"An unexamined life is not worth living." – Socrates

You ask what I think about this quote. I think the person who came up with it was a person who often stopped to smell the flowers, and ask himself questions that know no single answer for the sole purpose of debating and exploring different points of view on the matter. It is quite obvious that this man was somebody who indeed examined life. And so, that said, how could he possibly know what he was talking about if he himself didn't live an unexamined life?

It is human nature to analyze and be curious about things in general. That feat in itself is an example of examination. Today, it is impossible to live without contemplating life. Children are forced to go to school and memorize a year's worth of knowledge – some useful and some completely meaningless – only to be tested on it once they are done. In today's world, you are simply unable to NOT examine life. At one point or another you will stop to ask questions, whether you are a genius, an imbecile, or something in between the two. If you look at thing form this perspective, the term "unexamined life" doesn't exist, won't exist, and never did it once exist.

However, even after considering the relevance of the above chunk of information, I still have to ask myself, Is that really what he meant for us to understand? I do not think Socrates was referring to the type of knowledge acquired by schooling, or the type of insight gained from books. My theory is that he was referring to internal knowledge, knowledge that can only be found when questioning yourself.

This kind of knowledge is harder to perceive. It can only be gained through a series of specific occurrences that make you question the meaning of the word "life." I think that what Socrates meant to address was the fact that if you don't stop and question what it is you were brought to this world to do – your purpose in life – then your existence literally has no meaning, and a life that has no meaning, however small or insignificant that meaning may be, is not, in our opinion, worth living.

A/N: Yes, it´s not my usual type of writting, but I love phylosophy just as much as I love reading and I just love to challenge and question theories and opinions. This was, originally, an english assigment, but I considered it good enought to post it here.

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