Hi All! This poem (I know another depressing one) sighs was written when i was watching a movie a while ago, so yeah, it's about a friend fighting and losing her best friend in a war with this guy. She ends up wining, but what happened to her friend...?. Please R&R very much appreciated!

I wanted to reach your hand,

I wanted to see you smile again,

But Instead I saw a tear,

Of your dieing fear,

I wanted to run to your side,

I didn't want you to be left behind,

But as I turned to fight,

I heard you scream in fright,

I looked to see you fall,

I gave it my all,

To try and reach you in time,

But my all was no good,

I looked at "him"

All tall and slim,

He gave me a heartless grin,

I just chucked my sword at his heart,

I saw it pierce though his pale skin,

I ran up to my dear friend,

I cried knowing it was the end,

I said my final goodbye,

Her eyes resembled death,

I took one last glance then left.