Hey. Well, you might know my style of writing from Sweet Sixteen, which I also wrote. Anyway, if you have read Sweet Sixteen, you'll know that all my first chapters are short and that the chapters get longer. Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!


Chayanne huddled in the cave, the wind howling in her ears. She drew her legs into her chest and wrapped her trembling arms around them, burrowing her face into her knees in an attempt to keep out the cold clutching at her body. Her thin black hair whipped around her in the furious wind that battered unmercifully at her body.

She squeezed her eyes shut, wishing she had never run away from home and for such a stupid reason. A single tear leaked out from beneath her eyelid and crept down her cheek. A sob wracked her body and she began to weep for her own foolishness.

How could she let such a stupid fight get to her like this? She had always been strong… composed. She had never broken down like she had only half an hour before.

And now she may never see him again. The one she loved to hate and hated to love. The one who had come charging into her life so unexpectedly and had caused her so much heartache, yet claimed her love in return.

How could she fight with him a mere hour before he left town forever? She couldn't even bear to think about it. Now she couldn't get to him even if she wanted to. Not with this cyclone raging around her.

Chayanne's heart began to thump harder in her chest and she was overcome with a fresh wave of emotion at the thought of him.

Tyler James.

The name itself brought new tears to her green eyes. She remembered when she had first heard it and the anger it had brought to her heart. Oh, how her feelings had changed… and it had all started when she had first moved to Freeman Beach.

Chayanne's mind began to slip back to that moment. A happier time, a normal time; when her biggest worry was moving to a new city.

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