One two, one two, my feet drag against the pavement. I want you to tie my laces to the ground, bend my fingers backwards so I know how to feel.

Instead I walk, clich├ęs tumble from my lips you laugh, stu.t.ter and agree, slipping your hand in mine.

The air is thick with confusion and the chance of rain, street lights hide my shadow but I know its still there

I cant escape it.

My breath catches in my throat, time stops for a second and then I feel the rain on my shoulders. It s t r e a m s down my face and slides of your shoes washing away any possibility of a fairytale.

Consciousness hits me but it doesn't stop my feet from moving closer and your fingers tracing the edges of my mouth.

You smell like heartache and taste like revolutions

(Kissing you is like poetry and paperc.u.t.s)