There are some things you just never expect.

Take me for instance. I'm seventeen, considered good looking by the girls at my school, athletic. I play soccer and am the best striker. For a while I dated the hottest girl in the school, the head cheerleader. My family is rich, and my parents never home. Lets face it, I'm a walking cliché. There isn't one thing in my life that isn't predictable except for my best friend.

My best friend is Riorn Terrance, my faithful sidekick as everyone calls him. I don't consider him that at all. For the most part, its he who watches out for me. Yeah, he has a smaller frame then me and appears not to be as good as a soccer player as me, but that was a ruse. Riory was a really good soccer player, probably better then me, but held himself back. He has always been a good guy and my best friend since kindergarten. I often joked that if he were a woman he would be perfect for me. Riory would laugh at me and make me continue on our regular schedule.

Then something unexpected happened.

I started going out with Jenean Wilder, a vollyball player with a really good body. It was at that time that I had started to expect that my best friend might… feel something for me. He didn't do anything obvious, but put it all together and I was sure he subtly liked me. For instance, he would never look directly at me when we were in the locker room and if he did he blushed. I kept gauging his reactions but after a while, Riory started staying late onto the soccer field.

Another indication was when I came over to Riory's house. When we watched movies, Riory would sit in the love seat and spread out, making it so I couldn't sit on the same couch with him. Then at night when I slept over, Riory would insist on sleeping on the floor sense I was a guest and his bed was so small. I knew that was a lie because we always used to sleep next to each other on this bed. When I pointed that out, he smiled and informed me that we weren't both soccer players or full grown when we slept next to each other.

Ok, so Riory has a crush on me. He never acted on it though. He never told me to dump my girlfriend or persuade me to be gay. I realized this after going out with Jenean for a month and at that time, I was really curious about Riory. I did a lot of things I realize were probably really painful for him, to gauge how badly he had a crush on me. They ranged from smacking him on the ass after a game for fun to bringing my girlfriend around him. The former caused him to yelp and blush violently while the other had him giving me and Jenean sad smiles.

Then two months into my relationship with Jenean, she broke up with me. I really didn't care to tell the truth. I had been so caught up on figuring out my best friend and how to get us back to normal, that I really didn't have strong feelings for Jenean. I had hoped this would be the perfect way for Riory and I to get back as we were so I did something probably absolutely horrible to him; I came to his house and acted heart broken.

Of course, Riory didn't do anything I expected him to do. He is absolutely unexpected. What I thought he might do is confess his own feelings to me so I can talk to him about it. I had thought at the very least he would tell me Jenean wasn't that great and that all girls were like this. No, I was so wrong. I was wrong because I had written Riory's feelings off as a crush. Riory's feelings were much stronger then a crush.

No, what Riory did was make me stay at his house and take a shower. When I came out, Riory had Jenean at his front door, looking all teary eyed and remorseful. In the short twenty minutes I had taken to have a shower, Riory had gotten my girlfriend to come back to me. I don't know what he said but it worked. I realized just from what he had done, Riory loved me.

So now I know how Riory feels about me but I had no idea how I felt about him. He was my best friend and I owed him that much. For the first week I tried to see if I could think about guys like that. I was strange and… unpleasant. Just from that I knew I wasn't gay. There was no way I could return Riory's feelings. I was going to confront him and tell him so I waited after soccer practice for Riory to come in. I remember that day like yesterday.

Riory came into the locker-room and saw me sitting on the bench right in front of his locker. I saw his face, drenched with set light up in surprise as he manuevered around me.

"Alex what are you doing here?" He asked me. It was at that time when I finally checked him out.

Ok, so let me spell this out. Riory is hot. I mean it. I'm a guy but I'm not insecure enough not to realize my friend could get any girl he wanted. He's lightly tanned from all of our outdoor training and his hair is just long enough he could barely put it back in a tie, and when he did that all the girls swooned. There was a good reason for that. He really did look good when he had his hair pulled back and his bangs in his face.

Right now, Riory had that look. He was also damp with sweat and currently blushing from my scrutiny. So I know I tried to think of other guys in that way but I never imagined Riory like that. Unfortunately for me, my mind immediately had to make a image of him for me and it was bad. Not only in my mind did I imagine Riory naked but I had a picture of him spread out and fully aroused, face blushing as he moaned for me. Now that stopped me from whatever speech I was going to say. I knew that I felt for him in that way but now, I was so stunned by my revelation I didn't know what to do.

"I was just waiting for you," I finally answered Riory. He frowned at me and shrugged. "I was wondering why you were staying out so long on the field all the time."

"Just wanted some more practice." He replied nonchalantly. I frowned at him. When did he get this good at lying? He usually blushed when I asked questions that had something to do with me. It hit me however that Riory thought I was in love with Jenean. He had never acted on his feelings for me before, so now that I had Jenean, he was less likely to do anything.

After that day I decided I wanted my best friend. I wanted the same thing he wanted, but for some strange reason, I knew he wouldn't just fall into my arms if I told him so. No, Riory's kept his secret quiet for both our sakes and who knows what kind of excuses he has to never go out with me. I knew I had to dispel them and was determined to do nothing else for the longest time.

First, I broke up with my girlfriend which made Riory angry at me. I don't blame him. I had put everyone through hell with my little game but now it wasn't a game. I realized that before I could ever hope for Riory to act on his feelings I had to give him no reason to do otherwise. For a week I did nothing but make up on my homework giving me straight A's in my classes. After soccer I volunteered to run a little league soccer team which I often turned down in favor of having a girlfriend. I did everything I could think of to make myself more desirable in Riory's eyes, that I almost collapsed in exhaustion.

Nothing worked.

Riory might have hung out with me more often and such but as usual he didn't act at all on his feelings. After a while he was blushing a lot more often and had a harder time looking at me, but it wasn't enough for me. I wanted more from him, hell I wanted him to just touch me! Riory was careful he never did that though and it got to the point were he annoyed the hell out of me.

Then something unexpected happened.

"I have to stay here," Riory sighed. He was standing at the doorstep of my house with several bags looking a little put out. I frowned at him. It was Christmas vacation. He always spent Christmas vacation with his family. I voiced these statements and Riory sighed again, clutching onto his school bag.

"My parents are going to my grandfather's funeral, so they won't be here for Christmas. They took my little sister and told me to find somebody's house to stay over." He explained and I stepped aside immediately to let him in. He came in and looked at me sheepishly, not daring to put his bags down. "Your usually alone for Christmas so I was hoping if its ok, I could stay with you. If you don't want me here though, I can leave. Its no problem. I can just find someone else…"

"No! You can stay. It would be nice to have someone here for Christmas." I smiled to myself. Riory was going to be in my house for the rest of Christmas and we had no parents or anyone else to bug us. This was the best Christmas gift ever! I truly believed that someone up there loved me.

Riory smiled at me but I could tell it was forced. I knew what this meant to him. He was hoping I would have said no and he would have to leave. Then he wouldn't have to restrain himself for his entire break. He came here out of duty for being my best friend and it came back and bit him in the butt. I made a mental note to make sure Riory enjoyed his Christmas break.

"So what do you want to do right now?" I asked. Riory shrugged and dropped his stuff to the ground.

"How about a movie?" He suggested. With a smile, I dragged him into the living room and went through the various movies my family had. When I popped one in, I immediately ceased to watch it. I was too busy plotting. I wanted Riory I decided, but I wanted him to want me just as much. My plotting easily became evil but I let it slide. This time, I was going to have what I wanted and this wasn't a game. I was going to drop subtle hints until I had him. This was going to be the best Christmas ever.

.X .X .X .X .X .X .X .X


My holidays were the worst. I couldn't believe that not only had a family member died but my best friend, my crush, had allowed me into his house. I had never seen him so happy before and I had asked to stay, so I very well couldn't leave. Still that didn't stop me from sulking on the couch as we watched TV. Alex didn't notice though cause he was off in his own little dream land. He had been like that since he broke up with his last girl friend. I don't know why he broke up with her. Really he seemed to like her, even coming to my house after they broke up, absolutely heart broken. After he broke up with her he involved himself in all of these things as if to ease the pain. I wanted to tell him to go after her, but I never do anything I really want around Alex so I just stayed quiet for this whole situation.

Finally the movie was over and I was relieved and apprehensive. Like I said, I had feelings for Alex and lately he was doing all sorts of things I was uncomfortable with. He stood a little to close, made it difficult for me to ensure we never touched. It was becoming so bad that hanging out with Alex had become a chore. I didn't want that and thought of distancing myself from him but he would want a reason. Then I'd have to admit my feelings for him and I was pretty sure I wouldn't have him as a friend anymore. No it was better like this, Alex being blissfully happy, and I taking the hit for my friend.

Alex stood up and stretched. I refused to look at him while he did this because he had a really nice body and I wasn't willing to take that many hits for him. "I'm going to take a shower 'kay?" He said and didn't even wait for my answer. "You can take your stuff up to my room if you want." Then he left. I sat there for a moment contemplating what I should do. Finally when I heard the sound of water running from down the hall, I stood up and did as suggested.

Alex has a nice house. His mom and dad are constantly working as big time lawyers so he's got a lot of money. The house he lives in is borderline mansion, with three stories, six bedrooms, five bathrooms and about four different kind of living rooms to choose from. When we were younger it was fun to play hide and seek in his house because it was such a challenge. Now I hoped I could use the rest of the house as a way to keep myself away from Alex.

I made my way up the stairs to the second story where I knew Alex's room was. I had to ram my shoulder into the door to open it up because he had left a big pile of clothes against the door. Inside there was blue carpet with white walls, plastered with posters of soccer players and rock bands. There was a laptop on the corner desk, currently turned off and silent. I looked around the room some more. It was basically the same as the last time I saw it. I silently wondered to myself if Alex had been inhabiting it at all since he broke up with Jenean.

"Riory! Can you come here?" Alex yelled at me from downstairs. I frowned slightly. Alex's private bathroom is on the second floor. Why is he showering on the first floor?

I go downstairs and hear the shower is still running. I turned one corridor ending up right next to the bath room door. "What is it?" I yell through the door.

"Come in here!" Was my retort. I felt my face heat up. Well he should be behind the curtain right? So I should be safe. Thinking that, I opened the door.

"What do you want?" I nearly whined over the sound of the shower head. Suddenly the water was turned off and Alex pulled back the curtain revealing himself completely naked to me.

"AHH!" I screamed and slammed the door. Well, that wasn't suspicious at all was it?

"Riory whats wrong with you?" Alex asked and jerked back the door. He was still naked, without any towel or anything. I made sure to avert my eyes so I was looking at anything but him.

"What wrong with you? Put on some god damned clothes!" I shout and fully turn away. I can feel Alex smirking at me.

"Chill man, its not like you never seen me naked before. We are on the same soccer team."

And thankfully we don't have communal showers. If we did I would have never agreed to be on the soccer team with you.

"Ever heard of modesty? At least put on a towel!"

"That's why I called you down here. I forgot this bathroom doesn't have any towels. Could you get me some please?"

I sighed angrily but did so anyway. I don't see why he needed me to come down and see him naked. He could have just yelled it and I could have just thrown it to him. Whatever though. I survived that pretty well if I say so. I luckily had managed not to see anything so I could still look at him without looking at him. That made me feel better.

After getting Alex a towel I made my way to the kitchen and poured some cereal. I had been eating a particularly large bite with Alex chose to enter, clad in only the towel I gave him. It was a really fight not to choke on my cereal.

"Why aren't you wearing clothes?" I asked. Alex looked over at me idly as he rummaged through the refrigerator.

"All my clothes are dirty so I'm washing them all." He replied. I had to stop myself from dropping my jaw and gawking at him. He chose now to do it!? If he knew I liked him I would totally kill him! Dammit, someone definitely doesn't like me.

"So your just going to walk around with a towel on all day?" I said, nearly hysterical. He smiled at me.

"Well I would walk around naked but you would have a hissy fit," He responded and stood up. I could see his hands fidgeting with the waist of his towel and was prepared to look away if it fell. "I don't look that bad do I Riory?"

Oh god, why was I keeping this a secret? I'm sure if Alex knew about me he would never be doing this to me. Then again he would probably never talk to me. Oh yeah, that why I don't say anything.

"Just keep your junk covered. I really don't want to look at you naked while I'm eating," I finally manage to ground out. Alex smiles at me and sits down across the table. He started stealing cereal from me when I felt compelled to ask him a question.

"Alex, why did you break up with Jenean?" I asked. Alex stopped eating and looked at me strangely. After a minute he shrugged and shoved a mouthful of cereal into his mouth.

"We weren't meant for eachother." He answered simply. I gave him a look clearly telling I thought he was lying. Guys don't act like the way he has if their in love. "Look dude, I'm serious. I could never make her happy and she could never make me happy. Its over and finished."

"Then why have you been moping for that past few weeks?"

Alex frowned at me. "What?"

"You know what I mean. You've made yourself so busy I hardly every see you. You looked so burnt out at school all the time and you've been doing all these strange things."

"Like what?"

"Well for starters you won't even go to any of the parties. Before you used to go out 'girl-hunting' as you called it, but now you won't even give them a second look. Your acting like your in love with someone."

Alex looked around thoughtfully before smirking. "How do you know how someone acts when they're in love?"

I rolled my eyes. "You don't have to be in love to know the symptoms. I'm pretty sure acting completely out of character is a symptom after breaking up with your girlfriend."

"Probably, but I can guarantee that I'm not in love with Jenean."

He was lying. I knew he was. Why would he have come to my house upset when Jenean had broken up for him? Arg! I will never understand straight men! They have more hormonal fluctuations then a twelve year old with PMS. Then a thought occurred to me.

"If your not in love with Jenean, then you must be in love with someone else." I mused. Alex looked at me and raised an eyebrow.

"You really want to get rid of me don'tcha?" He asked. I wanted to answer yes but I have a feeling that would be rude. If Alex has a girl friend he's more inclined to leave me alone. The more he leaves me the alone, the less I have to keep my self in check. It was a win win situation because Alex would be happy and I would be far away from my impossible crush.

"You're my friend and you're acting weird. I just want you to be happy." I was beginning to become exasperated. So was Alex because he muttered something irritably before stretching, causing me to become very interested in my cereal bowl.

"So what do you want to do?" Alex easily changed the subject.

"I would suggest going to play hockey at the arena but you don't have any clothes." I hissed and ate my cereal.

"Nah, I feel like lazing about today," Alex sighed. A pause and then, "How about a movie?"

"You don't have any clothes remember?"

"I'll borrow some from my dad's room."

I nearly spit out all of my cereal. "Why didn't you come up with that sooner?!"

Alex shrugged and I had the very strong urge to hit him.

.X .X .X .X .X .X .X .X


So today is going really nicely. I've come to the conclusion that Riory is really dense not to notice I (badly) planned this all. He's been blushing so badly I'm sure he is going to be the color of a strawberry forever. Luckily we went to the movie theaters without any more of those interruptions. For the first time in a long time, Riory didn't look like he would die to be out in public with me. He stopped blushing and just had a good time when we were at the movies. I kind of miss this but then again, halfway through the movie I wanted to kiss the hell out of him.

We raced home like we used to do when we were little kids and had a blast. Of course when we were little kids and both panting from running so fast, I never thought of how Riory would be making those same noises if I did something else to him. I fought back those thoughts and smiled at him, who for once didn't blush and smiled back.

"Ok, now I'm all gross and sweaty," Riory muttered running a stray hand through his brown hair. "I'm going to take a shower ok?"

"All right, don't drown yourself," I teased at Riory's back. He waved a hand at me and disappeared. Wow, Riory is going to be naked in my house… how come I feel extremely lucky? I guess now would be the opportune moment to ensure he doesn't have anything to wear when he gets out of the shower.

Ok, so this is totally evil but dammit, I want Riory to do something. I know he likes me, I really do, but the thought that I could be making this all up in my head has occurred to me. I just want him to give me a hint, one I don't have to interpret, one I can read easily. If he does that then I have no problem ravishing him on every surface of my house.

So operation 'no clean clothes in the house' is getting underway. I quickly go to the kitchen and fill an abnormally large mug with coffee. Quietly as a mouse, I go upstairs, listening to the sound of the shower. I sneak my head into my bathroom and see Riory hasn't brought any clothes with him. Haha perfect! I quietly creep back into my room and look at the bag filled with Riory's clothes. Very discreetly, I 'accidently' spilled the coffee on every single piece of clothing. For good measure I let it sit there and sink in while I look around my room for something. Finding a perfect set of clothes, I leave the room and go into the bathroom.

Riory isn't singing in the shower. I know he does, when he's at home but in public or at other peoples houses he doesn't. Its almost depressing to me and I have the overwhelming urge to crash at his place.

I had snuck into the bathroom without a sound but I was less then quiet when I ripped back the curtain.

"Alex!" Riory shouts and nearly falls down. I hold out a hand to steady him and force my self not to check him out. Really, I'm traumatizing him enough. I don't think he needs to think about his best friend checking him out in the shower. Yet.

"Alex what are you doing here?!" Riory yells hysterically. He's trying to cover himself up by turning away and subtly using his arms. Hes so shy and that makes me think he's cute.

"I spilled coffee all over your clothes," I reply as though theres nothing wrong with this situation. He gapes at me.

"And you couldn't wait till I was out of the shower?!"


"Well can you get out now?"

"I need to ask you if you mind wearing some clothes I had for you."

"Yes! Now get out!"

I smirk to myself. Poor Riory. I really should but I really want to have a chance to check him out before I leave. I'm forcing myself to look at nothing but his face but that is arousing enough as it is. He's really blushing hard and he looks really innocent. It makes me feel good that I'm the cause of his blush but I still feel bad for him feeling embarrassed.

So I'm looking for a reason to stick around with Riory in the shower… wow, theres a sentence I've never thought I'd say. Riory is about to push me out of the bathroom when I nearly scream out from touching the water. I looked at him strangely.

"Riory how can you stand this water? Its freakin' boiling your skin off!" I shout. He doesn't stop trying to force me away but I reach out and turn down the hot water knob. The water cools down and Riory glares at me.

"The water was just fine!" He protest indignantly. Suddenly he lost his footing again and fell onto me, wrapping his arms around me for support. After I manage to keep my balance I smiled at myself and held on to Riory. Wow, someone was really, really like me because Riory almost knocked me off my feet… dammit why didn't I let him?! True he would have gotten me all wet and I would have had a really pain in the ass, but I'd accept that if I got the chance to have Riory naked on top of me. What is wrong with me?

"I'm so sorry," Riory muttered as he tried to stand up. I thank god for slippery showers as I help him back up.

"Don't have a hernia about it. You couldn't help it," I said still holding on to Riory's shoulders. I gave the pretence I was looking at his feet to make sure they were stable when I was really checking out Riory and damn, he was even more beautiful in person then I could ever dream. Everything about him is strong yet graceful, all the way from his abs to his well worked calfs. I was really working not to kiss him now.

"I think I'm going to get out now," Riory says in a hoarse voice. I nod and help him out, handing him a towel which is the hardest thing to do. Riory covers himself up and leans back, almost like he's afraid his legs will give out.

"Here," I say and hand Riory the clothes. "I'm going to order a pizza. Do you want anything?"

Riory looks at me absolutely flushed and embarrassed. He shakes his head so I turn and leave the bathroom, feeling as though I had achieved something. That's it. Tonight I'm going to do something. I don't know what yet, but I am.

.X .X .X .X .X .X .X .X


Oh shit! Why did this have to happen to me? Why? Its not bad enough that I no longer have clean clothes but Alex had to come in and walk in on me in the shower… wait no! He knew I was in the shower and came in anyway! Arg! But then again its not really his fault. We are both guys and so on and so forth, so to society two guys who've seen each other naked is just common. Dammit, why couldn't I have been a girl? This would be so much easier!

After Alex left the bathroom I spent five minutes trying to regain myself. This time I had hugged him when I was about to fall. Now I wish I had let myself fall and get a concussion. Oh this is humiliating!

Then something occurred to me. Alex didn't seem too upset about seeing me naked in the shower, and was strangely pleased that I had fallen on him. Could he think?… I quickly wipe away those thoughts. Alex is straight! Get it together! Alex has had several girlfriends. He used to hide playboys under his mattress when we were twelve and went girl hunting every Friday night. If theres anyone who's straight in this world its Alex. Theres no way he would want me. Those thing I thought I saw in his face was my pathetic excuse for hope. He would never look at me like that.

Fully recovering from the little incident, I began to put on the clothes Alex left me. I realized immediately he had barely left me anything. There was boxers and then an oversized button up shirt. I put it on anyway and saw just how big the shirt was. It was so huge it kept hanging off one of my shoulders. I knew this wasn't Alex's because he was barely bigger then me. Figuring it was his dads I finally left the bathroom.

Downstairs Alex was watching TV and flipping cards into a hat. I gave him a weird look and sat down next to him, waiting for my gaze to catch his.

"Why don't I get pants?" I asked. Alex stopped what he was doing and finally looked at me. He seemed surprised by what I was wearing but quickly reverted back to his normal self.

"I borrowed my dad's last pair of pants," He answered. To me it sounded like a too perfect answer. I ignored that and turned my attention to the TV. Then something perturbed me.

"Alex how did you spill coffee on my clothes? You hate coffee." It really was a simple question and Alex stopped flipping cards again and smirked at me.

"Ok so I totally did that on purpose." He admitted shamelessly. I gawked at him. "I thought it would be funny how you would react. I was right."

Now I really wanted to smack him. He had no idea what this was doing to me and to him, its not that big of a deal that he saw me naked. I must remind myself that, but that didn't stop me from glaring.

We sat in silence for a long time, watching whatever was on TV. After a while there was a knock at the door showing that the pizza man had arrived. Alex got up to answer it and came back a second later holding and extra large pizza with everything on it. We ate in silence again until one of us got it up to ask a question.

This time it was Alex.

"How long Riory?" Alex asked. I turned and frowned at him.

"How long what?"

"How long have you been in love with me?"

That was it. I choked. All of my earlier incentive not to choke has failed me. I regained my composure and looked at Alex's face. Not his eyes because I couldn't lie to those eyes, but to his face I could.

"I'm not in love with you Alex," I lied and put down my pizza. I wanted to ask him hysterically how he knew but I couldn't bring myself to talk.

"Bull shit," was the intellectual response I got. "Alex, I've known how you feel for three months now. I knew the moment you set me back up with Jenean."

I was absolutely flabbergast. I was looking for a way to argue around this because now everything would change. Alex just looked me in the eye fiercely as though expecting me to challenge it.

"You idiot! If I were in love with you why would I set you back up with your girlfriend? Wouldn't I want to keep you to myself?" I felt a little proud of myself for coming up with this with such a startled mind. My pride was easily destroyed when I watched Alex's face brighten as he sat up and kneeled on the couch so he was completely facing me.

"Because your in love with me," He repeated in a low tone. His hand was holding up my jaw so I was forced to look him in the eye. Those eyes were no longer fierce but gentle, almost caressing me the same way his hand was against my jaw. "Your willing to give up what you want to make me happy. Thats how you always are. Even when it comes to soccer. You may want to get into college with a sports scholarship but you make sure your second best so I get what I want. Now your doing the same thing with romance."

Alex had held my face in place while he leaned down, and ended up close enough where I could feel his breath against my face. He was so close to me I couldn't breathe. My heart was threatening to pound out of my chest. At that moment I was absolutely sure I was going to die but it never happened.

"Riory I won't let you do this," Alex whispers. I want to jerk back, thinking I'm about to kiss him but he continues to hold my chin. This can't be happening. This has to be a dream. There is no way Alex would be doing this. Alex pays no attention to my resistance and presses his lips to mine, devouring me in a kiss.

I knew then this wasn't a dream. In a dream it wouldn't feel so vivid. I wouldn't be able to smell the spices that made up Alex. I also wouldn't feel his tongue press into my mouth, slowly destroying every bit of my resistance. This was absolutely maddening. I wanted more from Alex and I was getting something, but to me it wasn't enough. I needed this, I needed it so badly but...

"NO!" I shouted and pushed Alex away. He looked at me dazzed and confused while I struggled to stand up. My heart was burning. I can't believe I'm about to do this. My one chance with Alex is going to be ruined and I have no right to complain about it.

"Alex, we can't. We're just friends," I say stoically. I can feel him searching my face with his gaze. After a minute he smiles, and I prepare myself for anything.

"Riory, neither of us want that. I love you and you love me. This is how its supposed to be." Alex stand up next to me and burns me with his eyes. I look away for I am not going to be swayed by him.

"No, its not. You're my best friend and you're supposed to get the girl. You're not gay. You're Alex, star of the soccer team and thats who you are. There is no reason for you to love me."

Alex puts his hands around my face and forces me to look up at him. "You should know better then any one that you can't help who you fall in love with." Alex is about to lean in and kiss me but I can't let him do that. Quickly I jerk away and step out of his reach.

"Stop it Alex." I hiss suddenly losing my temper. He looks at me equally enraged.

"What is wrong with you Riory? I know your in love with me."

I want to snap at him. I want to tell him that he has no right to do this to me. It took me too long to talk myself out of ever pursuing him and I did the right thing. Alex is Alex, he the star of the soccer team and he's my best friend. He deserves a girl, one that will make him happy. I'm convinced I could never make him happy and this is just some tactic to get over whoever he's really in love with. Yes thats it, that actually makes. sense.

Alex looked at me, studying me until finally he stomped over to me. I jumped away but was not in time when suddenly Alex pulled me into an embrace. He dragged me back and dropped me unceremoniously on the couch. I started to struggle and try to get up but Alex hovered over me, grabbing my arm ensuring I didn't do anything violent. For a second he just looked at me and then he finally spoke.

"I know I'm Alex and I'm a big star and you are Riory who's watched out for me sense first grade. I also know theres nothing I can do to convince you to stop protecting me, but I'm not going to stop protecting you either. I love you. Your my first friend and I would never want anything bad to happen between us, but you have to realize that this isn't bad..."

"Alex, please..." I interrupted. Alex jerked my arm and placed his hand over my mouth.

"No, Riory. I know you. You've probably found some reason for us not to be together and I don't care. Its not good enough. Someone would have to be dying for me to stay away from you, and if it isn't you thats dying then I'm staying right here."

"But..." I didn't get to continue again except this time, Alex pushed me down on the couch. I flushed when I felt him lay on top of me and began to struggle. Alex wrestled with me a moment and before I knew it, my hands were pulled above my head, bound by a sash of some sort.

"Riory, you said this morning that I was acting in love. Thats because I am in love with you. I broke up with my girlfriend because I wanted to be with you. I did all of those things because I wanted you to like me. Now I have you and I'm not going to let you go."

Alex said that like there was nothing more and he was probably right. I was losing the heart to resist him with every word he spoke. Alex looked at me uncertainly watching my dazed eyes flow before finally he kissed me again, this time just as slow and passionate.

We finally pulled away, so caught up in kissing we forgot to breathe. Alex took a few gasps of breath before he slowly shifted down and kissed my neck. I felt heat and butterflies in my lower stomach when he bit down on my pulse point. Meanwhile a hand had found its way under my shirt and had slid around my waist. The other hand went on my stomach and traced the outlining of my abs. Each touch encouraged a strong heat pulling into me until it felt like I was on fire. I was moaning, encouraging Alex to continue. It felt like if he stopped I would die.

Suddenly the hands on me were gone and I opened my eyes to see that he had opened my shirt. Alex looked down at me, eyes clouded with passion as he took in my half naked state. I knew this wasn't as bad as him seeing me naked a few hours ago but I still felt self conscious. My worries were wiped away immediately as soon as his tongue found my chest. If it were possible his tongue felt better then his hands. It tickled slightly but was absolutely arousing. I wanted to scream and I probably did but I have no idea what I was saying. I hoped it wasn't anything offensive because I did not want Alex to stop.

Alex never did though. He moved from my chest down to my stomach and continued where his hands left off. He went lower still until he reached my belly button. I felt the muscle smooth over my stomach before dipping pushing more heat and need into me. I nearly screamed and arched up into his touch. Those hands had not stopped working me and I was sure I was going to explode.

Suddenly it all stopped and I was left a puddle of mush. It took me a moment to catch my breath, but when I did, I looked over at Alex feeling slightly disappointed.

"I'm sorry Riory, but I don't think my parents will appreciate us doing this on their couch, that is if you still want to do it?"

I could hear the hopefulness in Alex's voice and knew this was his way of asking for permission. I sighed.

"Alex you bastard. You're not supposed to wait till I'm fully aroused and then ask me." Alex just grinned at me and put my bound wrists around his neck. I was hoisted off the couch and carried off out of the living room. Alex began kissing me and before I knew it I was in his room on his bed.

Within seconds my shirt was off and so was his. Alex immediately went back to kissing and licking all the way down my body. I lifted my hands wanting so badly to touch him but found I couldn't. Alex had, between setting me on the bed and taking off my shirt, bound me to the head board of his bed.

"Alex, why am I... still ah, tied up?" I choked out as it is really difficult to talk when someone is leaving love marks all over your body. Alex gave me another grin and came up to be eye level with me.

"I'm not letting you get away from me," Alex whispered deeply and kissed me. It was a chaste kiss, nothing long but it had its meaning.

"I'm not going to run away just please... I want to touch you." Alex stubbornly shook his head and I pouted.

"You've done so much for me, and you put up with so much. For once Riory, let me do something for you." With that said, Alex wasted no time in pulling off my boxers. I moaned feeling completely exposed and suddenly very hot against the cold air. Alex studied me like a painting and I could do nothing about it. Being left under his scrutiny made me blush like mad and I looked away.

"God Riory, your so beautiful." Alex said. I felt his hands travel from my sides down to my thighs and make me shiver. It was the only warning I had before something hot and wet swallow me whole.

That was it; by that time I was screaming. I had never felt something like this especially down by my most private of areas. Alex took advantage of his wicked tongue and absolutely teased me to the brink of madness. I could feel the fire threatening to explode from me but before it could do that Alex with drew, once again leaving me a panting mess.

Now nothing Alex did made sense. He left the bed for a minute and when he came back, I felt something cold enter me, stirring a bit of irritation from me. I made a soft noise of discomfort which made Alex bend over, fully distracting me from the feeling by kissing me. I felt the aggressiveness of his tongue before a strange sense of pain. After a bit of manuevering I finally relaxed when suddenly that something inside of me pressed something else that made me twitch and scream in absolute bliss. A few more time and Alex withdrew and I looked at him, realizing how aroused I felt.

"Its ok Riory," Alex whispered into my ear. Then suddenly came into me again, something much bigger and much more painful. I bit back a scream and tried to breathe through this. Alex finally stopped deeply into me, allowing me to adjust before continuing, connecting us in such an intimate way it scared me.

The pain slowly went away. Alex had easily found that something inside of me and hit it with twice the pressure. I began to pull at the binds, wanting only more from him. Nothing else worked except for my sense of touch. My vision was a blur of colors dancing in the rhythm of our bodies. I could feel the fire pressing, screaming for release. It strained through my body, forcing my toes to curl in pleassure. I could feel my muscles tense against Alex, crying for this sweet torture was over. As if he wasn't doing enough, Alex hand reached down and grabbed my sex, bringing me closer to the edge. My head rolled back and my eyes closed as I wanted nothing but this feeling right now.

"Riory," Alex whispered against my neck. He gave a faint lick and slowed down momentarily it seemed. "Riory, I love you." And with that, Alex slammed into me harder then ever. I screamed his name as the fire broke through and flowed through me. My entire body tensed as the fire left my veins and within seconds I felt Alex come too. He slumped against me, trying to catch his breath. I wanted him to stay there, keep me warm with his body. In this moment everything was perfect because I had gotten everything I wanted and despite everything I was so sure about, I didn't regret this one bit.

.X .X .X .X .X .X .X .X

Sometime later, I was untied and laying silently within Alex's embrace. We had both easily fallen asleep and I couldn't help but wake up and bathe in the afterglow of what we had done. I just let myself feel Alex breathing behind me as I dealt with the fact that I had just had sex with my best friend. I was so se I would never end up like this that right now, this seemed surreal. I was slightly afraid that I would wake up and discover this is just a dream. Then I don't think I would be able to resist Alex anymore.

The thought was too much to bare.

Suddenly there was movement behid me and I felt bruised lips give a short kiss to the back of my neck. I rustled a little at the strange feeling and turned around to face a drowzy looking Alex. He gave one look at me and said, "Yes I'm real."

I glared at him. "How did you get so good at reading me?"

"Face it Riory. You might be good at soccer and sex but when it comes to hiding your emotions, you suck." Alex smiled and pushed his forhead up against my own. I closed my eyes feeling light headed and dizzy from our close proximity.

"I'm curious Alex. If you knew I liked you, and you knew you liked me too then why didn't you say anything?" I felt compelled to ask but almost regretted it when I felt Alex draw back slightly. He looked past me thoughtfully, as though searching for answers in the distance.

"I guess I was looking for something." He began slowly and finally looked back at me. "I think that when you slipped in the bathroom I found it. Before I thought it was some clear cut sign you liked me because I doubted myself but I didn't doubt myself because of that. I doubted myself because I wondered if you really needed me."

"And the incident in the bathroom showed that I needed you?" I raised a skeptical eyebrow to which he laughed lightly.

"Sort of. When you almost fell, you reached out to me. You let me hold on to you when you were falling and helped let me help you out of the shower. I had never seen you so vulnerable and at that moment, it was enough for me. That was all the reason I needed to help you. Even if its only to help you out of the shower."

He smirked leacherously at me and I rolled my eyes. We had been going out for all of three hours and he was already turning into a pervert. I feel for the girl.

"Your such a moron," I stated and smiled. Alex frowned at me. "You really think I don't need a best friend? Thats all I need."

"Yeah well now you have a best friend and a boy friend all in one. Just remember that you want me." I rolled my eyes again and attempted to get up. "What are you doing?"

"I'm taking another shower. I feel gross," I muttered looking for some clothes. I knew now that Alex was lying about the whole thing so I knew I would find some clean clothes somewhere. "And I'm locking the door. After what you pulled in torturing me, you are not going into my showers for a very long time."

Alex pouted at me as I found boxers and a t-shirt. "I was hoping you would be so lost in your lust, you would throw yourself at me."

"Right because obviously I'm that person." I turned to leave when I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around me and pull me into a warm embrace. I stilled for a moment and let my head fall back onto the chest behind me.

"How about I take a shower downstairs and we spend the rest of the day watching really cheezy movie and make out?" Alex whispered in my ear, indicating there would definitely be more then making out. I shivered unintentionally before nodding.

"You are going to remember to bring a towel this time right?"

"I would only do that now if it allowed me to see you naked."

"Of course." A pause then. "Alex how did we happen?"

I turned and faced Alex who gave me his usual thoughtful expression before smiling softly.

"Something unexpected happened."


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