Chapter 4

Daniel felt rather stupid now.

His finger traced the faded golden title with a fondness he had acquired through time. Pushing his blond hair out of his eyes he stood up, and picked his way through the pokey flat he called his own. He made his way to the fridge.

The girl – Alice if he remembered her name correctly – had read the Book. It had taken him until he was in the house to realise that not only had she recognised its existence, but she had also read it. Not even he had done that.

Now he had no leads on where to find her. After all the years he had spent searching for her, he had wasted them by stomping off in a fit of anger at her ignorance. Of course she was going to be concerned about it; even Daniel was concerned about the book having details of her in it.

"Damn it woman. Why couldn't you have made this easier for me?" He growled; his words meant for another dimension.

The milk in the fridge was off. He cursed and binned it. It was late, and the local shops had closed for the night. The day -or night as it now seemed - wasn't going very well for him as a whole.

'Tomorrow would be a better day', he hoped, whilst turning the tap on and waiting for it to cool down enough to drink. Perhaps he would see her again and then he could explain to her everything.

But then again; what if he didn't?

Daniel once again cursed under his breath, and let his hands push his hair out of his face with a hint of irritation. It needed cutting; he just didn't have the time or money to get it done. Or at least, he had the time, but, didn't trust himself with scissors. Despite his dismissal for the people around him, he was still vain enough to care about his hair.

There was a knock at the door and Daniel looked up before choosing to then ignore it. Another knock and he rolled his eyes before moving out of the kitchen and back to the faded leather book. His hand traced the faded gold lettering once again, yet his thoughts were not allowed to wander as the knocking kept jolting him back into reality.

"Oh bloody hell." He cursed. Finally standing up, he moved towards the door and winced as he knocked over a pile of books with his leg. The sound was incredible considering it was only paper. Daniel tactfully ignored it as he hobbled over to the door – his leg throbbing from the contact of heavy books at a force.

Finally reaching the door, Daniel opened it. Outside, a child held up a piece of paper. It – the child did not appear to have a gender – smiled and pushed the paper into his hand. The paper itself had an address on it, despite it being a little smudged.

"Agatha says you should go there on Monday. She'll be sitting with a group of people, but you should go and talk to her."

Daniel looked up, staring for a moment at the small child in incredulous wonder. "She's alive?" The child shook its head.

"No, but this was already written."

He frowned and nodded. It was not the first time in his relatively short life that Daniel questioned how she managed to have such an influence in his life. All she ever seemed to do all day was sit around and write or read in the leather bound book.

Now ignoring the child, Daniel shut the door and pinned the address to the wall without another thought about it. He picked up the Book and let his finger trace the spine of it, it was interesting that after all the things that girl – Alice or whatever her name was – had said, he still had no real curiosity about it. It was rather odd.

A few hours later, Daniel was looking up the smudged address that he had been given. Now wondering how on earth he was going to introduce himself to her without scaring her off. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, it had been relatively easy to sit down and search for the school she belonged to on a mapping site and get directions to it.

Doubting thoughts had now begun to whisper in his ears that it wouldn't work. That it would be better for him to just wait at the school gates and drag her back to his house and explain everything there. Fortunately, his common sense had made him realise that in no way was it even a viable option.

"I'd get a restraining order faster than that book would anyway." He said aloud in a dry tone, remembering the first conversation he had with her. "Stupid girl."