do you really think that
you have some
inalienable right
to my friendship?
it's shallow, I know,
but I really do believe
that looks are important.
I am not ashamed
to admit it.
I think there is
something to be said
about 'natural selection'
and 'survival of the fittest'.
you may have
the most charming
personality in the world,
but that is not
enough for me.
so I am greedy, too.
I am sick of men
who think so highly
of themselves, but
are terrified of
talking to a girl
in person.
grow a backbone,
have some courage,
get some balls, damn it.
stop staring at my
picture on the internet
and try saying hello
to the girl
in the apartment next door.
maybe she's
lonely too.

TMK 10aug2007