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Oh and poor Lorenzo, he has too much pride…


Lorenzo sighed, resting his head on the window next to his fireplace. He was bored. He could admit that. It just wasn't the way he wanted to spend the last few hours of his life. He needed drama; he needed tears and blood, he needed-

"HEY! LORENZO-shit, dude, what was my line again?" Lorenzo glanced down from his windowpane to see Odie and Benny positioned in front of the church.

Lorenzo smiled, amused. This was just begging for some torture. "…Pitiful…" He murmured, but his eyes still watched.

Benny whispered into Odie's ear, and Odie glared back up at Lorenzo determined. "HEY, AH, LORENZO! I'm GONNA TAKE A LEAK ON THIS CHURCH! COME AND GET ME! NANANANA!"

As Odie moved forward as though he were going to carry it out, Lorenzo turned red a little. "…How immature…" He kept his eyes glued to the kids down below.

As Odie and Benny backed off, Mouse and Tad stepped forward. Tad showed no expression, but Lorenzo could sense some fear in this one human. Mouse showed it through his face as well.

"Hey, Tad!" Mouse called nervously, making sure it was loud enough for Lorenzo to hear.

"Yeah?" Tad's voice shook.

"This is one huge church! Do ya think Lorenzo is compensating for something?"

Lorenzo blushed furiously. "Now, I'm mad…"

Down below, the kids got into their positions in order to act a new plan formulated by Benny, Tad, and Odie. So you know it had to be dangerous.

Suddenly, the wind swirled dangerously around them and dust kicked up into their eyes. When they wiped it from their faces, they saw Lorenzo standing before them.

"I was going to let this go, but such insults should never go unpunished. You brats had your chance."

From inside the church, Lucretia bent her head up. "Lorenzo's gone." Sweeping an unwilling Errie into her arms, she listened at the church door.

She had a plan too, but only if Errie would cooperate. Not to mention, she had to buy more time somehow. "Will you be quiet?" Lucretia lifted Errie as though to throw him across the room. Errie hushed down.

"Thank you, now listen! I have a plan, but unfortunately it involves your friends…"

Meanwhile, the group outside couldn't help but to smile at Lorenzo's threat. Making sure that Celeste, Tad, Mouse, and Zachary had covered the church's door.

Odie smirked. "Actually, Lorenzo, we still have a chance."

Benny nodded. "You see, grim reaper, you're outside your little safe house now."

Lorenzo's face turned white as he looked around him. "You mean?" He squealed, getting the picture.

"Are you so blinded by your pride that would risk turning yourself into mere mortal?" Celeste stood behind him, her arms crossed. She wasn't going to let him get away with murdering the Doctor.

"So now you're just like us. No powers or anything," added Zachary.

"B-but how did you know?" Lorenzo looked at them in utter disbelief.

Tad stepped forward. 'You killed the Doctor in hopes that he wouldn't us your weakness."

"But," said Mouse, "it all changes when someone like Tad here has a near-death experience. Then the dead always have a say in what we do."

"…." Lorenzo was speechless. He bent his head, staring dumbfounded at the ground.

"So," said Odie. "Why don't you just give up and make all so much easier on yourself?"

"….HAHAHA!" Lorenzo suddenly bursted out laughing, barely able to contain it all. Odie, backed away, surprised.

"That doesn't sound like a surrender to me," said Odie, chilled to the bone.

Lorenzo stopped and glared at Odie with his head turned to the side. "You're fun, kids! Haha!" The church doors flew open from behind him, revealing Errie and Lucretia's hiding place. "Very well played, but how about this?"

He calmly walked over to Lucretia and tried to snag Errie out of her hands. "Sorry," he said, punching her in the gut. Lucretia bent over, coughing and dropped Errie. Now he was in Lorenzo's hands.

Lucretia, sputtering, gasped, "You knew he was-"

Lorenzo smiled bitterly. "Oh, it hurts me that you kids would underestimate me so. Shame on all of you." He gave a tiny chuckle. "I'm a lost cause, of course. It's no secret. Still, I can always have fun with some stupid mortals before I die."

No one dared to make a move. "A cat?" Benny cried, uncertain why Odie had froze. "What's wrong?"

Odie had serious look on his face. He scanned the cat from head to toe and then he saw it. Dark eyes, very much like his. "No, it's-it's-

Lucretia had managed to regain composure. "Errie." She managed to spit out.

Lorenzo, ignoring Lucretia, held the cat in front of Odie's face. "How about it Odie? I'll kill Errie here and now, and in turn, you'll kill me. It's a simple trade, isn't it?"

Odie said nothing, but he kept his eyes on Errie's small wriggling form. "…."

"But wait!" Lorenzo continued. "Why don't we negotiate? I'll let young Errie go, but I want your soul instead! It's your choice, Odie."

"GO AHEAD AND KILL HIM!" Everyone gasped at Odie's quick and irrational choice.

"WHAT?" Cried everyone in turn.

Lorenzo's expression remained amused. "Oh, you sure?" he teased.

"Yeah," said Odie in a hoarse voice. "You can have Lucretia and Izzy if you want too."

Lucretia glanced at Odie in disappointment. Even she had shown her true feelings for her so –called friends, but Odie still wouldn't crack, not even after finding his long lost cousin. "Odie…" She muttered in slight fury.

Lorenzo paused as though he were trying to think about it. "Well, it's a nice bargain, but-

He didn't finish. Odie, in the blink of an eye, darted up to Lorenzo. Swinging his fist back, he punched Lorenzo in the face. Lorenzo, taken aback from the shock, fell back. Errie went flying. Odie jumped to grab at him.

Errie never fell down to the ground. Everything swirled and the scene went black. All he could remember was his friends running towards Lorenzo, Odie, and him, trying to grab at someone else.

"Huh?" he heard Odie.

"What the?" Lucretia.

"Not this!" Lorenzo.


"Ungh," Errie awoke in a strange place. It was quiet. Peaceful, almost. Grassy fields covered the area and beautiful trees were everywhere to be seen. "Where am I?"

Then he noticed something different. "Hey! I'm human!" He felt his clothes and his body just to make sure.

Then, there was a voice behind him. "Of course you are. Pfff…." He turned to see Lorenzo, relaxed against an oak tree, eating an apple. He stared at Errie with a glint of anger and guilt.

Immediately, Errie cowered. "Hey! Stay away from me, you freak! You tried to kill me!"

Lorenzo rolled his eyes and took another bite from his apple. "Yeah. And?" He gestured with his hands, trying to pull more from Errie.

"You tried to kill me." Errie repeated angrily.

"Shut up," said Lorenzo stubbornly. "Besides this is all Odie's fault! If he hadn't grabbed at your soul, we wouldn't be here!"

"What do you mean?" Errie forgot his anger for a moment.

"After Odie punched me he grabbed you and in the hype of the moment, the rest of your bratty friends grabbed at you and me too. It set off a chain reaction between their souls as well and so now we are stuck in each other's souls."

"But why?" Errie asked, trying to soak it all in. "Why can't they just let us out of their souls?"

Lorenzo sighed. "Usually, we'd be out of this mess by now, but your friends are special. They want to tell us something."

Tell us something…" Errie pondered.

"And judging by that over there-" Errie looked to were he pointed and saw a large coffin in the middle of the plains appear-"Odie's soul is first."


"Indeed," said Lorenzo, strolling to the coffin. "well, let's see what the problem is…oh, that typical. A funeral is being prepared. The one thing that bothers Odie is his death."

What's wrong with that?" asked Errie indignantly.

Lorenzo laughed. "Oooh, a little defiant, aren't we, Errie? Just like your cousin. There's nothing wrong with it, of course." His face twisted into distaste. "Odie's just whining about the fact that he thinks that no one cared that he died."

Just as Lorenzo had finished, a scream echoed out through the area. "NO ONE DOES CARE!"

Odie appeared before the two, hovering in the air. His eyes were dark and he looked tired and disturbed.


Lorenzo, not surprised, folded his arms. "There you are. Why are you hiding in your own soul?" Despite how cruel Lorenzo sounded, Errie thought he heard a little pity in his tone.

Odie sat on his coffin and frowned. "You're death, right? So you out of all people should understand me. No one else in my actual life cared that I was murdered! Even my own mother forgot…"

"Again, you're whining," said Lorenzo insultingly.

"Oh yeah?" Odie challenged. "Name one person from my past life that cared for me."

Lorenzo smiled. Errie was surprised. Lorenzo's smile was warm and understanding rather than torturing amusement. Lorenzo floated above Odie and pointed. "Well, from the looks of your gravestone over there, I'd say young Errie cares."

Odie and Errie glanced over at a small, barely noticeable grave marker where a young dark-haired boy was bent down at it. The boy held a heavy book in his hands.

"…I don't really know what to say, but here," he said, putting the book down on the grave. "I brought this for you. Remember? You got this for me for Christmas, but I kind of think you need it more than I do. Here." After a closer look, Odie could see it was a bible.

Lorenzo watched the younger version of Errie disappear from Odie's soul with a look of satisfaction. Putting a hand on Odie's shoulder, he said, "People forget, but they don't really forget if you know what I mean. Somehow we always find away back to each other. In life or," He glared Odie in the eyes, "in death."

"Like how Lucretia and I found each other. It's the same for you in Errie."

Odie snapped his hand of his shoulder. "What is it with you? You're not that important, you know!"

Lorenzo chuckled. "No, I'm not. Just more so than I'd like to be anyways."

"Whatever-hey!" Odie cried. "You guys are fading awa-

Everything turned back once more.


And now, a word from the characters.

Odie: So, uh, NeededSoul, have you thought about the death idea I gave you for Lorenzo?

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Odie: That's the one!

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Odie…..I'll be good.

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Lorenzo: Oh, please. Get over yourself.

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