Count The Ways

Kelsey Farro is getting married today.

She's dreamed of this day for her entire life. She's always wanted to be the blushing bride. She's always wanted the white, winter wedding. She's always wanted the groom who makes women envious. She's always wanted this.

Bryan Martin is watching the love of his life get married today.

He's dreaded this day for his entire life. He's never wanted to see her in someone else's arms. He's never wanted her to smile at the sound of someone else's voice. He's never wanted to see her in love with someone else. He's never wanted this.

Kelsey Farro is checking her reflection. She has to look fabulous for her wedding.

She's not nervous for today. She's not scared for today. She's ready for today.

Bryan Martin is checking every last room for his love. He has to find her before the ceremony begins.

He's nervous for today. He's scared for today. He's not ready for today.

"Kelsey," Bryan says exasperatedly. He's finally found her.

"Bryan?" Kelsey questions. She wasn't expecting her best friend to show up in her dressing room.

"Kelsey, I need to talk to you," he states.

"Bryan, you shouldn't be back here," Kelsey assures.

"Please let me tell you something." His blue eyes are pleading with her hazel ones.

No one understands how Kelsey Farro and Bryan Martin manage to be best friends.

Kelsey is the prim and proper Valedictorian. Bryan is the unclean and unkempt slacker. Kelsey is a prima ballerina. Bryan is a guitarist.

They shouldn't be best friends. They should despise every fiber of the other's being.

Kelsey and Bryan have never liked the status quo.

"Fine, Bryan. What do you so desperately need to tell me?" She glares at the strands of black hair that keep falling into his eyes.

This is Bryan's moment. This is his time. This is his "now or never."

"You can't marry Joseph." Kelsey's jaw drops.

She loves Joseph. She adores him. Joseph and Kelsey are meant to be together.

"What are you talking about?" Her cold glare and defensive stance intimidate Bryan. However, he isn't backing down now.

"You can't marry Joseph," he repeats strongly.

"Okay, Bryan. Give me a reason I can't marry Joseph."

He smirks. "I'll give you ten."

"Go ahead." She motions with her left hand for him to begin. This very same hand will hold a 3-karat diamond ring in about seven minutes.

"Kelsey Perry does not sound good in the slightest."

"That's a dumb reason." She crosses her arms and continues to glare.

"He doesn't appreciate ballet."

"A lot of people don't appreciate ballet." He rolls his eyes. He wonders how she can be with someone who doesn't like her favorite thing in the entire world.

"He drinks regularly."

"I can always tell him to stop," she snaps. Kelsey is getting tired of hearing Bryan tear down Joseph.

"He doesn't like animals."

"I can live without owning a pet."

"He wants a big family, while you only want one kid."

"We can reach a compromise."

"He wants to live in the country, but you wouldn't last a week out there."

"Again, we can reach a compromise."

"You shouldn't have to compromise over everything."

"Please get on with your ridiculous reasons, Bryan."

"Fine, he's lactose-intolerant, and you put cheese on everything."

"That's a dumb reason too."

"His mom hates you."

"She'll get over it in due time."

"He's a prick."

She rolls her eyes at his blatant immaturity. Even at the age of twenty-six years, Bryan can easily be mistaken for fifteen. It is something Kelsey has always loved yet hated about him.

"I'm not accepting that as a reason."

"Okay then, he can't stand any of your friends, especially me. There are your reasons."

Kelsey sighs. "Bryan, I don't like most of his friends either. It'll work out just fine. Plus, that's only nine reasons. You have one reason left."

Bryan's blue eyes flicker around the room nervously. He stares at everything but her. He can't bring himself to look at those beautiful hazel eyes. He can't bring himself to look at the long, blonde curls he's always loved. He can't bring himself to look at the wretched, white wedding dress that hugs her closely in all the right places.

"Bryan, that's not enough. Give me another reason," Kelsey says impatiently. She is to be married in about three minutes.

Bryan swallows the lump in his throat. "I love you."

"I'm sorry, Bryan. That is not enough," Kelsey says sadly and slowly. She begins to leave the room.

Bryan can't contain his outrage. "It's never enough, Kelsey! I've loved you for the past twenty-four years. I've done everything for you. I've always been there for you. I'm always there when Joseph has you upset and crying. I love you more than he ever will! You're just a selfish little girl," he says snidely.

"Bryan, never talk to me again. I want you out of my life." Kelsey stomps away from the room.

Bryan runs his hands through his hair and cries.

Kelsey Farro is getting married today.

Bryan Martin isn't watching the love of his life get married today.

A/N: Hello everyone! This is my first ever attempt at writing a one-shot.

The idea popped into my head yesterday while I was reading another story. I tried to put a new twist on an old cliché. This is pretty much just experimental. I wanted to write something different. This fit that guideline.

Okay, please leave feedback on this. I really know nothing about writing one-shots. I usually despise them. Positive or negative is appreciated, as is constructive criticism.

Thanks for reading.