Chayanne didn't know what to do. Different thoughts and emotions were flying through her mind.

Tyler was leaving and there was nothing she could do to stop that. But did she forgive him or did she instead let him leave forever without another word?

These thoughts haunted her dreams that night.

The next morning when she woke up her first thought was of Tyler. But she was still confused. So she decided to go to the only place where she could think properly: the cave.

The wind of the approaching cyclone whipped at Chayanne as she made her way across the beach toward the cliff face ahead. She knew what she was doing would be thought crazy in most people's eyes but she didn't care. She wasn't thinking straight anyway.

Forgetting her fear of heights, Chayanne climbed the cliff face with surprising speed. Halfway up, however, the rain began to pour down at her and the wind picked up faster than ever.

Chayanne steadied herself on the rock and slowly climbed the remainder of the cliff. She tumbled onto the piece of flat, jutting rock and crawled into the cave, anxious for shelter against the battering wind and pouring rain.

Tears began to pour down her face as she realised what she had gotten herself into. Now even if she wanted to go back to Tyler, she couldn't. He would be gone by the time she got back.

As she huddled in the back of the cave, her face burrowed into her knees, she thought about Tyler and what he meant to her. How she had felt about him at first and how much things had changed.

It was at that moment that she realised that she had always loved him, and always would. And she realised how much he loved her and always had.

No matter how much heartache Tyler had put her through, Chayanne knew that nothing he did could ever really be bad enough to kill the fierce love she held in her heart for him. She also knew that she had done enough bad things to him and made enough bad decisions that it was clear proof that he loved her back just as completely.

Chayanne raised her head slowly, her eyes narrowed against the howling wind. She had to get to Tyler.

She began to crawl slowly out of the cave, steeling herself against the wind that battered against her body and the sheets of icy rain that soaked her through to the bone.

With a thumping heart, Chayanne slowly lowered herself over the side of the cliff. Just as she did, an extra-strong burst of wind pushed at her, throwing her into the rock and causing her to hit her head.

Struggling to keep conscious, Chayanne clung to the rock and waited for the wind to settle down slightly before beginning to descend the cliff face. Now it wasn't just a matter of her love for Tyler, it was a battle for survival. There was no going back.

As she made her way down the cliff, her path hindered by the wind and rain, all the moments she had shared with Tyler seemed to flash in front of her eyes, giving her the strength she needed to get down the remainder of the rock.

Her feet landed on the sand below with a relieving sound. She paused for a moment, disbelief clouding her thoughts as the fact that she made it washed over her.

Then she remembered why she had started the climb in the first place, spurring her into action. She sprinted through the rain, across the beach and leapt into her car, speeding off along the road.

Chayanne roared along the streets until she finally swerved into Tyler's street. Her heart stopped as she saw his car driving off down the other end of the street. Leaning down on the accelerator, Chayanne drove off after them, honking her horn as she drew nearer.

Chayanne was relieved to see the Club Sport pull over on the side of the road. She parked behind it and jumped out of her car as Tyler climbed out of his.

"Chayanne, what are you doing?" Tyler called over the wind.

"Keeva told me you were leaving," Chayanne said.

Tyler nodded slowly.

Without another word, Chayanne ran through the pouring rain to Tyler, jumped on him and kissed him like she had never kissed him before. Tyler held her up, kissing her back passionately.

In that moment, both of them knew that, even though they were about to be separated forever, neither of them would ever forget each other and the love they shared.

After all, no one ever truly gets over their first love.

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