"I signed you up, Niki! Two weeks from now! You are gonna be a star!" I said to Monica.

"We're not sure yet, but I'll try my best." Monica said.

Since her party, Monica and Tom have become really close. The Marcus thing was never spoken of again and I can safely say that it's been forgotten, I think. It was lunch time at school and Monica and I sat at our usual table.

"So Haley, Tom and I were thinking about a triple date tomorrow night; you know, the two of us, you and Geoff, and Josh with whomever. Josh already said yes."

"And you asked HIM first? How could you? And besides, say that I'm even gonna consider your sneaky little plan, and I'm not saying that I am, how am I supposed to ask Geoff out? That would be really embarrassing."

"Sneaky? Ouch! You got me right here Hales!" She pointed to her chest, "You don't need to worry about Geoff; he's all psyched about it! You know what would be even MORE embarrassing? If you turned him down…"

"Okay, sneaky doesn't even begin to describe you. I dunno, Nic..."

"Oh, c'mon! Don't be such a killjoy! You've already gone out with him once!"

"Yes! At a time we both would never want to recall again!"

"Past is past Haley! And besides, we don't get to sneak up on Joshy Woshy very often do we? I wanna see how he rolls! Ha Ha Ha!"

"Hmm, it's tempting…"

"Great!" She cut in, "Then it's all set! Tomorrow. Coliseum Theater. Six o'clock sharp. Ooh, I'm so exited!"

It's good to see Monica be herself again. It's a surprise she got over it so quickly, but in a good way. Tom has been so sweet to her; I'm suspecting he's the reason she recovered so fast. Ooh, another scoop.

"Hey guys!"

We both turned our heads. It was Angie Spencer, the tallest girl in our class, and really pretty, too, but a bit loco. She has been dubbed 'Gossip Girl' a lot of times since, obviously from the nick name itself, she knows all the latest gossips.

"I heard that you and Geoff have been dating, Hales. Is that true?"

"Well. I would say that exactly true..."

"Mmm-hmm…Well, have I got some juicy stuff for you. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there's really something suspicious about Geoff."

"Really. And what might that be?"

Angie can be really odd while giving out gossip. She tends to overanalyze things, which is why she is also dubbed the 'Primary Source of Rubbish' in our school. But she's also right on a 50-50 basis. Believing her is a risk itself.

"I've heard that he's bad news. Sources tell me that they saw him being thrown out of an attorney's office. He's also been working a lot of jobs when his car is brand new and expensive. Where could he have gotten it? Strange, huh? He lives alone, too. It doesn't look too good from there, people are talking, Haley. I think it would be better for you to keep your distance."

"I think that he lives with his sister Angie, I saw them shopping together the other day."

"I don't think so. Geoff told me before that he was picking his sister up from the airport because she was visiting him. He lives alone. And I heard it's in some cheap apartment downtown."

This is way too much. Why are they so interested in Geoff anyway? Poor guy, being backstabbed by his so-called friend Angie. What did he ever do to you, huh?

"Angie, I think that's enough. I don't wanna hear it anymore. I'm not even dating Geoff."

"Ok. Suit yourself. But remember, I'm always watching…"

She went off like some kind of super spy freak in a movie.

"Don't believe her Hales." Monica said, "Half the stuff she's got is just whack."

"I know, but the other half of the stuff she says is 100 true. I don't think that Geoff's a bad guy anyhow. Her picking on him is just nasty, you know."

"I bet she was stalking him just to get this scoop. I don't get it; she doesn't even get paid for doing what she does. C'mon, we're gonna be late."

By the time our Geometry test started, I forgot all about what Angie said. Then I started freaking out because I didn't get to study at lunch because of stupid Angie. What a waste of my precious time. I saw her happily answering away three rows away from me. Stupid Angie.

I barely got through the test, but at least I finished it. Josh and Monica were waiting for me at the statue after the rest of our classes were over.

"I can't believe we're actually going to meet Josh's girlfriend. What was her name again?" I asked.

"Kirsten. She studies at St. Cecilia Academy."

"Ooh, that's not too far away. Why don't you two meet very often?"

"It never came up, I guess. But I'm really exited to see her again."

"Good for you. Oh, here's my stop. Bye guys!" I waved.

Saturday: Ballet Rehearsals, Date.

"Haley, get up! You're gonna be late for your rehearsals again!"

"Wait, mom! I don't wanna see Desiree again!" I grunted, still half asleep.

"Haley, if you don't get up at once I am throwing away this whole plate of bacon, and this egg!"

Something triggered in my brain.

"Okay okay, I'm up!"

What can I say? I need my bacon and eggs. I only get it twice a week, whenever Mom has the day off.

I looked at the clock. 7 am. Something triggered in my brain for the second time. I ran down the stairs and practically swallowed my breakfast. I showered a bit and got dressed. By 7:30 I was ready.

Beat that, Wonder Woman.

Rehearsals started at 8 and I got in just in time.

"Oh great, Haley! You're just in time! You must have been running fast, you look awful." Desiree started.

"Yeah! It's from all that protein from my bacon and eggs breakfast!" Screw you, with your whole grain and wheat bread.

Desiree looked away, as if disgusted.

"Hey Em, can I borrow your…"

"All right, everyone. Let's all start stretching…" Tina called out.

"Never mind."

"Oh, and guys" Tina continued, "Harry's absent today, so I asked someone else to step in. He's gonna help you perfect your moves. Everyone, this is Geoff!"

Geoff—it must be a common name.

I tried to look up from tying my shoes as slowly as I could. OH MY GOSH. It was him. I must be dreaming.

"Em, pinch me."

That, she did.


Oh my god!! It's real!! He's coming this way. Don't…don't…

"Hey, Taylor, didn't expect to see you in this class." He sounded shy, almost embarrassed.

"Uhmm…yeah, rehearsals start a bit earlier."

"Well, then. We better get you stretching."

"What are you doing here, Geoff?"

"Well, I…"

"Hey there! I need some help stretching. Can you? Please. I'm Desiree by the way. But you can call me Des." Desiree cut in.

"Uhh…sure! You don't mind, Tay?"

"Not really, go help her."

Geoff was dragged by her to the far end of the room. She looked at my direction, had a big grin on her big annoying face, looking almost triumphant. I hate her sooo much. Tree-girl.

"You okay, Hales?" Emma asked.

"Yeah, yeah, no big deal. He's just a guy I know from school."

I feel like everything's beginning to unfold. The world is about to end. I can't believe this.

Then, Tina started the count for warm-ups.

"One, two, three, and four…"

The next time I was able to talk to Geoff was after the rehearsals. Desiree hogged him from every one of the other hopeful girls who also had crushes on Geoff. Why do I suddenly feel so protective over him?

"See ya around, Geoff!! Bye!" went Desiree. It almost sounded like a command.

"Hey, Taylor! We weren't finished talking, right?"

"No, it's okay. I was just wondering what you were doing here. I'm in awe."


"I don't know."

"Well, I'm here because my mom sent me here. She wants me to help out a little. Lady Florette and my family go way back. I also teach Modern Dance to kids here. I was about to get to class when you saw me the other day. It's a little embarrassing, really."

"I'm sorry if I looked so shocked. But you should know that I'm speechless right now."

"Well, you don't have to be speechless anymore. I just stepped in for Harry. He's got a bad case of the flu. He'll be back by next week though, no doubt."

"Oh, that's good to hear. Listen, I'm sorry, but I gotta go, okay? I've got homework."

"Oh, yeah sure. Wait, we're still on for tonight right?"

"Yeah, of course."

"Great. I'll pick you up seven-thirty. See ya! Oh, and would you please keep this our little secret for me? It's a tad embarrassing. Thanks!"

I nodded and he was off.

W-O-W. Geoff knows Madame Florette. He teaches Modern Dance to kids. He knows the right positions for ballet. He helped Desiree. And I can't even share this to anyone? Everything's still registering in my mind. I hope the date later would be less awkward though…at least it's a triple date!