitely not sounding pleased. He had probably been hoping I had been a figment of his imagination. He then continued on to his room without another word.

That boy sure knew how to make a gal feel welcome.

I heart you all.