A/N: I got back into the mood to write again. I'm sorry for those who read "Dark Secret" I just lost will to contiuned it. Hopefully it will came back to me. But I am proud that I got the will to do this story, its a great story, but the first chapter kind of sucks but it will get a whole lot better.

Chapter 1: The Plan

It was a cold winters night, I just laid on my four poster bed staring at my room. Nothing special to it, the walls were painted dark purple with a black trim; there was lyrics from my favorite songs that held great meaning to them written on my walls in a silver paint. To the right of my, if you were walking in lead to my little closet. And to the left of my door was an old solid oak vanity with a huge mirror with make-up, hair supplies, jewelry that I never wear, and pictures of my friends and family. And opposite of my bed was my dresser with my little TV on it; I know why have a dresser when you have a closet? Well because the closet is more for my shirts, skirts, and sweatshirts. While my dresser is more for my pants, underwear, socks, Pj's, and shorts. But the best part of the room was my window. Yes, my window, it was a bay window if you don't know what that is I'm sorry.

Oh, how I love to sit there at night just looking at the stars and the moon. Always day dreaming about anything and everything. I usually sit there after getting back from one of those family get together. Don't get me wrong I love my family to death, but sometimes I feel as if I'm the joke, the black sheep, the slacker, the one that everyone finds something wrong with. But its only a couple of people that make me feel this way and the sad part is that my dad does nothing to stop them from making me feel depress. Every time they do this, I soon find myself wanting to be alone, I want to crawl into my fetal position and just die. My family has never made me feel this way, that was until we lost the most important people in are lives.

Their deaths have sent this family through an emotional roller coaster. First it was my grandmother, she was the strong one in the family, she was also the only one in the family that made me feel regret. Then a year and eight days later, we lost my aunt. Who was also my godmother, and she seem to take my grandmothers place when she died. But both left me, left me here all alone, sad and depress. Since there deaths I haven't been able to stand church; it stood for everything I hated. My other grandma, made me go every Saturday evening, but all I would do is sit there think about is there really a god? Is there even a Heaven? is there even a Hell? Well one thing is for sure if there is a Heaven and there is a Hell. I'm sure as hell I'm not going to heave.

"I hate the month of February!" I quietly yelled at my ceiling. "Nothing but bad things happen in February. First I have to go to my grandmother funeral in this God forsaken month. But then you take my aunt and make me go to another funeral!"

Once I got that out of the way, I slowly walked over to my vanity. I looked into the mirror and took a good look at myself. My long dark brown hair layed layered on my shoulders, shining in the moon light that was coming in from my window. I had brown eyes that I've been told were really pretty. My lips were nice, my bottom one was fuller, plumper, while my upper one was smaller thinner then my bottom one. The one thing I didn't like about my face was those damn freckles on my nose. They made me look so like a little kid. They even show through my nice tan body, which wasn't to tan like I went to the tanning booth. No my tan was a natural tan, as far back as I can remember I was always tan. My body I guess was nice, I had an athletic body with curves in the right places. But I have a big butt, according to my younger sister 'I put the Ass in massive', But I don't think its really that big.

As I stared at my body a voice came from the hall, "Mary, dinner is ready" my grandmother Cook called.

I let out a soft sigh before answering, "I'll be there in a second." I heard her foot steps leaving the hall way towards the kitchen. I've been living with my grandma for about two years. I know what your think, 'I thought that her grandmother died' well she did. The grandmother I'm living with is my mother's mom. The one who died was my dad's mom, see. Now like I was saying, my younger sister and I moved in with my grandmother when are mom decided to move with this guy she like. My mother took my younger half sisters and half brother, while me and my sister want to stay here with are friends and family. I moved in half way through my junior year of high school and I'm still here even after three years.

We have a routine around here, When I was in school it was: get home do home work, eat a small snack, watch some TV, or go on the internet, then eat dinner, watch a little more TV, and finally it was bed time. But now that routine only applies for my sister, as for me its now this: wake up, take shower, get dressed up, try and find a job, then come home fill out applications, then watch some TV, oh, ya and sometimes I would eat a snack now and then, but any ways, go on the computer, then I would go to my room think, draw, listen to my music, and then I would get the call to come to dinner. Then I would eat dinner, watch TV after dinner, go on the computer some more, and then finally going to sleep.

But tonight was going to be different then usual, instead of going to sleep, I was planning on running away. Why you may ask? Well, I can't stand most of my family they make me feel well you know, I already told you. My grandma makes me so mad sometimes. She wants me to hang around my younger cousin, who is rude, mean, way to sarcastic, and she kind of smells. I know that's a mean thing to say about my cousin. But the fact is that she does smell, really bad. She looks like she doesn't wash her hair, and to make matters worst she doesn't put on deodorant.

And my grandmother gets mad when my other cousin and I hang out together without my cousin Megan, the one who smells. But its not my fault, I like hanging out with my cousin Alyssa more, she's only three years younger then me, as were Megan is five years younger then me. Just thinking about her makes me mad. Megan get everything she fucking wants, and I mean very thing.

"Mary, Grandma wants you to hurry up" the voice of Megan's yelled through my door.

I clutch my fist into a tight ball, to let out my anger. "I'll be there in a minute" I yelled through my door. Once I heard her fat feet walk way from my door, I slowly turned the door knob. 'God damn it! Why did Grandma have to invite Megan over for dinner!' I thought loudly to myself as I made my way towards the dinning room for dinner.