Knowing something was up at the time
To include a cliché
Overused apparently busted
Was the topic of the overheard underherbreath
Which was mysteriously loud.
I relayed it to him
And in turn the torch burnt
A nearby runner whose scorch
Was shown to the subject in highlight.
Vulgarity! Vulgarity!
There was another time
In a museuminallbutname
That I think involved a definite name,
A camera, maybe not.

Knowing that something was up at the time
To reuse the aforementioned roadkilled cliché
Messages sent to Dagon returned
An intriguing possibility
As shortly before I discovered
That to my amazement
I was indeed around the Know before.
Only after great agonization
Was a reach made,
One that is still had
But hoped to intertwine soon
For to borrow a phrase from a friend
Whom I love dearly as a brother
"Fuck a speed limit this is the end of everything."